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  1. What about that time he installed a rocket into his shell? As I previously said Cecil cheats, and he cheats like a pro. Who’s to say the guy doesn’t have a taped recording of Hungarian Rhapsody played in it’s most beautiful rhythm right under his piano? Would you really put it past him?
  2. Yeah but the thing that could make or break these ladies is what they do during their first few days in Westeros. In Carmen’s case she might not even realize she’s in another world at first and if she starts going up to folks and asking where’s the closest airport or how far away Los Angeles is she could plant a big target on her back. Even worse would be if she did realize it and have a huge panic attack, that could also attract the wrong kind of people. After Return to Oz I see Dorothy being much more matter of fact of being in another world and trying to stay low and not drawing attention t
  3. Okay but can she at least hold the Fox in her own hands? That would technically count as catching him right? If she blitzed the fox and physical holds him that should count as a win for her. Well Bubbles has never been evaded before, by a Fox or otherwise. All I’m asking is what seems harder for the Fox: hiding from an FTL speed girl with X-Ray vision or swiping a can of spinach from a one eyed sailor? What exactly could he say to her? Again I’m assuming the match starts with both combatants being told to catch the Fox and presumably being told that said Fox will
  4. It’s fine. Thank you for the apology but I think that it’s on me really. I guess I get a bit competitive during these debates and sometimes I just take things personally when they really shouldn’t be. Sorry if I acted a bit too haughtily when I replied to you earlier, I’ll try to avoid that in the future. That being said I am sticking by my point that Bubbles will nab the Fox first. Maybe Popeye tune force can make him do anything he wants, but I’ve yet to see him move at FTL speeds and nothing on VS Battle Wiki indicates that he could. Yes Bubbles doesn’t usually speed blitz immediately
  5. Yeah your embarrassing yourself because every time I try to use the VS Battle Wiki against your characters you try to discredit the website and insult me for trying to use it in my argument! But the second the website can be useful to you, you use to try to try to insist your guy can win! Is VS Battle Wiki a creditable website or not? I find it also embarrassing that in the past you’ve ridiculed me for using “outliner feats” in arguments but here you are arguing Popeye is a star buster character because a website you have discredited several times before says that he is! Heck your doi
  6. Well the problem is I doubt either Bubbles or Popeye can really outwit the Fox so I’m thinking it’ll come down to who can catch it first.
  7. Dorothy has experience being transported to a new and dangerous world, Carmen doesn’t. Carmen will probably too freaked out to really try to take stock of how to survive this, while experienced Dorothy will be much more calmer and put together about learning the rules and customs of Westeros.
  8. No but she does have the handicap of being on her own here without her brothers, particularly team leader Yakko. Most of there best feats come from them as a trio, with Yakko often leading the way. I’m not saying Dot is a fool, but she’s clearly inexperienced in being a solo act. And she’s taking on not just an old pro, but one who has already been shown to regularly humiliate and beat another old pro in Bugs Bunny.
  9. So it’s silly to assume Bubbles could speed blitz the Fox but it’s not silly to assume said Fox could evade an FTL speed characters with X-Ray vision because he’s witty? And the fuck you talking about Popeye throttling Bubbles? Bubbles and her sisters casually lift airplanes, battleships, and giant monsters! In one episode a giant octopus the size of a skyscraper fell flat on top of Bubbles and she was literally not even slightly hurt! Either name me one feat of Popeye that even comes close to Bubbles confirmed feats or stfu dude. Your embarrassing yourself. And what will he do
  10. Not true. When Cecil and Bugs faced off for the fourth time in 2019 Looney Tunes Cartoon, Cecil beat Bugs at a street race, multiplying, and a carrot eating contest. Look up Looney Tunes Cartoons- Shell Shocked on YouTube if you want to see for yourself.
  11. Firstly, I think we can all agree that a guy like Johnny Castle wouldn’t last a week in the GoT universe. He’d either be murdered by bandits, gutted by the Hound, or he’ll somehow encountered Joffrey/Cersei and they’ll have him beheaded after he accidentally insulted them. Secondly, I believe Ethan has had this scenario before and as I pointed out then him and Brienne would make the most adorable badass couple ever! Just think of the many power couple moments they could get into in Westeros! From single handily massacring the Boltons and Frey’s themselves to taking down scum like the afor
  12. Does it make him fast enough to run around the globe in 3 seconds? Cause that’s as fast as he’ll need to go in order to get the Fox before Bubbles does. And what toon force has that Fox shown us exactly? Anything that can counteract FTL speeds or X-Ray vision?
  13. Sorry Dot but frankly the Animaniacs have been winning far too many matches, so I think it’s time to break their winning streak. Keep this in mind guys Cecil outsmarted and outwitted Bugs Bunny not once, not twice, not even thrice, but FOUR times in a row! Four times in a row he’s humiliated Bugs at his own game and trust me when I say that Bugs literally pulled every single cheap shot and dirty trick imaginable and none of it worked? Why? Because Cecil Turtle cheats. He cheats harder, better, and sooner then anybody else, the dude is always ten steps ahead his opponent no matter what the
  14. Does his spinach increase his speed any? It better because once Bubbles gets serious she can literally move faster then most humans can even think! Also how exactly will toon force help the Fox against a Powerpuff girl? Not only is she FTL speed but she also has X-Ray vision so he has no way of hiding from her!
  15. Gotta be Frank guys. Shooting Spider-Man out of the air proves he’s got faster reflexes and aim. He’s tough enough to take a beating from Captain America and stay conscious, Merlyn has been one shotted by far weaker opponents. And if by some slim chance this gets to close quarters Frank has beaten guys like Bullseye in a straight hand to hand fight, can’t really recall any decent hand to hand combat feats for Merlyn.
  16. C’mon guys it’s gotta be Catherine! Tell me it wouldn’t be entertaining to watch Neville get so tongue tied and nervous around this beautiful women who for some inexplicable reason seems so interested in him, only for him to slowly put together that she’s getting ready to make him the next victim in her next book. It literally has the making of an equally scary and comedic movie like Freaky (2020) or Tucker and Dale vs Evil!
  17. Bubbles could win it in less a second honestly. She’s literally flew around the globe in about 3 seconds, so the second that fox pisses her off he’ll be in a steel trap cage before he can even blink! Now there is some merit to the argument she’ll try to befriend it first, but again the second she realizes the Fox doesn’t want to be friends with her she can easily speed blitz it into any sort of cage she desires.
  18. Here’s a clip for Letty Ortiz, her fight scenes start at 1:22. And here are some for Sofia from John Wick 3:
  19. Previously on One Night in Sin City: “I think we need to rethink our plan here Toretto.” Across the creek from the Roark Compound was a woody hill, a perfect location to watch over the compound without attracting any attention. Through the leafy coverage the tip of a sniper rifle stuck out, not firing but instead spying on the massacre that just took place. “You gonna tell me who won that shootout any time soon Shaw?” “It was a bit too one sided to be considered a shootout Toretto. Zero’s men took over the place with no casualties, not sure whether
  20. Okay sorry, I guess I missed that part of your post. Yeah but he’s got nowhere near the feats or skill set that Punisher has. If Frank couldn’t take Zealot down I doubt Floyd will do much better.
  21. I second Movie-Brat! I haven’t heard of either character before this season, but from the feats I’ve read about I’ll back Agnes.
  22. Gotta be Chris! Come on guys, the man has gone through more hell then Simon would ever dream of! Give the man his respect!
  23. Cid. It’s gotta be Cid. Any true fan of Final Fantasy will have to vote Cid! The man’s a legend.
  24. No way does Anthony beat Xena. The girl has crossed blades with heavy hitters like Hercules, Callisto, and Ares! Anthony is a chump compared to them! Come on guys don’t the Highlander punk get another unfair win!
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