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  1. Potentially game changing question here guys, should we assume that Jessica is still married to Roger in this scenario? Similar to the Emma Peel vs James Bond match, I think Jessica’s mind set for this match could be changed depending on if she’s single or not.
  2. Another interesting battle SSJRuss. While I personally think Pikachu is the weakest combatant here, I think Noriaki is the strongest and that he and Jump Force Kaiba could pull out the win for Team 2
  3. Sorry Bill & Ted, but I’m following the majority here. And it’s not just that Giselle’s singing has more proof of her actually changing the people around her either. Her whole demeanor and personality does seem to win people over much better then Bill and Ted, who more often then not tend to annoy the people around them then inspire them to be better.
  4. I mean that’s hardly a fair assumption to make. She was able to repeal an attack from Karai’s assassins as simply as she had back when she was still human, plus as a ninja trained by the Foot Clan I think it’s safe to assume she trained in a forest setting just as often as Ollie. Hey, at least she was a better character then Venus from Next Mutation.
  5. Pretty bad draw for the Martian Queen. I can’t really recall an episode that shed any light on whether she would be any good at babysitting. Given her status as ruler of an entire planet I doubt she’d have the time to learn how to care for children anyways.
  6. I’ve never seen Shape of Water, what does it mean for Connor if he’s a “creature” in this scenario? Does he lose his looks, his ability to talk or think? I think I need a little more info on just what this scenario does to the lady killers.
  7. Sorry @Gizmo Hibiki but I really think you picked the wrong women for your man-eater. Chel strikes me as very idealistic and romantic young women who tends to wear her heart on her nonexistent sleeves. I think she’s especially attracted to the idea of adventure and excitement and unfortunately for her (and by extent you) most of the guys in the Lady Killers group tend to fall in the daring adventure type, so she’ll be especially taken in by the dangerous allure they promise. Really I think you should have picked a woman who either has a higher standard when it comes to men or who is a bit more professional and ruthless when it comes to the flirt game.
  8. Whose to say that Taz doesn’t just eat the Bees? I mean it’s established in the earlier Looney Tunes episodes that Taz is a voracious eater and omnivorous to a truly ludicrous degree. Case in point, if he ever comes across something that his encyclopedia page doesn’t mention that he eats, Taz adds the thing in personally.
  9. You say sturdy, but what exactly does that mean? From what I’ve managed to look up “Cavey” has managed to survive falls from great height before, but I mean the average Looney Toon tanks falls from those heights 5 or 6 times an episode. Take Daffy Duck for example, he’s certainly no stranger to taking lots of punishment, but in the episode “Show Biz Bugs” Daffy dies after ingesting several gasoline, nitrogen, gunpowder, and Uranium. So this suggests that tanking falls from great height is not gonna protect you from being blown up from the inside. Unfortunately for you I also looked up that your guy Caveman has a bad habit of eating anything he comes across, i.e. bikes, TVs, lamps, and safes. You really think it’ll be hard for Cecil to trick Cavey into trying to eat the entire cart of ACME explosives? Boom goes the caveman I’m afraid.
  10. Isn’t Emma a married woman? I mean that’s the main reason why she and John Steed never hooked up in the original show. Emma was too loyal to her husband, Peter Peel, and John was too much of a gentleman to try to get with a married women.
  11. Wow, a very impressive set-up Culwych1, I was on the edge of my seat reading it. So is Joker apart of the fight too? I assume he was still in Gotham at the time it was teleported to Dredd’s dimension, so I suppose he must be. I believe that if he somehow rallies most of his fellow villains around him (which I assume he can, he’s done so before I believe) I honestly believe they could beat the Judges. The empowered ones like Bane, Clayface, Croc and Mr. Freeze could probably mow down wave after wave of these judges by themselves, and even non-powered villains like Black Mask and Penguin would be valuable in the amount of men they could rally to their side. Most of the city is already in a frenzy against the judges already, so it probably wouldn’t take much convincing for them to rally to the villains side, as long as they believe they’re the best hope for Gotham’s sovereignty. But what really makes me bet on Gotham City for this scenario is that here Joker actually killed Batman! Like if Joker has actually become dangerous enough that he’s taken down the Dark Knight himself, then I think he has it in him to take down Dredd as well.
  12. Two problems with that theory buddy: 1. Captain Caveman is, well, a caveman. Has he even heard of ACME products like bombs, dynamite, and the like? Whose to say that Cecil doesn’t just trick him into believing the glowing red stick is just a candle and then skedaddles before it blows Caveman to smithereens? 2. Cecil has outwitted and outplayed Bugs Bunny himself three times in a row at his own game! You really think Captain Caveman is more slick then Bugs fricking Bunny?
  13. I think this is a perfect scenario for my guy Ethan, he definitely fits Pussy’s type of man: he’s suave, confident, witty, and with just the right amount of mysterious flair.
  14. Here’s some clips of the combatants for reference:
  15. Previously on One Night in Sin City: Dwight McCarthy don’t you dare pass out! Look at how much of your blood is soaking your clothes! If you lose continuous now, you won’t be waking up again. Ever! *SWISH!* *SLASH!* *CLANK!* Just keep keep your eyes open McCarthy, keep focusing on the battle going on in front you. Deadly little Miho is in the fight of her life, all for your worthless hide. So don’t you even think about dying just yet. *TANG!* *WHOOSH!* *SHIING!* And holy hell is it a battle for the ages! Two warrior women, both wielding their katanas like they were the Grim Reaper incarnated. Miho glides across the battleground like a true assassin: quick, methodical, and patiently countering strike after strike, waiting for just the right opening. The other women, the modern day Amazon, was attacking with a raging heat that I could feel even from here, she was controlling the pace of the battle but could wear Miho out before Miho could find the right opening? It was beautiful and glorious, a battle that most fools would only dream about. I’d almost consider myself the luckiest guy in the world to have just witnessed it, if my life didn’t hinge on who won and who died. *SLICE!* Just like in the movies both fighters froze as their final strokes rang out. Even the clouds in the night sky seemed to freeze as we waited to see which one of them would fall and which one of them would remain standing. Then a fountain of blood erupted from the Amazon’s chest and she feel to the ground with a sickening thud. Miho sheathed her katana and ran over to check on me. The look on her face told me I didn’t look too good. “We… We can’t risk going back to Old Town. C-can’t risk any others like her following us back there.” Miho sadly looked over the still gaping hole in my stomach, her eyes asked me clear as day ‘but where do I take you then? Your dead if we don’t get you some help.’ I nearly hacked out my lungs before I could answer. “Th-there’s someone else… in the city-“ Coughs harshly. “That can help… us. G-get me to him Miho.” Miho did her best to sling my arm over her skinny shoulders and managed to keep her balance despite my extra weight. We took one look at the banged up and out of gas car that still held Jackie-Boys body and sighed. “We’re gonna… have to get… creative Miho.” *SLICE!* ************************************ Eight years. Eight fucking years I’ve been locked up! I’ve lost almost everything, my wife, my friends, my job, my fucking goddamn dignity as an officer of law! All of it’s gone and when I finally kick the bucket, no one will give a damn about my 30 years of protecting and serving, they’ll only see a dead child rapists. But I’d do all over again, because I know Nancy is alive out there because of me. Everyone else can think think what they want about me, as long as your safe Nancy. That’s all I need to know… “Move it Hartigan! You got a very important visitor today.” Another day, another career journalist hoping to write a best seller off the ‘by the book’ cop turned pedophile. Some days I fantasize about telling them the truth, just to see what ways Roark would have them killed off. But that’s not who I am, I’m the guy who sacrifices himself for others, no matter how much they might hate me for doing so. “Mr. Zero sir, are-are you certain you don’t want any of our men with you while you speak with-“ “I have Manute with me officer. I don’t require anyone else. Now leave.” “Y-yes sir, whatever you say sir.” The overweight desk jockey leaves the room with his tail between his legs. Now it’s just me, this Zero guy, and his 7 foot tall bodyguard left in the holding cell. I get the distinct impression he’s not a journalist. “This is the man you were talking about Mr. Zero? He seems rather… past his prime to be of any use to us.” “Trust me Manute, this man is exactly who we need for our plans to come together.” The hell kind of name is Zero anyways? I don’t like the look of this guy. From the crooked, smug as a snake smile he’s flashing at me, to his his sharp eyes that twinkle like he thinks he’s already king of whole fucking world. He’s cut from the same cloth as Roark, I just know it. “John Hartigan was it? I must say Mr. Hartigan, your tragic fall from grace has been one of the saddest tales I’ve ever heard. A dedicated and respected police officer, 30 years of nothing but the highest amount of praise and professionalism on the cusp of a well-deserved retirement, now serving life imprisonment because of one bad choice one fateful night? It’s completely unfair and ridiculous, why must you take the fall because that moronic Roark spawn was too stupid to cover his nightly activities properly?” Don’t say a word old man. Just stare him down like you did with everyone else. Either he’s on Senator Roark’s payroll and trying to see whether your still a threat to his power, or he’s just a damn idiot who gonna wake up face down in the Santa Yolanda Tar Pits one day. “Roark was a fucking idiot to have never taught his kid the importance of proper image and discretion, and even dumber to have kept him alive after your run in eight years ago. I know it might be hard for you to believe, but what you did back then weakened his position more then you realize. This might not be a city of angels but just about anyone could agree that raping and killing children, especially so sloppily, is just plain bad for business. And every day that old fool Roark digs his grave deeper by continuing to cover for his son. Now the geezer is vulnerable, his power base is ripe for the picking, and I want you in on finally bringing him down.” Zero places an orange envelope on the table and slides it over to me. Eventually my curiosity overrides my caution and I open the envelope. What the fuck? Is that the warden? In an orgy? With women and men? What the hell is this? “Blackmail my dear Hartigan. It’s one thing to deal with a pissed off wife, but I don’t think our dear wardens homophobic allies in the police force will be happy to hear about this either. I’m thinking a quiet release of a prisoner everyone has already forgotten all about is not too far out of the question, what about you?” I lose control. I grab the sleazy, pompous little snake by the collar and I roar in his face! “YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THIS IS LEGIT? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU AFTER?” “YOU WILL RELEASE HIM!” An oversized hand grabs the back of my head and slams me face first onto the table. When I stop seeing stars I’m suddenly reminded about the giant, one eyed body guard that was still in the room. “You will not touch him again! Is that clear?” “Easy Manute, I think we can forgive our friend for not fully trusting us. After all in this city going after a Roark is the equivalent of punching out God right?” The pressure on my head vanishes and I slowly push myself up to once again stare down this cocky little shit who thinks he can take down Senator Roark. “If your not man enough to go after Roark again just say so. I don’t have time to waste with cowards. I just figured you’d want the chance to be Nancy Callahans hero again.” “Nancy?” I say before I can stop myself. “Oh that’s right, I forgot to mention that bit. Since Roark Junior woke up from his coma he’s become obsessed with finding the one that got away. He hasn’t found her yet, but a friend in a high place has told me Junior has spent a small fortune on a specialist to locate the girl for him.” No. No, no, no! That sick animal will never touch her again! I’ll kill him before that happens! “Get me the hell out of here!” “That’s what I wanted to hear.” ************************************ Kadie’s Bar? This is where skinny little Nancy Callahan has been working at? Here I was expecting a quite little bookworm, maybe a bit too shy for her own good. Has she really changed so much since- oh snap out of it you stupid old man! Focus on finding her and getting her out of here before Junior’s toady arrives. “Nancy Callahan, is she here?” “Your an hour early stranger, she don’t come on till 7:00. Surely one of our other girls could keep ya company in the meantime.” “You don’t understand, I need to see her. Now.” “Oh I understand a desperate romantic when I see one pilgrim. But like I told the others your gonna-“ *BANG! BANG! BANG!* The crowd shrieks and scatters about as the gunshots echo through the air. I fight my way through them, pushing and shoving aside anyone standing between me and the back rooms. “NANCY! NANCY!” Stepping over some dead bouncers laying across the ground, I draw my twin pistols as I round the corner and there I see her; Nancy Callahan, all grown up and filled out. It could’ve been a beautiful moment for me, if she didn’t have a gun pointed at her head, as Junior’s tracker uses her as a hostage to stop me from coming any closer. She was dressed in an outfit as skimpy as Nancy’s, possibly a disguise so that she could get close to her. Her face had a sharp, cruel look to it, her cold sizing up what kind of threat I could be, and her lips quirked into an amused sneer as she realized I wouldn’t do anything as long as she had Nancy between herself and me. “Let her go! It’s over!” “Yeah…No. Sorry old timer, but this cutie pie is going net me one hell of a payday.” “Do you have any idea what that psychopath is going to do to her? What he’s done to other little girls?” “Nothing pleasant I imagine. But hey, gotta make a living somehow right?” For the briefest of seconds mine and Nancy’s eyes meet each other and in that short window a soundless conversation takes place: It’s you. Of course it’s me. You came for me. I always will. I love you John Hartigan. Nancy… “Now me and American’s sweetheart here are gonna walk out of this club without any trouble, and if I catch you following us-“ Good girl. A quick elbow to the hired gun’s stomach and Nancy leaped for cover. I open fired but either she’s faster then I thought or I’m just a rusty old man. She ducked behind an overturned table and returned fire, I took cover behind a wall. Just hang on Nancy, I swear to God I’ll save you! ************************************ Hartigan is armed with his twin pistols we see in the Sin City movie, Ms. Perkins is armed with the pistol we saw in John Wick. The fight takes place in the back of a strip club. Who wins?
  16. Terry is pretty powerful too dude. His Power Wave has destroyed an entire building and a large forest in the past and if we count the OVA (and JohnnyChany has told me before that he’s allowing them to be counted) he’s fought and defeated Mars the God of War.
  17. Please go to 2:13 if your wondering why I’m voting for Mercy.
  18. Had to do some research since I never played Guilty Gear or Tekken Tag Tournament. I am leaning toward Giovanna cause I like the speed and offensive abilities she brings to the fight. Also it appears the Unknown is a mostly mimic type fighter and I’m just not a fan of those cop-out types.
  19. John Wick vs Luke Hobbs Previously on One Night in Sin City: *POW!* *BAM!* *SLAM!* Goddamn bastard! It’s been a long while since I meet someone who matches me blow for blow. But damn if this isn’t the first time I meet someone who could match me for sheer blind stubbornness. With one last battle roar we charged each other, I was putting all my strength into this one final punch and somehow I could tell he was doing the same thing. *BOOM!* *THUD!* *THUD!* I try to slow my heart down and breath the fire out of my lungs. As I slowly start to catch my breath and come back from the brink of unconsciousness, I become aware that ole baldy appears to be in about the same condition as me. Hehe, the asshole fought a good fight, guess we’ll call it a draw. “Who… did you say.. you were looking for again?” I managed to ask between pants. “My son… Brian… he was kidnapped a few days ago… you have his cross.” “I don’t abduct kids padre, it’s one of two things I never do. I found this cross around Goldie’s neck when I woke up to find her murdered and I’ve been tearing this city apart trying to find out who killed her. I’m guessing whoever kidnapped your boy planted it on me in hopes we kill each other off.” “Then I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but I still gotta find my son before it’s too late.” The tough old fucker somehow managed to push himself to his feet despite the hurt I put on him. But as he tried to walk away it became plenty obvious he wasn’t tracking anyone down in the shape he was in. Neither of us were in fact. “Got a friend who can get us some medicine who lives nearby. Come on tough guy, you need to be at your best if we’re gonna find your son.” “We?” “Yeah, we! I swore to Goldie that I’d be the one to send whoever killed her straight to hell, and no way am I letting you steal that from me. So either we work together to find him, or we go back to beating each black and blue until only one of us is standing. Which do you prefer?” That got definitely got his attention and he stumbled his way back to me with that ugly scowl on his face again. I managed to get my wobbly legs under me again so that I could match him with my own scowl. “This how you usually go about making friends?” “Actually yeah. Probably why I don’t have that many.” “Then I guess I’m gonna have to be the face of this partnership. Name’s Dominic Toretto, what’s yours?” ************************************ “Dammit Marv, this is my house not a freaking pharmacy. Be thankful for what I can spare, I’m already risking my badge for not turning you in.” Dom watched silently as his new ‘partner’ had a minor spat with this Lucille lady. The woman was apparently his parole officer who fortunately seemed to care enough for Marv to let them rest at her place until they could patch themselves up. Now as a career criminal Dom wasn’t one to judge a man by his checkered history, but on their way to Lucille’s Marv had him about the various ways he had been getting information about whoever had killed his lover Goldie and even a guy like Dom had to admit to being a little unnerved by how gleefully he had described the torture he had inflicted on them. The fact that Marv was almost out of the medicine that kept him ‘sane’ also gave him some concern, but he said he had a credible lead on where they could be keeping Brian, so for now Dominic would team up with this rather intimidating man. *RING! RING!* “It’s probably my wife. I gotta take this.” Dominic excused himself to the other room to take this call. *BEEP!* “Dom! Hey brother it’s Hobbs, Tej told me what happened. Did you find your son?” “No, Zero must have found out about the tracker I put in Brian’s cross. He planted it on someone else to throw me off, have you made it to Basin City yet?” ************************************ “I’m just outside the city now, had to stop to fill up my truck. Listen Tej sent Shaw to some farmhouse outside the city (deckard shaw vs kevin sin city), he says that might be where their keeping your son or at least where we’ll find someone who knows where he is.” Having finished filling up his vehicle, Hobbs put the pump away and got back in his vehicle. “Yes. Yes. Okay brother just make sure you heal yourself up and meet us at the farm as soon as you can. Don’t worry Toretto, we’ll get your son back and we’re gonna get that son of a bitch Zero too. Hobbs out.” “To all available units in the area, we got a 10-57 at the Docks! An armed shootout has broken out between rival gangs and civilians are being hit in the cross fire!” Hobbs sighed as he listed to his police radio go off. As a government agent and man of law he always felt compelled to throw himself into dangerous situations to protect civilians, his fellow law enforcement officers, and to uphold the law. On the other hand this wasn’t exactly his jurisdiction and the word through the grapevine was that Basin City cops were a notoriously secretive bunch who were highly resistant to feds getting involved in their business. Besides he was supposed to go help Shaw at the farm house. “This is Corporal Rivera! We need reinforcements now! My squad is being completely decimated by this fucking wack job! He’s wiped out the rival gang and is now tearing through my men! We can’t hold out much longer! Nothing we do is- holy shit! Take cover he’s-” *BANG! BANG! BANG!* As the radio suddenly went silent, Hobbs gripped his steering wheel hard as he mentally debated what to do. Those cops really needed his help, that was clear as day, but what about Toretto’s son and Shaw? He took a few seconds to calmly breath and really consider which group needed his help more. “…I’m sorry Toretto, I’ll try to be fast.” ************************************ *BANG! BANG! BANG!* “You-you stupid bastard! Do you even know what you fucking done?!?!” Corporal Rivera dark glare was somewhat hard to take seriously, considering he had a foot on top of his chest, pinning him down, while a fully loaded pistol was being pointed at his head. Even worse for him, the man holding the pistol was a man even the hardest of criminals feared, a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will. The man you sent when you wanna kill the fucking boogeyman himself! Boba Yaga incarnate: John Wick! “Killed a bunch lazy, cowardly, bought and paid for thugs, who think having a shiny shield on their chest make them immune to bullets?” “Your a fucking dead man! You hear me! When the Chief hears about this he’s gonna go straight to Senator Roark and-” *BLAM!* With poor Corporal Rivera’s brain juice now splattered across the floor, John Wick turned to the final survivor of the massacre; a crooked and sleazy looking man whose shaky hands could only barely keep his gun from slipping through his hands. One sideways look from John however robbed him of his remaining courage; he quickly tossed his gun away and fell to his knees to beg. “I-I-I DON’T KNOW WHERE ZERO IS I SWEAR! B-B-BUT I CAN STILL BE A VALUABLE ASSET FOR YOU! ME AND ZERO WE GO WAY BACK! YEAH-YEAH WAY BACK! WE-WE’RE LIKE PRACTICALLY FAMILY! AND-AND IF YOU LET ME LIVE I KNOW ZERO GIVE YOU WHATEVER YOU WANT IN EXCHANGE! REALLY MAN YOU-YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME!!!” “Do you even know his last name?” “I-I don’t- I think I… I-I can get you money! Cars, drugs, women! Yeah that’s it, women! Like literally sex workers from like Thailand or some shit! I can hook you up-” *BLAM!* With yet another lead turning out to be nothing, the Baba Yaga made to leave the area. *SLAM!* What felt like a freight train smashed into John Wick from the side, knocking the wind clear out of his lungs, not to mention his gun from his hands! Reacting almost entirely on instinct, pulled his knife out and slashed at the massive arms that had tried to lock him up. Freeing himself, John rolled and came up with his knife in hand, crouching defensively as he regarded his adversary. “Been a long time hasn’t it John?” “Agent Hobbs. For your sake I hoped we never meet again.” The two men slowly circled each other, eyes studying each other’s movements intensely. Each man also took note of their immediate surroundings: John’s gun was not the only weapon scattered around the dock. “Not being able to catch you back in New York five years ago was my single greatest regret John. All those years of thinking you’d never get to answer for all the people you murdered.” “I’m not that person anymore Hobbs. I’m trying to be a better man.” “Is that right? Your standing in the middle of twenty dead cops John. So I’d say your still the same psychopath you were all those years ago.” “Hobbs if you knew half the things these men have gotten away with you wouldn’t lose any sleep over their deaths.” “Is that what you tell yourself every night to make yourself feel better? That everyone you killed was a bad guy who deserved it and that your some kind of superhero? I don’t give a shit what sort of world you think you live in John, I’m taking you in. But not before I beat the white off your ass boy.” “Your a naive child Hobbs. That’s why you never caught me. That’s why your gonna die tonight.” ************************************ Luke Hobbs vs John Wick Fight takes place at the docks at night. Hobbs starts with just his fists while John starts with a knife. Their are dozens of guns scattered through out the docks though that either man can grab if they get to it. Who takes this?
  20. Good. Good. Keep building up Cecil the Turtle guys. I just can’t wait till it’s my little ace in the holes time to shine.😈😈😈
  21. Yeah but the environment in your image was a mostly barren and open desert like place so it’s not like the assassin really had a chance to sneak up on her. This fight is going to be in the Redwood Forest, a very dense wilderness with lots of place to hide in, especially for a ninja who can move at sniper dodging speed. Also in the very first episode of TMNT 2003 Leonardo completed a training exercise where he managed to sneak up on master Splinter himself! Something his three bros were unable to do.
  22. Rock is a pretty tough customer but I don’t think he’s quite at Terry’s level yet, I know some people will say that since he regularly spars with Terry then Rock should scale to him, but for all we know Terry could just be holding back because he doesn’t want to hurt Rock. Plus Rock has literally no other feats to suggest he’s on his adopted dad’s level. Thusly I must give the fight to Leo, by feats he’s faster, more durable, and has much greater experience.
  23. Thanks Rakai, just trying to help my team win. I’m playing to win it all this season. Yeah but at one point in the gif Leo dodged a near point blank shot. And if he’s fast enough to not be hit at that range then I don’t think all the accuracy in the world is going to help Agnes. Also they start in a forest not seeing each other, so Leo’s going to have plenty of opportunities to sneak up on her before she can fire her pistol.
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