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  1. Does Ezio get the Apple of Eden? It’s listed as part of his equipment and arsenal, and the guy had and used it for various missions throughout his life. If he does he can use it to trick Mario into walking into pits, spikes, or enemies. Ezio’s own parkour abilities and his Eagle Vision will allow him to make it through levels regardless, his Eagle Vision in particular being able to warn him ahead of any danger or attacks I think will be what puts him ahead of Mario I think.
  2. Considering that Barry has consistently shown the ability to resist Gorilla Grodd’s mind controls I think he can take Mewtwo.
  3. I’m aware that Wanda’s hex powers have ventured into the reality warping scale several times over the years, but by her own admission her reality warping abilities only work if given enough time and if she has a great enough source of power. So not only do I think her reality warp powers aren’t applicable here, I also think Gogeta’s fast enough to take her out before she can even cast a spell.
  4. W Eh, he apparently wasn’t charming enough, considering Harley latter stole Ivy out from under him, on his wedding day of all places! Anyways if it comes down to breaking the heiress’s infatuation with Kite Man, Q could always charm the heiress himself. The guy managed to win over Huntress, and she was like an easy 10 out of 10!
  5. I guess it depends on whether Jabba starts off with the full Hutt empire behind him and what exactly the “scale” is. Like is this the Star Wars universe with Batgirl dropped in it? DC Earth with Jabba as a Gotham gangster? Or is it sort of an amalgam of the two? Just so I have an idea of what operational experience the two competitors have.
  6. The problem with Cooler is that in canon he is regarded as not quite on the level of Frieza, who is truly on Goku’s level. Black Adam meanwhile is widely established as being a true rival to Supes and Shazam, not just a tier or two below them. So in my opinion, I think Adam is a bit more equal to Supes then Cooler is to Goku.
  7. Gotta go with the 3rd Street Saints, most of these guys are inner city kids which means many of them are probably amateur B-Ballers or Football enthusiasts who shoot hoops and toss pigskins at the park in their downtime. So in a game of dodgeball, I trust the Saints to at least be more physically active and in shape then the Mafia dudes.
  8. Once again, Stormtroopers and Clonetroopers are not the same thing everyone, see the Clonetroopers vs Ewoks matchup for more information. What’s pretty tricky about this matchup is that both forces strengths and weaknesses are pretty similar: overwhelming force and numbers at the cost of individuality and real strategy. Assuming that both groups start with equal numbers, I’d favor the Imperial forces because they at least have basic military training and conditioning, while the droids seem limited to simply walking and shooting. Even without weapons the regular droids seem like prett
  9. Just a reminder to the more casual Star Wars fans: Stormtroopers and Clonetroopers are NOT the same thing. Yes initially the first generation of Stormtroopers were rebranded clones, but by the time of the OG Star Wars trilogy most if not all ST forces were not the genetic clones of Jango Fett that were seen during the prequels but regular humans conscripted by the Empire and rigorously trained. Jango’s death at the Battle of Geonosis meant they wouldn’t be able to create anymore clones once their original strands were used up, besides conscription was far more cost efficient and produced faste
  10. Hulk better pull out a win here, I still can’t believe my guy Frieza got beat by the Saint of Killers! I’d like a word with the 7 who voted for Saint.😤
  11. That is surprising. I didn’t really see anyone arguing for Saint of Killers.
  12. Gotta go with Samus, her skills and abilities better translate to the world of Cuphead then Luigi’s do. Unless Luigi starts with a Metal Cap or a Star power up.
  13. Fate once stalemated a multiversally-ampted Spectre and shielded Darkseid and Etrigan from the anti-life entity, which was infinite in power and nigh omnipotent. He’s also blocked and tanked attacks from Mordru and Typhon, lords of chaos who are multiverse level threats.
  14. Come on guys let’s try to stick to this fight and worry about the latter rounds when they come around. Going with Giorno based on PeyPey’s arguments.
  15. Very interesting arguments from both sides, will need to hear more before I cast my vote though.
  16. I do feel kind of bad for constantly underestimating the Samurai Shodown characters, but Jin is a freaking beast! If he loses to anyone short of Ryu, Kyo, Terry or Kasumi then I’ll call hacks!
  17. Yeah I think it’s pretty well known that Frieza’s feats put him above the Saint of Killers in every area, I was just bringing up the only argument that could be used against my guy. I definitely agree that Saints gun shouldn’t be definitely thought of as an instant kill, specifically against characters like Frieza who are on a whole different level then Saints universe. I just think your missing my main point about Frieza’s mindset going in: yes he’s toyed with opponents in the past but only those like Goku, Vegeta, or Piccolo who he deemed worthy of his time. In his mindset Saint is just
  18. He’s an ape not a monkey! But since I don’t know jack about Razputin, I’ll give this to DK.
  19. I agree with Rakai, Guy is high tier in the Street Fighter universe, while Hwang seems to be only mid tier of the soul characters.
  20. Yeah but as I recall Frieza usually only toys with or gloats at those who have managed to peak his interest. On Namek for example, he toyed with Nail because he was told he was the strongest of the Namekians and wanted a challenge. While with the other Z Warriors he seemed more focused on Vegeta then the others, mostly because of the shared history the two had, he didn’t seem that interested in the others and attempted instant kill on them several times (thankfully Dende healed them). He’s also instant killed Bardock and Planet Vegeta because he knew none of them were on his level yet, and whe
  21. Kinda, I for one just don’t know if the girls have any ways to take down Kong.
  22. Glad to see that my characters already got some people backing her. As a reminder, the scenario seems to indicate that Felicia has already kidnapped the heiress and that now all she has to do is successfully hide from Monk and Felicia has ghosted and evaded plenty of intelligent and resourceful men over the years such as Spidey, Kingpin, and Doc Ock.
  23. My money’s on the Runaways, they got the skills, powers, and teamwork to take down these Cybermen.
  24. A little late on my posting, but I agree with most of Rakai’s statement. Kasumi is just on a whole other level then Master Raven.
  25. Just drafted my cast of characters, I think the only problem I’ll have is the anime character I picked. But I’ll leave it up to the judges to decide.
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