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  1. 1 hour ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    She's not just a tier faster though, she's 3 tiers faster, and Luke and other Jedi are often hit by things much slower than relativistic, so I'm not so sure the force precog is going to save him

    And Alita’s never been hit by things slower then Massively Hypersonic+? We’ve had this conversation before Peypey, and it’s getting old. I’m not saying Luke will avoid all of Alita’s attacks but Force Vision will help avoid most of the more serious ones and his force boosted durability will protect him from the rest. Remember that Luke has powered through getting slashed and blasted by Boba Fett:


    And falling from at least several stories after being kicked off a spaceship:


    And being batted around by the giant creature Kongo the Disemboweler:


    And need I remind anyone about the time he was almost zapped into fried chicken by the Emperor and after a second was fit enough to carry his robotic father all the way to an escape pod? Point is, he’ll tank her attacks a lot better then she’ll be able to tank being cut in half by a lightsaber.

    (Before anyone asks yes these are clips from the Disney approved comics and are Canon as far as the Mouse is concerned)

  2. 11 hours ago, patrickthekid said:

    Claudio seems more disciplined and has a projectile that would be difficult for Maxi do deal with.

    Yeah but again he didn’t really do much during his intro in Tekken 7, he lost a fight to Heihachi, briefly served him, then disappeared halfway through the story mode. Maxi on the other hand has defeated some pretty tough customers during his time, like Mitsurugi, Astaroth, and Kilik.

  3. Can’t really say that I’m familiar with either of these two fighters. By looks alone though Darli Dagger is clearly the more imposing looking and toughest looking women and she’s starting  the fight with a giant ass sword! Can’t imagine how Zarina is going to defend against that!

    I’m also a hopeless romantic at heart and I just couldn’t stand breaking up the Maxi/Darli power couple. 

  4. Gotta go with team Nintendo (suck it Sega fans) Sonic will blitz everyone, Kirby will eat everyone, and Pikachu will sit on his rump and chant his catchphrase “Pika pika!” in cruel glee.

    Admittedly I’m not super knowledgeable about Crash Bandicoot, but from what I know about Yoda and Spyro, they probably won’t be able to match the speed and power of Sonic and Kirby especially.

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  5. 9 hours ago, Macklemore said:

    The familiarity won't really change anything, D'Vorah is a naturally agile combatant with the ability to fly so she should be able to deal with Murderworld just as well as Psylocke would, even this deep in her career. And while I do believe that Psylocke has the ability to win a battle against her in a straight 1 v 1, I don't think she can deal with D'Vorah abusing the ability to turn into insects and then back into her normal humanoid body. Hell, I don't see Psylocke having a counter to having D'Vorah dump her entire body (made up of tiny insects) into every orifice of Psylocke, especially considering the fact that Psylocke will have to worry about Murderworld. D'Vorah will have to worry about it as well, but not as much, considering the fact that she's so much smaller when she's insects to the point that her size only is a good way to deal with Murderworld's traps. (Arcade doesn't really take into account things that small being here.)

    Um I would think familiarity would change absolutely everything dude. Would D’Vorah ever assume that cotton candy would try to kill her? That funny looking clowns would grow hand saws and try to dice her up? Has she ever prepared for the day she was strapped inside a giant pinball machine dodging giant spiked balls while college dropout Joker shrilled with laughter every time she brushes past death? Dude, I think you underestimate how horrifying Murderworld can be to the uninitiated.  

  6. 43 minutes ago, Macklemore said:

    Okay? And I want you to post proof that Godzilla/Kiryu attacked at that level in the two MechaGodzilla movies we are looking over here, cause that merely knocked him out, it didn't even break through the armor iirc

    Like I previously said, Kiryu/Godzilla regularly destroy entire cities, I’m pretty sure destroying an entire city>breaking through part of a mountain.


    43 minutes ago, Macklemore said:

    Pure extrapolation proves that both of these characters can do that, as the the armor that Rhodey used back then was a literal copy of the one Iron Man used for that feat.

     Okay fine let’s say Rhodes could replicate that feat, Manhattan is exactly 22.82 square miles across, Tateyama (the city GXMG Godzilla obliterated when he first attacked Japan) is exactly 42.49 square miles across. So again if Kiryu can tank those kinds of attacks he’ll tank War Machines.

    59 minutes ago, Macklemore said:

    Right, and I didn't say the masers won't hit. I said the AZC won't hit cause it's huge, takes literal hours (from Rhodey's perspective) to charge up and it drains the battery of Kiryu hard. If he uses the masers, good for him. But you gotta prove that the accumulative damage of the masers will be enough to even match the level of being thrown through a mountain, and that's not even going into the intangibility that Rhodey's newer suits have.

    And I didn’t say the AZC was light speed. My thought would be if Kiryu could soften Rhodes up and slow him down with his Masers Kiryu could save his trump card for when Rhodes is vulnerable. Even better, what’s to stop Kiryu from grabbing Rhodes and physically holding him until Kiryu blasts him with the AZC? 

  7. 2 hours ago, Macklemore said:

    On what basis? Give me a proof that this version of Godzilla can break through a mountain with physical attacks or his atomic breathe. Or deal enough damage to destroy something the size of Manhattan. I don't buy it.


    Rhodes was thrown through the mountain Macklemore, he didn’t break through it with physical attacks, don’t get it twisted. When exactly did War Machine destroy something the size of Manhattan? I know Tony did something like that, but Rhodes never did. The Godzilla from the two Kiryu films regularly levels entire cities, so if Kiryu can tank those attacks he can tank War Machine’s.

    2 hours ago, Macklemore said:

    His Absolute Zero Cannon still needs to hit Rhodey, who has enough maneuverability to dodge something like that. Furthermore, I'd go on record to say that this is not a good idea for Kiryu because if I recall correctly it eats away at his battery a lot.

    Like Peypey said, Kiryu’s attacks move much faster then War Machine’s (speed of light MASERS) Rhodey ain’t gonna be able to dodge that. 



  8. Brave New World PT 2 

    Centennial Park, Metropolis 
    The sun had just peaked over the horizon of the park today, giving some warmth to an otherwise chilly autumn day. Most Metropolis citizens would have worn some longer sleeved clothing to better warm themselves during their early morning walk through Centennial, but the blonde haired woman did not appear to mind the cold very much. Following her usual route through the park, the woman found herself walking towards Centennial’s most famous landmark, one that the woman had made frequent visits to over the years.
    The Heroes of the Apokolips War Memorial was a site dedicated to the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in order defeat Darkseid and his army of Parademons, Female Furies, and other dark forces the fiery planet of Apokolips could produce. The women silently passed by the various statues and monuments of various sets of heroes, both civilian and super powered. Her heart ached in her chest as she read the ones belonging to very old friends of hers: The Martian Manhunter- J’onn J’onzz, Green Arrow- Oliver Queen, Black Canary- Dinah Lance, Black Lightning- Jefferson Davis, The Flash- Barry Allen, and Aquaman- King Arthur Curry. One monument stood out above all the others though, and not just because it was the biggest either. It belonged to the hero who stood out even amongst his fellow Leaguers, a hero whose strength and compassion have inspired millions of people during his time and will no doubt continue to inspire people long after:
    Superman- The greatest hero the world has ever seen. The Man of Steel meet the alien tyrant Darkseid in single combat during the waning days of the war. The ensuring battle leveled the surrounding area and lasted several hours but in the end Superman ended the genocidal warlords plans for conquest once and for all, but at the cost of his own life. Superman, civilian alias Clark Kent, survives through his wife Lois Lane-Kent, his son Jon Kent, and his protégés Supergirl and Superboy. May he rest in eternal peace.
    “Hey Kal. Sorry I couldn’t make it last week, was resting up from a fight with yet another incarnation of the Injustice Gang. Luckily for me Conner lead Young Justice to back me up. You would have been proud to see Conner so grown up Kal, and little Jon too! He just turned 11 years old this month and Aunt Martha says he reminds her so much of you!”
    Seeing no response from the cold, lifeless statue that bore her cousins likeness, Kara Zor-El sighed sadly. She laid her offering of flowers near the base of the statue, the monument had far too many other decorations for her to place it any closer.
    “I should have saved you. If I could have just gotten to you faster you’d still be alive, with your wife and son. Maybe Darkseid would have killed me, but I wouldn’t care,” Kara sniffed as she felt herself start to cry. “Why couldn’t I have saved you? Why couldn’t I have kept my promise to Mom and Uncle Jor-El? Why?”
    Kara quickly wiped away her tears as she heard her other cousin approach. Making herself appear as presentable as possible, she turned to the other Kryptonian as nonchalantly as possible.
    “I didn’t think think you’d have time to come by today Kon. Isn’t the exhibition match with the Titans today?” 
    “Not until a couple of hours, figured I’d have plenty of time,” Conner ‘Kon-El’ Kent nodded in greeting to his cousin. The two Kryptonians silently stood in front of their former mentors monument for a few awkward moments. “It wasn’t your fault Kara. You did everything you could to help him, we all did.”
    “Didn’t I tell you to stop eavesdropping on me?” 
    “You might’ve, I wasn’t really listening,” Conner smiled mischievously. “Seriously though, you know Clark wouldn’t have wanted you to die on his account. Your his living legacy Kara and I think more then anything he wanted to see you succeed him as Metropolis’ protector.”
    “Kon... Thank you.” 
    The two Kryptonians shared a warm smile and a quick embrace.
    “Your coming to the exhibition match right? If we’re going to whip the Titans on their home field we’ll need all our fans to show up,” Conner asked as the two flew out of the park. 
    “I dunno, Cassie’s coaching the Titans this year right? Maybe I’ll cheer for them instead,” Kara smirked at Conner’s shocked reaction.
    “Traitor! How could you root against your own cousin?” Conner pouted at her.
    “Cause I like her more then you,” Kara teased him.
    The Kryptonians suddenly paused themselves in midair. In near unison the two tilted their heads to the side, super hearing picking up troubling noises nearby.
    “New Troy’s S.T.A.R. Labs base. Someone’s breaking into it,” Said Superboy.
    “Their in the weapons storage section. We gotta stop them!” Supergirl and her cousin zipped toward the facility at mach speed.
    The two had barely made it to the base, which certainly looked like someone had performed a one man assault on it, when a bright yellow blur zoomed past them at high speed. 
    “Fuck! It’s Johnny Quick! Whoever’s breaking in must be after the trans-dimensional device!” Superboy exclaimed.
    “You go after Johnny Quick! I’ll secure the device!” Supergirl ordered.
    “But Supergirl-“ The Boy of Steel began.
    “Superboy go! Now!” Supergirl’s tone left no room for argument.
    Superboy gave chase to the anti-Flash, while Supergirl entered the wrecked S.T.A.R laboratory.  After helping several injured scientists and workers outside the facility, Supergirl found herself close to the weapons storage section. Hearing movement from the other side of the wall, Supergirl used her x-ray vision to see into the room, wanting to know whether the other members of the Crime Syndicate had escaped from the limbo dimension the league had kept them imprisoned in.
    Oh Rao. The Syndicate was out, but not in the manner she had thought. Ultraman, the anti-Superman, was lying dead on the ground. His head has been twisted around until it faced the opposite side of the rest of his body. Power Ring, the anti-Green Lantern, likewise laid dead not far from Ultraman’s body. His own body had been folded in half by the midsection; his arms and legs were tangled and his hip was jutting out from the rest of his body, like someone had broken him over their knee and didn’t stop. The disturbing manners of death almost made Supergirl puke.
    On the other side of the room the anti versions of Batman and Wonder Women, Owlman and Superwoman, were still alive but currently being backed into a corner by who Supergirl believed to be the one who broke into the facility. He was a tall, physically built specimen but his skin color was very pale, almost sickly looking. Also of note was his long and very unkept jet black hair that looked like it hadn’t seen a comb in it’s lifetime. Supergirl didn’t know who this was, but if he was strong enough to kill Ultraman and Power Ring singlehandedly, she knew she’d have to be careful.
    “So what’ll it be Owlman? You can be apart of our Brave New World, or you can refuse me and suffer the same fate as your allies. Choose wisely,” the unknown man threatened Owlman.
    “An interesting proposition. Very well, I’ll join you,” Owlman agreed.
    “What about me? Do I have a place in your new world order?” Superwoman asked.
    “Haven’t decided yet. Owlman’s intelligence makes him valuable to our plans, but you? You haven’t exactly proven your worth to us,” The pale man harshly put it.
    “Who the hell do you think your talking to!? I was a ruler! A conquer back on my Earth!” The anti-Wonder Woman shouted in outrage.
    “And on this Earth you were a prisoner, twice bested by your doppelgänger, even the one called Black Canary managed to defeat you. Fortunately for you, your chance to prove yourself has just arrived,” The unknown man turned his head and to Supergirl’s shock looked right at her through the wall that separated them. “Kara Zor-El. Won’t you join us Kara?” 
    Shit. Pushing down her fears, Supergirl broke through the wall and faced the three villains with a fierce glare.
    “If you know who I am, then you know that you aren’t leaving here without a fight!”
    “I’m counting on that Kara,” the pale villain turned to regard Superwomen. “Defeat her and you will have proven yourself worthy to join us. Fail, and your future is forfeit.”
    “That’s fine by me,” Superwoman quickly tackled Supergirl through several walls, grabbing her by the throat to choke her. “Nothing personal kid, this is just business.”
    Eyes turning bright red, Supergirl blasted the Crime Syndicate warlord off of her.
    “Nothing personal, but your not taking me down so easily!”
    This is a mostly composite version of both Supergirl and Superwoman. Part 2 of my Brave New World story arc. Which super being takes this match? 
  9. 1 minute ago, Macklemore said:

    The Mecha G you're talking about, the Heisei one, is not in this match due to being a higher tier than Rhodey. Rhodey is fighting against Kiryu.

    In the past we’ve always used a composite Mecha Godzilla. Regardless Kiryu has still tanked Godzilla’s atomic breath, which is far more powerful then anything Rhodes can replicate, and his Absolute Zero Cannon bypasses conventional durability so Rhodes won’t be able to tank it like regular blasts. Still a win Mecha G, or Kiryu in this case.

  10. While Rhodes has survived being thrown through a mountain and being nuked, Mecha G tanked attacks from Godzilla, specifically he could only be finished off by Goji’s Uranium Atomic Heat Ray, which from what I understand is a planet busting attack. Also considering Mecha G’s attacks have taken down Godzilla (again whose survived planet busting feats) multiple times, Rhodes I don’t think has the feats to match. Mecha Godzilla has the edge for this match I think.

  11. Slot X: The Team’s Pet Monster- The Monster’s from your standard monster flicks that stalk and eat/kill the humans only for the ragtag survivors to kill/escape the beasts by the end. (No mega creatures like the Godzilla monsters who could only be killed by other giant monsters or sci-fi weapons).

    Base Line Examples-

    -Xenomorph Queen (Aliens)

    -Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)

    -Graboids (Tremors)

    -Sharptooth (Land Before Time)


    Slot X: Western Cartoon Protagonist- The main character of a beloved Western cartoon that can’t have originated as a comic book or movie character.

    Base Line Examples-

    -Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory)

    -Ben Tennyson (Ben 10)

    -Star Butterfly (Star vs The Forces of Evil)

    -Steven Universe (Steven Universe)

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