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  1. How many Cyberman? Casey isn’t nearly at Splinter’s level, I don’t see him replicating Splinter’s feat.
  2. Just how many is a “few”? Cause I think Balthazar could probably take 1-4 of them, but +5 would be a bit too much. Especially if they blitz him at once.
  3. And Maximus wouldn’t be felled by a crossbow bolt to the heart? Even if Sisu isn’t fully immortal she can still control the weather, manipulate water, fly, and shape shift. I’ll take a magically enhanced Dragon over a military trained horse any day of the week dude. And I’d especially take an army of dragons over an army of horses all day every day.
  4. Same as before, gotta side with the Mirage Turtles. They’re just all around tougher and more brutal then the Nickelodeon Turtles.
  5. I would argue that Psylocke would get this done quicker then Deathstroke. Since investigation will be needed here, her telepathy will save her some time on gathering information and allow Betsy to find out what’s going on and where the Red Queen is faster then Slade will be able to.
  6. Mickey might be the OG, but I think the fact he never gained national prominence in his days would end up hurting him here. Since Rocky’s career was more widely known and beloved any team under him will be better motivated to win and not let Rocky down. Voting for Balboa here!
  7. The key word here is “gracefully” guys, which princess could get out of the royal engagement with the most grace and class. Vanellope would probably deal with her unwanted suited by with her usual brand of immature and sharpe comments that would probably get rid of the guy, but likely not in the way one would deem as a “proper princess.” Tiana would probably be a bit more tactful with her rejection, keeping enough of a cool head to time her sass as a back handed compliment that sure to shock her obnoxious wooer and greatly impress the royal court. Going with Tiana here.
  8. Eh for the sake of the match I think we should at least assume that’s his mindset at the start of the match. While generally yes he is against killing, I think they were at least a couple of comics where he did decide to abandon his code and start killing his enemies.
  9. If we take Aliens: Colonial Marines feats as canon, then the Queen is durable enough to tank pulse rifle fire and grenades. And on paper they should be more powerful weapons what the ED-209 has by virtue of them being military grade weapons from the year 2179, while the ED’s are from 2028 and were intended to be used by a police robot.
  10. A very good debate between @RiotGear and @Twogunkid. Both had very good arguments and explained their points very well. Regardless of the score I think your both winners in my book! 👏👏👏
  11. I’ve missed the last few tournament matches so I’m really determined to top this one!
  12. In a crowded city like Vice, I fear that poor Zipper will be in danger of many swatting hands.
  13. Isabela stole the Tome of Koslun from the Qunari, a sacred relic which is as important to the Qunari as the Declaration of Independence to the USA. I think she can steal Christmas from a small town. Much better then Ryan who is more of a comic relief then a legitimate thief.
  14. Raya can recruit dragons and whatever Tuk Tuk is into her animal army. She wins this!
  15. Maybe if it was the book version. But the Benedict Cumberbatch Smaug was said to be over 400 feet long, bigger then 2 jet airliners.
  16. Probably the Wizard. He’s taken on the entire Fantastic Four at once, one power ranger will be easy pickings for him.
  17. Probably the Predalien. Going toe to toe with an experienced Predator like Wolf trumps anything the Indoraptor did.
  18. Dave and Balthazar are pretty powerful sorcerers and the dragons from Reign of Fire were killed by mere mortals with pretty rudimentary explosives. I see the sorcerers or “Merlineans” taking down the dragon.
  19. Nathan done plenty of tightroping and climbing about throughout his video game series. So unless someone can make a compelling argument about Hasky (who I know nothing about) then I’d have to give it to Drake by default.
  20. I don’t like Elsa’s chances here. She’s never tried to freeze something as big as Smaug.
  21. In that case it’ll actually be a closer fight I think. Ultimately though Rodan will still probably take it thanks to his greater speed and durability.
  22. Both can probably talk Carrie down, but I’d really only trust Beast to be able to save the people threatened by her powers. So Beast wins by virtue of being able to complete BOTH tasks.
  23. Sorry Holo Doc, but give me Rebecca Chambers as my bedside doctor any day! 🥰
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