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  1. The only problem is that Leo and his bros have dodged sniper fire before and at pretty close range too:
  2. You’ve told me before that you don’t mind us using scenes from the Fatal Fury OVA right JohnnyChany? I just want to be assured that’s the case cause I know Rakai will get on my case about it otherwise. Regardless this will be an extraordinarily close match, both guys are icons of their respective franchise and were the protagonist of the first games in their series. Both combatants are pretty super human: both are bullet dodgers, can lift and break several tons of weight and have endured and survived several near impossible situations. Off the top of my head I can’t definitely say whether one can fully overpower the other in any meaningful stat, so I’ll have to really judge this by fighting styles and history: Terry Bogard is a pretty well-rounded, Jack of all traits fighter whose technique seems to incorporate all sorts of martial arts like karate, kung fu, boxing, and kickboxing also. His main method of attack is punches, especially uppercuts, with some kicks every now and then. He is also well rounded in chi attacks, such as his Power Wave, Power Geyser, and Fire Kick. He learned how to fight at a young age, growing up an orphan in the rough streets of South Town. He was trained by his late adopted father, Jeff Bogard, and latter by his fathers own master Tung Fu Rue, both well respected martial artists in their days. Terry’s fighting abilities are quite legendary and well respected, he’s won 4 straight King of Fighters tournaments, defeating foes like Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krauser, Ryuji Yamasaki, Geese Howard again, Kain R. Heinlein, and his adopted son Rock Howard. While he never won the team based tournaments starting from 1994 onwards, he was apparently skilled enough to have developed a rivalry with Ryo Sakazaki, who is himself a tournament champion. Kazuya Mishima has a pretty simplistic fighting style based on powerful strikes and brutal punishers. In canon he was trained by his father Heihachi in what is called Mishima style karate, which emphasizes a strong defense and timing, having arguably the best punishing moves in Tekken history. As a result of inheriting the Devil Gene from his mother, Kazuya has the ability to morph into his Devil form, giving him abilities such as flight and laser beam eyes. He was trained from a young age by his father, whose methods included throwing Kazuya off a cliff to see if he was strong enough to survive and climb back up. Understandable upset at this, Kazuya interred the first Iron First Tournament to kill his father, succeeding and taking over the Mishima company. However his daddy survived and beat his son at the next tournament and threw his son in a volcano this time. He was latter resurrected though and interred the Iron Fist Tournament several different times, while always a powerhouse and was declared the “official” winner of the 4th tournament, Kazuya has lost several times to other members of his family like his son Jin, his father Heihachi, and his half brother Lars. He was able to finally defeat and kill Heihachi during the events of Tekken 7 though. Both guys have had their share of wins and loses, but both are ultimately known as some of the best fighters of their games in the end I would have to lean slightly in favor of Terry. He’s got a much greater history winning against powerful enemies, in particular his record against his personal enemy Geese is currently flawless while Kazuya has only recently evened the score against his dad. Also Terry’s fighting style has a much greater range of styles that can allow him to better control and alter the fight as opposed to Kazuya who more crucially relies on defense and timing. So I must give this my vote to Terry Bogard, though I wouldn’t be too bummed out if Kazuya does eek out a win.
  3. I really think you should have used Zilla Jr. I feel like he’d at least give Cyclops a match.
  4. Mike has no chance. Once he’s undead Jason can only be killed by a specific dagger wielded by one of his living relatives (See Jason Goes to Hell if you want specifics). I guess he could try incapacitating Jason, but the dude’s past his prime and really has no means of hurting Jason on his own.
  5. Sorry Tom, but whenever you try to go up against smaller, cuter animals you always end up losing.
  6. I hear ya man, especially during the matches Lars vs Leona or Maxi vs Claudio. Like come on people would it kill ya to vote for clearly the better fighter? Like I thought I explained the reasoning pretty well in the reply section.
  7. The gang can take on Rita, Jason and Tommy are the two greatest Rangers in history, if anyone can take down the original villainess of the series it’s them.
  8. I might know much about Kwicky but I doubt he has the experience, wit, or trickery that Bugs has. The guy regularly outfoxes Willie Coyote, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian and Daffy Duck, all of whom had weapons and devices far more dangerous then anything Kwicky could have, no way is Bugs getting hurt by anything of ACME, especially if it’s wielded by a small koala.
  9. Yeah I really think the environment works against long ranged combatants here. The Hall of Mirrors is meant to confuse and disoriented people as they walk in, make them uncertain of where they are or how close something or someone is. So I doubt Merlyn will have much of a chance to use his bow before Red Sonja is on top of him and bashing his head into the mirror. Go Sonja!
  10. I concur with the majority here, Kermit and Miss Piggy not only have the advantage of being the neutral third party in this ape vs man war, but their general harmless and wholesome disposition will help them in getting the apes and humans to lower their guard and trusting them. Danny is a greaser, a teenage delinquent, so not only will he have trouble getting his own kind to take him seriously but the fact is I doubt he’d even know what to say if given the chance. The guys a teenager after all, the whole movie is him struggling to understand his own immaturity and be able to go against the peer pressure of his friends and what his clique deems cool or uncool and really I’m not sure if he actually learned it in the end. So if humanity is relying on him of all people to convince two races to let go of years of mistrust, hatred and fear for peace, then I think we are really screwed.
  11. Just how old was Leia during the first movie? Cause Marty’s a teenagers and I’m pretty sure Leia doesn’t want to be put on some kind of sex predator watch list.
  12. @Peypeypeypey and @SSJRuss I think you two are both underestimating Cyclops and overvaluing Blastoise. You guys do know that Blastoise confirm size is 5’3 right? Cyclops could literally step on him. Let me educate you guys a little on the Power Rangers universe: once in kaiju form even the average monster is capable of wiping out all life on Earth if the Rangers don’t stop them, and the fact is Cyclops is in one of the higher tiers of them considering he could perfectly mimic the Megazords form and power to a T! Like in the clip posted by Venom 2009, you see Tommy’s Dragonzord fighting him but being unable to defeat him, with Cyclops matching him blow for blow even knocking the Dragonzord down more times then the other way around. Also this was Cyclops second appearance, in his first appearance when the main fives fought him with the Megazord Cyclops was actual winning the fight until Tommy’s Dragonzord made two verses one and Cyclops retreated. Again the Megazords regularly fights and throws around giant enemies that probably weight on average 10,000 tons and who were created to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth! And not only did it take two of them to take on Cyclops, but it took them combining into the Ultrazord (basically their final trump card) to finally destroy him. Now if this was any other version of Godzilla, even Zilla Jr, this might be a close match but this is 1998 Zilla, literally the weakest version of Godzilla! Not only did it never fight another kaiju it’s own size it was literally killed by Air Force tactical missiles, not nukes, just regular missiles! Cyclops and his kind tank explosions that are at least comparable to nuclear bombs so no way does Zilla stand a chance against him. Again Blastoise is shorter then I am so he gets stepped on pretty early in this fight. Can’t say I’m familiar with Anjanath but if he’s considered weaker then Zilla or even Blastoise then I honestly think Cyclops could stomp all three of them by himself.
  13. Going with Kate here, she’ll turn him into a pin cushion before he even gets close. Gallen’s immortality might be some problem, but I mean it’s not like decapitation isn’t a pretty go to move that most people would do if they notice their enemy is powering throw most conventional ways of killing them.
  14. I’m voting Deadshot, his armor will protect him from Hawkeye’s arrows, his helmet has infrared and thermal vision and it has hearing enhancers that allow him to hear the wings of a hummingbird flapping. Also his bullets travel faster and will probably go through the mirrors so Clint won’t have much cover from Lawton.
  15. Do I have to say anything here? It’s a little girl who can casually level city blocks vs a wrinkly old scientist in a boxing match. I feel this should be pretty self explanatory. But just to guard against any shenanigans please consider this; what sort of tricks can Lorre throw at her that Mojo Jojo hasn’t already tried?
  16. I’ll go with Barnum, based on the fact he had to barter and negotiate with people across multiple different backgrounds, social classes, and life experiences so he’ll probably have a better idea about just what to say/sing to convince Kurtz and his men to stand down. Plus the guy is played by Hugh Jackman, that automatically gives him a +5 in persuasion skills in most folks eyes.
  17. Check out Moonwalker and tell me this scenario doesn’t fit Michael better. Also Jean Valjean is criminal who broke his parole, I doubt he’ll be in a position to actually rally humanity, considering Russell Crowe would sooner haul him back to jail then let him be humanities rallying cry.
  18. Here’s some of the best feats of 2003 Leonardo I could find, including forcing open a T-Rexs mouth from the inside, using his shell to break blades, pushing over a large stone statue with a giant monster on it, and literally dodging missiles by jumping on top of them in mid air: Sorry if the pics are bad quality, but the website wouldn’t allow me to upload the gifs. Thanks Rakai, I figured picking a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would put you on my side.
  19. Here’s a thought, what if Sam’s rowdyness and hothead unintentionally distracts the aliens long enough for Captain Planet to slip away? Yosemite Sam does have a tendency to lose out thanks to his temper causing his own demise, plus CP has been able to get himself and his planeteers out of trouble without his powers before, such as the space episode.
  20. Then how come you didn’t post it as Jafar & Genie vs Ego? You kinda mislead me by only posting it as Genie vs Ego.
  21. I’ve recently added Manute, Mother Russia, and after a long, tiring process (of which I have only myself to blame) I added Kevin of Sin City as well.
  22. No sir Peypey, you pretty much hit the nail on the head here. Heck I’ll go one step further and say that Zombie Spider-Man could probably stomp team 1, especially if he is hungry. Team 2 wins this soundly.
  23. I’m more familiar with the Sharks then the Mice, so while I might be a bit biased I’m going with the Street Sharks on virtue that being able to eat through steel and swim through concrete is just more awesome then biker gang mice.
  24. Another great match SSJRuss, I give it a 4.5. With respect to Mario’s ability to kick over a giant castle, I just think that All Might feat with that giant steel cube was just a tab bit more impressive in the strength and durability department. I’m backing All Might.
  25. So that’s where Leo has been all this time. Wow, it certainly has been a long time since you started your Arc with Leo Kleisen vs King. It’s really awesome that you’ve kept up with the story all this time. Your a legend JohnnyChany. I think Eliot takes this, since he’s more of an advanced gameplay character then Leo. Leo Kleisen was an admittedly introduction fighter, ie one whose move set and attacks were design to be more simple/predictable so that new players can better learn how to play Tekken. Eliot move set was designed to be difficult to master because once you do you can perform devastating attacks and juggles on opponents, especially lighter characters. I’m rolling with Eliot.
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