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  1. Thanks DSkillz, last thing I want is for people to get the wrong idea about me. I also second your opinion about Atom Eve’s profile pic, like c’mon y’all their weren’t any other pics we could have gotten for her?
  2. What! The! Fuck! Who the hell keeps voting for Leona? More importantly why did only 2 people vote for Lars?
  3. Miraculous powered heroes tend to have a much higher physical boost then Power Rangers do and Queen Bee is no exception. In her first appearance she was fast enough to catch up to a subway train and while she wasn’t strong enough to stop it, the fact that her legs didn’t snap in half from the attempt shows that her durability is very high.
  4. This is a more even fight then most would assume, Genie’s powers when he’s bound to the lamp are technically limitless aside from the three main rules: no killing, making others fall in love, and no resurrections. Of course the problem will be that Genie needs someone to specifically wish for him to defeat Ego in order for that to happen, plus the setup implies this is a freed Genie. In that case, Genie’s powers are by feats only planetary level (I remember him at one point spinning the world on his finger like a b-ball). Ego’s at least Solar System level considering he’s fought and even beaten Galactus before, so I guess he wins. Haven’t actually seen a match created by you before HeyTim85, would this be your first one by any chance? Cause if it is congrats man, welcome to the matchup creator club! 🎉🍾🎉🍾🎉🍾👏👏👏
  5. Thanks for the compliment JohnnyChany, also I had no idea about the Tarantino and Rodriguez convo about Miho’s sword. 🤯
  6. Here’s some clips about Deckard and Kevin for those who need a refresher on their skills: Deckard Shaw- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JEKMJSDNlH0 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1XqI8Lyp21A Kevin- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0g0XvytD2Yw @2:32 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eQCbS00MaS4
  7. Going with Linda, her skills and movements always impressed me more. Though that might be because Tekken 7 has better graphics then Virtual Fighter.
  8. Previously on One Night in Sin City: “Basin City, better known as Sin City. I’ve heard you could win almost anything in that city, but your more likely to lose everything instead. Don’t matter how tough or how smart you are, you do or say the wrong thing in that city you’ll be twenty feet under by morning. And if I know Toretto he’s doing and saying too many wrong things already.” “That’s why we contacted you Shaw. Figured a sleazy, conscienceless asshole like you would be right at home in a place like that,” Tej voice spoke from Deckard’s phone. “Like a pig to mud mate. Working with ole Hercules to save the world from a cybernetically-enhanced terrorist with a deadly plague took quite a lot out of me. I think I deserve a nice vacation in a city that services my kind of fun,” the British mercenary chuckled as he took the highway leading into the infamous Sin City. “This ain’t no vacation Shaw and don’t think I even remotely trust you to keep your word. Hobbs will be right behind you and the rest of us will be there once Letty recovers from her wounds,” Tej warned him. “Sorry to tell ya hacker boy, but you and your lot would be better off staying out of my way. This ain’t like the streets your used too. Now where exactly did you say Dom’s little bundle of joy was again?” Deckard asked. “Dom had me put a tracker in little Brian’s cross, for the last few days the tracker told me that Zero punk had him holed up in some hilly farm community just outside the city. But just last night the tracker started moving, first to a seedy hotel in the Projects of the city and is now moving all over the city with no real pattern.” “So either that wanker Zero decided to take a city wide jog with the kid on his back or more likely the bastard planted the tracker on someone else and Toretto is too angry to realize he’s on a wild goose chase. Give me the address of that farm, if I can’t find the toddler there I’ll find some clues to where he is.” “You better not be playing us Shaw.” “Give me some credit ya muppet, I saved Toretto’s kid once I’ll do it again.” ************************************ “I assure you Mr. Zero, Kevin was able to plant the cross on that thug like you wanted. Now I assume you’ll also keep your end of the bargain? You know my dear brother won’t be happy once he finds out about our little scheme.” Kevin silently watched from the shadows as his master spoke with the strange man over the phone. Kevin did not know why his master would do business with such a blasphemous man, Kevin could sense that the man thought very little of the word of God and of his master in general. Kevin would have gladly taken the man’s head had his master given him the word, but if master believed working with him was for the best, Kevin would obey. “Yes. Yes. Thank you my child, I do hope you make a speedy recovery. God bless my child. Kevin? I must thank you again for both silencing that disgusting whore and for planting the cross on the ungodly man who layed with her. But Mr. Zero has warned me that our enemies will soon make moves against us, perhaps even attempt to strike at us in our own homes. Can I trust you to protect us from the sinners and evildoers Kevin?” Master needed not even ask, Kevin would always protect his master from the whores, liars, cheaters, and heathens who dared threatened the master and the church itself. Kevin stayed up late that night, keeping watch over the sanctuary his master had entrusted him with. No godless sinner would catch him off guard tonight even if he had to stay up all night. From his spot on the roof, Kevin spotted a lone figure attempting to sneak his way across the fields, Kevin could see the man was armed with some kind of pistol, but it wouldn’t do him any good. Silent as a shadow Kevin hopped down from the roof, keeping himself hidden until the moment was right. His claws racked against his palms as he anticipated what he would do to this sinner who invaded his home. It probably won’t be as satisfying as killing a whore but Kevin would try to enjoy himself regardless. ************************************ Deckard Shaw is armed with just his SIG Sauer P226R. Kevin has only his claws and skills for this fight. Which silent and cold assassin takes this fight?
  9. Thanks. So sorry for the mixup. TBH Mark and Frank comics are so similar it’s hard to tell them apart, not to mention how easy it is to mixup their last names.
  10. Dammit! Your both right. Fuck! Okay if I change copyright ownership from Mark Millar to Frank Miller will I be able to put Kevin on the database?
  11. Gotta go with the turtles better trained, skilled, and better animation that let’s them move around and not glitch as much.
  12. I would argue that Omniman could be stronger then Injustice Superman. It’s been subtly implied throughout the Injustice series that heroes from their universe are actually much weaker then their main universe counterparts. For example in the first game almost every hero from the main universe always wins a fight against not only their counterpart but other Inj. characters as well (main universe Green Arrow beat Black Adam at one point) the only exception was when Inj. Flash beat normal human Ollie. Also in the Injustice comics when lifting Atlantis Supes needed GL, Shazam, and Wondy’s help to carry it, a far cry from the main Superman who held a black hole close in his palm! So in my mind Injustice Superman shouldn’t really be counted as equal to main Superman, if anything by feats Injustice Supes is only a multi continent tier strength. Omni Man is a planet buster, at least by his comic feats.
  13. Okay I used Dark Horse Comics this time. Hopefully fourth times the charm.
  14. Okay, I’ll find a better pic then. Thanks for the quick reply.
  15. Okay so context: few days ago I was writing up my intended follow up to Dominic vs Marv matchup, it involved Kevin (Sin City) a character I could have sworn was on the database, but to my surprise he wasn’t. I thought whatever I’ll add him myself. It was the first character I added to CBUB, so it took a few tries but I eventually filled out the request to add. A few days have passed since then but Kevin (Sin City) has still not been added to database, meanwhile other characters have been added that I know were requested after me, one of them was the character Manute who I put in yesterday. Can someone who works in admin like Fox explain why Kevin is taking so long to be added? Cause I’ve already gone to the trouble of writing up a match setup for him and I just need him added to the database in order to post it.
  16. Love how you go the extra mile on these post vote write ups. Your a real one bro.
  17. Thanks. I’m glad y’all see it like that.
  18. Note: Please read Dominic Toretto vs Marv as it continues it’s story. ************************************ Well, isn’t this a goddamn bitch. Damn! Well, for those of you who don’t know my story I’ll keep it brief: bullet to the head, on my wedding day, while I was pregnant. By either dumb luck or destiny I survived and I swore on my unborn’s child’s soul I would track down every single one of my would be killers, my former Deadly Viper Squad members, and kill them all! Things started so well, I killed the first cunt on my list, O-Ren Ishii, simply enough and with the information I squeezed out of her little secretary I went hunting for the others. But then someone, somewhere decided to pull a Shyamalan twist on me; Vernita Green and her family skipped town the day before I arrived, Budd died of a Black Mamba bite in his trailer, and no signs of Bill of his new main squeeze Elle. I don’t believe in coincidences, someone’s fucking with me! I knew that before I received an invitation to meet with some fucking asshole named Zero in a city nicknamed Sin. The only question is, is this fuck Zero the fucker or is he just the Cuck? Guess we’ll just have to see… “So glad you could join us Ms. Kiddo. Allow me to show you to Mr. Zero.” Beatrix cautiously followed the one eyed giant into the hotel, taking note of the any potential threat or escape route. The big black man took her to a reserved table, where a weaselly looking man awaited her. “So glad you could join us ma’am. Please forgive me for not standing, but I fear I’m still nursing a wound from my last negotiation. A bullet proof vest is good for many things, but not for saving your ribs from cracking,” The man called Zero smiled sheepishly. “Be glad he didn’t aim for the head, not all of us were so lucky. Now. Where. Is. Bill?” The Bride’s sunglasses shielded Zero only a little bit from her death glare. “I do not know right now, I swear to you that’s the truth.” “Then why the hell am I wasting my time here with you?” “Because I am the greatest information broker in the whole fucking world and I have big friends in big places. I do them one small favor and they’ll use all the power at their disposal to find Bill and the rest of your former associates. But in order to complete the favor I need your help.” “Really? Well ain’t that a fucking coincidence. Two days ago the people who fucked me over dropped off the world with no warning. Yesterday I get message from some mystery man saying he knows all about my plight and wants to help. And today he’s telling me he needs my help of all people to complete a task in order to appease his friends in high places? Seem like quite a coincidence Mr. Zero. Almost… Manufactured.” “… Ms Beatrix a long time ago I made vow to never do two of the following things: never get on the bad side of someone who survived a bullet to the head, and never ever do a favor to that megalomaniac man-child Bill. And up to this moment here, I’ve never broken either vow.” …… …… …… “What kind of favor we talking here?” Beatrix Kiddo finally asked. “Last night hero cop Jack Rafferty went missing at Old Town. Prime suspect is domestic terrorist Dwight McCarthy, a dangerous man who runs Old Town with an iron fist. My high up friends have been trying to nail this bastard for years but in order to pin the fucker to the wall we need the body of Rafferty. McCarthy will probably drop it at the tar pit tonight, get it back from him no matter the cost, do that and I’ll get my friends to help you,” Zero explained. “Sounds like I better get moving then,” The Bride stood to take her leave. “One more thing: McCarthy will probably have his bodyguard with him tonight. Her name is Miho and she is fucking terrifying.” ************************************ And to think last night started so well. Dealing with your girlfriends abusive ex, finding out he was a cop, watching an old friend chopping his head off and realizing this could spark a war with the Old Town girls and the police! Just another night in Sin City I guess. Feeling like being a gentleman, I offered to dump ole Jackie-Boy’s remains at the tar pits, no body no proof of foul play right? I really thought my troubles were over when I finally reached the tar pits. “YOU SONOFABITCH! BASTARD!” Now these Irish mercenaries were after Jackie-Boy’s body and if they were working for who I think they were working for- “WHO THE HECK- AAAAAHHHHH!!!” “WHAT THE FUCK! AAAARRRRGGGHH!!” Mmmm? It wasn’t me who did them in. Given how my night’s been so far I should probably assume the worst. But maybe, just maybe, life has finally decided to throw me a bone for once. I peak over the car I was hiding, hoping to see a friendly face, I instead saw a katana coming at my face! *SWISH!!* *BANG! BANG! BANG!* I reacted fast and avoided the first swing, fired off three rounds as quick as I could. Idiot. Should have taken the time to aim. *SCHUNK!!!” Her sword stabs me right through the lower part of my stomach. As she drove me backwards into the car, I briefly felt a red hot flash of pain centered around where the blade went in, though it slowly turned into a dull numb, like the nerves in my stomach were slowly switching off. And when she pulled the katana out, I gasped and tried desperately to cover my wound, panicking as I watched my blood spilling out around my hand. As it got tougher to breath I looked up at the women who skewered me, and I realized it wasn’t just my wound that was taking my breath away. “So your Dwight huh? Guess I’m going to save the authority’s the trouble of taking you in.” She might not be the traditional beauty, but the warrior spirit she embodied was what really made me at least proud to die by her sword. She was an Amazon, a Valkyrie just like the girls of Old Town. At least I got to feel that fire one more time. *WOOSH* The unknown woman dodged and blocked the throwing shuriken. From the shadows I see her, my deadly little Miho, with her own sword drawn as she confronted the other women. I tried to tell her to get out of here while she could, but even if she could hear me, I doubt she’d have listened anyway. Miho doesn’t run from fights. Ever. ************************************ The fight takes place at the tar pits outside Sin City. The Bride has her sword, Miho has her sword and shuriken. Which lovely lady of war takes this? Who will chop who to bits first?
  19. Dammit, just now realizing that I screwed up my musical character pick. It says it has to be live action, I picked a cartoon. Sorry admin, please reopen my draft picks and I’ll pick someone else.
  20. Just submitted my draft picks, didn’t get everything I wanted but I think I did good. Y’all best watch out cause I’m playing to win this time around.
  21. Very cool that your keeping track of your matches like that dude, very awesome! I’m pretty bummed out that Cammy lost her fight, thought for sure she’d win. But Lars should definitely beat Leona here, during his role as main protagonist in T6 he beat Nina, Alisa, and even Kazuya in battle and at the end fought Jin and apparently stalemated him. The guy has to be at least one of the top 5 strongest fighters in the Tekken series, he’s got to win this.
  22. After thinking on it for a bit, I’m leaning towards Guile, he’s just had better canon showings I feel, plus I think I like his move set just a bit more then Law. Sorry Law, I hope Guile snaps out of it before he causes too much damage.
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