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  1. Going with DK, he just has better physical stats for this scenario.
  2. C’mon dude I think that when this Batman was added to the database I don’t think whoever added it was thinking of the All-Stars Batman. When Old Man Logan is put in a matchup would it be fair for someone to point out that at the beginning of his novel he was a young man and therefore we should view him as being in his prime? I think we can safely say this is TDKR Batman. BTW I think the picture was during Bruce’s fight with The Mutant Leader.
  3. Yeah by feats alone the Hand take this well handily. Get it? 🤣
  4. The Grunts might have better weapons (if the scenario even allows for weapons) but remember guys that Halopedia itself has described them as poor soldiers, quote “terrible shots when not focused, physically weak, and tactically inept as a rule. And if their commanders are eliminated in battle they frequently panic and scatter in random directions,” end quote. Now this might not technically be their own fault, as the Covenant military has always mistreated them and put them down, basically training them to be little more then cannon fodder for the Elites. So yeah pretty sure the Crazy 88 advantage in speed, reflexes, and general discipline and bravery will win them the day.
  5. Well I had to do some serious research into the topic of whether the World War Z zombies would attack non humans or even if their plague would effect them, but I think I found an answer: according to the original book written by Max Brooks, the world’s animal population was apparently almost wiped out during the course of the novel by both humans and the zombies. Now since in both the books and the movie the zombies are established as being more interested in spreading the infection and not in actually devouring the flesh of their victims, this implies that in fact the disease could infect non human species and thus even non humans are viewed as targets by the zombies. Now again this information comes from the book and not the film but this is the only information I could find about the how the WWZ undead would react to non humans so take of it what you will.
  6. My bad, I completely meant to type El Blaze. So sorry.
  7. Now I know that you don’t know a thing about Fatal Fury. Geese Howard didn’t die until the FIFTH Fatal Fury Game! Like are you not aware of basic canon? The Fatal Fury OVAs literally do not deviate from any sort of canon established by the FF games, sorry but that is fact. SNK has said almost the same thing about the FF OVAs and KOF: Destiny was straight up produced by SNK themselves and yet you had the nerve to say that using feats from KOF: Destiny wasn’t applicable during your Terry vs Leonardo match? Dude your acting very shady right now Rakai.
  8. I also love how you freely use the re-telling of KOF14 to support Angel, but when I tried to use re-telling mediums to argue for Fatal Fury characters, you jumped down my throat and said I couldn’t do that.
  9. Dude you previously used a source that even you admitted was AMBIGUOUSLY canon to support your character, so don’t judge me for where I get my sources. As it stands Ivy has fought and at least stalemated Taki and Sophitia before so that still puts her at Soul Edge Cervantes level. And even during the years after he lost Soul Edge Cervantes was powerful enough to destroy fleets of ships and level several coastal cities, so while he wasn’t as powerful, he was still pretty powerful. So again Ivy defeating daddy dearest and stalemating Taki and Sophitia more then puts her on the higher tier levels of Soul Calibur fighters, so no way is Angel out muscling her in this fight.
  10. El Fuerte wins this. Sorry Lucky, but your luck has just ran out.
  11. The Bat family has regularly tangled with organizations like the League of Assassins, Kobra, and the Court of Owls and more often then not comes out on top. In fact in one storyline Tim went up against Ra’s al Ghul himself (at a time when Batman was presumed dead) and managed to prevent him from stealing Wayne Enterprise from his family and saved Tim’s loved ones from Ra’s assassins. Viper may be good, but she doesn’t have near the resources or strategic expertise as Ra’s.
  12. Yeah and when Cervantes had the Soul Edge he massacred entire armies of soldiers and destroyed several cities across Europe. And when Nightmare and Siegfried fought in Soulcalibur 4 the shockwaves from their swords meeting obliterated Ostrheinsberg Castle. Again Ivy has defeated Cervantes, so that at least puts her on that level, why do you think VS battle wiki lists her as multi-continent level?
  13. Kinda a mismatch here WeAreVenom, Shao Kahn is far superior to Kabal and Darth Vader is far superior to any non-Jedi in Star Wars.
  14. Sorry guys but Ivy is taking this match, her magic sword/whip will allow her to keep Angel at a distance and control the tempo of the fight, she’s taken on far tougher opponents like Cervantes, Zasalamel, and Taki, and she’s been fighting for well over a century, so their’s literally nothing Angel could do that Ivy hasn’t already seen and beaten before.
  15. The Droids are too stiff, slow and inanimate to be good at dodgeball, the 3rd street saints take this handily.
  16. Gameplay wise he only flies during specific levels, but lore wise I think he flies as well as any Dragon. But I’m backing Shadow in this level, Spyro might be able to fly but that’s not that big of an advantage considering Shadow so fast he can run up vertical walls. Also correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this game give you points based on how fast you complete the course? Because if that's true then Shadow should take this easily.
  17. I’m liking team 2 for this fight to be honest, mostly because I think Yoda’s force powers will be a huge X-Factor that will be hard for the other team to counter. Glad to see your getting better at writing set-ups WeAreVenom, keep it up!
  18. Sorry Nightwing, but I don’t see you being able to take the antidote from Shredder. Nor do I see you creating it yourself in such a short time.
  19. I’ll back Heihachi, like Johnny said Algol’s world controlling feat is only applicable in the Astral world and shouldn’t be a factor in this match. Overall Heihachi’s feats are just more impressive; he caught a bullet between his teeth, grabbed a missile and threw it back, and he’s tanked Devil Kazuya’s laser beam, which was powerful enough to blow up a satellite that was orbiting the Earth. Also he was able to kill his son Kazuya(he got better) who at the time was being powered by the freaking devil himself!
  20. I think the Main Man takes this by virtue of just plain being unkillable! And I’m not being hyperbole here either, both God and Satan himself made it a rule that under no circumstances could Death could not claim Lobo’s soul, mostly because of the near biblical amount of destruction he caused the last time he was in the afterlife. So sadly for Death Phantom, he simply has no way to kill the last son of Czarnia.
  21. Sorry Macklemore but Banner has shown the ability to transform into the Hulk even after Banner was seemingly dead. Here’s some clips of Banner getting headshotted by some random mook robbing a convenience store only for Hulk to latter revive him at the morgue: So killing Banner before he transforms into Hulk won’t work for Giorno. Also during Rumble 16276 Alucard vs Giorno, didn’t Macklemore point out that in order for Giorno’s death loop to occur death actually needed to happen first? Well considering Hulk has survived blows from Thor and Sentry who at their best can destroy entire planets and solar systems, I think we can safely say that Giorno doesn’t have the power to kill Hulk. HULK SMASH!
  22. Wow you’ve been on a roll with these creative matches Broadway, props and respect. Both are supremely powerful beings, but the fact of the matter is that Gozer is an actual Godlike being, while Sauron is actually just a dark messiah to an actual Dark God, so I think Gozer might have more firepower to bring to this fight.
  23. Also as powerful as Malekith is I don’t think he was ever the slug it out type of villain, as I recall he was more of a spell casting type villain like Loki. So while his magical powers might compare to Thor and Loki I think it might be a stretch to say that his physical stats are directly equal to Thor.
  24. Keep in mind guys that while the Celestials are considered ‘space gods’ in the Marvel universe, in Dragon Ball Super the characters are basically fighting ‘space gods’ on a pretty regular basis now. Heck, Goku currently is considered on the level of the Destroyers (literal Gods of Destruction) who are so powerful even other Gods fear them.
  25. I agree full heartedly. Comics Question and DCAU Question are two entirely different versions of the character and they definitely don’t have the same feats. I hope you gave him a reality check.
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