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  1. So why don’t you think she can pull this off? Cervantes at the time was destroying entire cities and massacring armies. Unknown surely isn’t that strong.
  2. Awesome work Broadway! I’ll score the set-up 5.0. I’m rooting for the Putties, they’re already on top of the droids, so they won’t be able to rely on the long rang of their blasters, and it appears their already taking loses. As long as Finster, Squatt, and Baboo can keep replenishing the Putties numbers then I think they’ll eventually overwhelm and scatter the tactically inept droids.
  3. Sonja comes from a more fantasy like setting then the more realistic Achilles. She’s drop kicked giant ogres, broken a gorilla’s arms, beat a werewolf to death with a rock, and most impressively beaten Conan in a fight and fought him to a draw several times. She takes this match.
  4. Sorry Broadway, but Vicki’s screaming at every little thing from the original 1980 Batman still haunt my dreams and I don’t wanna repeat of it. Voting Jessica.
  5. While usually Kirk should be the favorite when it comes to these romance scenarios, I personally think that might work against him here cause Jessica is decidedly someone who goes against what’s mainstream and popular. She’d sooner choose Connor I think.
  6. In almost every cartoon a skunks smell is the single greatest chemical weapon imaginable. So with that in mind I’ll cast my vote for Pepe.
  7. While I think they both could probably escape this scenario, I would think Gazoo would have more faster and reliable methods then Yako. Gazoo could freeze his fellow aliens in time, teleport them away from him, or simply vaporize them where they stand. Yako would probably resort to annoying them until they dropped him back on Earth. Not saying that Yako’s method wouldn’t succeed, just that the Great Gazoo’s are more reliable and faster, so I would rather bet on him winning.
  8. The question is do either of these two know how to play piano? Never really watched Tiny Toons or Captain Planet so I wouldn’t know the answer to that.
  9. Bad draw for Kate here, if Hawkeye couldn’t beat Deadshot in this scenario then I doubt she’ll fair much better.
  10. I think people are forgetting that Scully was the realist of the X Files: she’s a down to earth, sensible women who prefers to live in the realm of the knowable and explainable. I would think she would prefer the safer, morally sound man Ethan, as he already fits her notion of a strong, dependable, and trustworthy man that she would see herself with.
  11. So I’m guessing this is the BBC Sherlock? In this case I think we actually saw how this love triangle would go down in the show itself: Evelyn would be the Molly in this scenario, she’s nice and means well but Holmes would be hard press to even remember her name, cause unless you have something to do with his case, your not on his radar. Catherine would be Irene, the deadly, cunning, and manipulative villainess that Holmes would be utterly obsessed with, more so her methods and criminal success then with her looks. Again, Evelyn like would be nice if your looking for a nice, safe Barbie and Ken romance. But Sherlock ain’t Ken and he isn’t looking for a Barbie. And I would think any hardcore Sherlock fan would know that the love interests that produces the most entertainment are the femme fatales!
  12. Starting a new story arc with Final Fantasy characters huh? That’s awesome, I love the Final Fantasy series, particularly VII and X. I’ll vote Lulu for this match, her rapid offensive spells plus her dolls are a very deadly combo, besides Cait Sith is more a supporting class fighter so he won’t be very effective fighting alone.
  13. For those of you who didn’t see Kick-Ass 2, here’s some videos that show how equally badass Mother Russia is:
  14. Unfortunately Wallace never got featured in the movies, which always annoyed me, so I’ll have to post comic scans to give you guys an idea of how badass this guy is. Here’s him taking down four cops that tried to intimidate him into not looking for a missing Esther: And here’s him taking out a whole shipyard of armed thugs so fast none of them could fire a shot:
  15. Previously on One Night in Sin City: “Cardinal we really must take you to the safe house.” The lead officer tried to insist. “I won’t be long my son, I just need to check up on my old friend.” Cardinal Roark kept his pace toward the old farmhouse, his two police escorts reluctantly following him. As the rumble of thunder heralded the coming of rain, Cardinal Roark entered the decrepit, spooky old house and attempted to turn on the lights only to find that they didn’t work. Unshaken, the old man continued into the house, the policemen chose to wait by the door. “Kevin? Kevin I must speak with you now,” the elderly man of faith looked through the dark room, spotting Kevin’s figure slouched in his favorite chair. “Oh there you are. Kevin there is one more task I need you to-“ Lightning flashed and illuminated the house, and the old priest was shocked to see the bloody corpse of his now former ward. The poor man’s head was no longer attached to his neck, it leaned awkwardly against the head of the chair and his left shoulder! “Cardinal get away from that!” The two cops took a step towards the priest only for two shots to ring out, tapping both officers in the back of their heads! From behind the cops, the light from the ajar door showed the outline of another man who had apparently been waiting for them to arrive. “Tough little bugger, your Kevin was. No matter how many bullets I put in him, the wanker just kept on coming. Wasn’t until I took his head off with that axe outside that the mingy little git finally died.” “Y-you heartless monster! How could you do this? Killing a young boy in his own home? Two police men with families? What kind of man are you?” “Pretty sure the women down in the basement had families too preacher. Didn’t stop your little Kevin from eating them and mounting their heads on the walls like they were bloody animals! What kind of man are you preacher?” Deckard Shaw slowly backed the Cardinal into the nearby wall, the man of the cloth visible worried as he realized there was no way out. “They were whores you fool! No one noticed when they were gone, no one cared! And by consuming their bodies Kevin was able to absorb their light, the inner goodness that they had long wasted and insulted by turning to harlotry. If they didn’t want it, why not allow Kevin to possess it instead?” “Preacher if you truly think God will look kindly on cannibalism your a sodding mentalist.” “What do you know? Am I to believe you’ve lived such a noble and just life that you can look down upon us?” “I don’t claim to be perfect preacher. If God decides at the end that my bad outweighs my good, I can accept it. But I’m not here to debate sin with you preacher.” Grabbing the old man by his neck, Shaw placed his gun right under Cardinal Roark’s chin and gave him a menacing glare. “I know you kept Toretto’s son here for a bit, where is he now?” “Zero indeed sequestered young Brian here for a few days, but took him back earlier this morning. We had already discovered you had tampered with the cross by then and so decided to include it in one of our other plans.” (dominic toretto vs marv) “I figured that part out already preacher. But there are risks to pitting two men against each other. Best case scenario, your only left with one pissed off bastard.” As the rain started to pour outside, a familiar looking Nissan Altima pulled in outside the house. (hit-girl-vs-elle-driver) “And worst case scenario, your left with two pissed off bastards.” Shaw smirked at the panicked look on the priests face as the two who were supposed to have killed each other off arrived. “Where is my son? Where is Zero?” “Where’s the one who killed Goldie?” “Nice to see you too Toretto. Sorry to tell you scar face, but I might have beaten you to the punch.” Seeing the dead Kevin slumped in the chair in the corner, a furious Marv fronted on Shaw. “He wasn’t yours to kill you goddamn asshole! I was suppose to kill him!” “It was him or me ya wanker! If your looking for satisfaction, have at it with the preacher. He was the one who order your bird’s death.” “Did he now?” Marv turned his dark glare onto Cardinal Roark, frightening the revered priest into tripping over his own feet as he backed up. The Cardinal resorted to pathetically crawling away as Marv approached him. “W-wait! Wait a second! I-it wasn’t my fault! It was all Zero’s idea! P-please just let me explain! Please!!!” Dom suddenly stepped in between the Cardinal and the enraged Marv. “I need him to tell me where my son is.” “He needs to pay for what he did!” “He will. After.” Turning back to the man of faith, Dom could see that the Cardinal was almost terrified to tears. “Mr. Toretto I beseech you to hear me out! I-I see now that I have terrible wronged you. I-I allowed myself to be manipulated and used by that great deceiver Zero and it has lead me down a sinful and wicked path. B-but as a fellow man of faith I know that you understand the power of forgiveness yes? ‘Just as in Christ God forgave you’ right?” “That is what the good book preaches.” “Yes! Yes! Exactly! S-so while I’m aware I can’t take back the pain I’ve inflicted on your family, all that I ask is a chance to repent and gain penance for my many mistakes. Give me your word as a christian man that I will live to repent my sins and I swear by all mighty God that I will tell you where you can find Zero.” “Sure. I can make that promise.” “Oh thank you my son! Thank you! Yes, my brother Ethan has arranged a meeting with Zero at his compound in about 2 hours. Once you expose that non-believer for the treacherous, sacrilegious filth that he is I’m sure my brother will help you take care of him and get your son back!” “Thank you kindly Father. Shaw, Marv, c’mon let’s go get that piece of shit.” “Don’t wait up for me baldy. I’m gonna take my time with this creep.” Marv smirked evilly as he once more moved towards Cardinal Roark. “J-just a minute! Wh-what about my chance to repent?” “C’mon Toretto, let’s go get your little one.” Shaw lead Toretto out of the house as the frightened old priest continued to cry out in desperation. “Mr. Toretto please! You said I’ve have my chance at penance! You gave me your word!” “Sounds like your penance starts now Father, my thoughts and prayers are with you sir.” “No! Wait! Don’t leave me here! Don’t leave!” “Keep screaming old man, it’s music to my ears.” “Noooooooooo!!!!” ************************************ This rotten town. Those it can’t corrupt, it soils. Those it can’t soil, it kills. This rotten town. By tomorrow it’ll be miles behind us. And as the bright dawn comes up over the horizon, Esther and me will finally be free of it forever! *BUZZ! BUZZ!* But that dream won’t come until the morning. Tonight I still gotta deal with whatever shit this rotten town can still throw at me. And right now whatever it is, it’s at my door right now ringing my door bell obnoxiously. “Dwight?” “H-hey Wallace...” It was none other then Dwight McCarthy at my door tonight, alongside a Japanese woman with a katana on her hip, and a lifeless head in the hand hand that wasn’t supporting Dwight. (john hartigan vs ms perkins) No other words were needed, I helped the women carry Dwight into the kitchen and set him on a table gently. I wouldn’t exactly call Dwight a friend, but I did owe him a favor. And I guess he’s calling it in now. “Wallace? What’s going on?” Esther rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as I searched under the bed for our sewing needles and string. “We got company tonight. And one of them has a hole through his stomach.” Finding the supplies I quickly went back to the kitchen, quickly ripping off Dwight’s shirt so that I could have access to his injury. “What you talking about company? Whose she?” A now more awake and slightly annoyed Esther followed me back into the kitchen, crossing her arms as she looked suspiciously at the new girl with the katana. “I honestly don’t know. I think she’s a friend of Dwight. Hold him steady, I need to stitch up the would.” The still nameless lady silently obeyed, holding the semiconscious Dwight still as I got to work closing up his wound. “What the fuck is going on in my kitchen? And why the hell is there a dead head on my kitchen counter?” “Might wanna put that in the fridge before it starts to stink. Also get my bag valve mask (BVM) from the closet, he could go into shock at any moment.” A few tense moments latter and we finally managed to get Dwight stitched up. We moved him to the couch for comfort and managed to put the BVM over his head to help him breath. The Japanese women has still not uttered a single word, she was just silently sitting next to Dwight, helping make sure he was breathing property. I could tell Esther was getting annoyed by all of this. “All I’m saying is that for all the grief we took letting you into our apartment, I would think we deserve to know just who the heck you are! Don’t you?” The women silently stared back at Esther, still not giving us anything. “English! Do. You. Speak. English?” “She definitely seems to understand English. I’m guessing that Miho here is just the strong, silent type.” “M-Miho? The demon Miho?” Esther went very pale and gave Miho her respectable space. Can’t say that I blame her, any Sin City local could tell you a dozen or so stories about Miho, the “good demon” of Old Town. And if this women wasn’t Miho, I’d eat my shoes. “The same. And if I know McCarthy’s modus operandi, then I’ll guess that the head in our fridge belongs to a very big time man, ones whose death could bring a lot of heat down on the girls of Old Town. So the two of them, Dwight and Miho, volunteered to take the body down to the Santa Yolanda Pits to discreetly dispose of it, only to be ambushed on the way there. Dwight got hurt, so you took the head, burned the rest of the body, and came over to my place in hopes of us helping you. Right Miho?” (beatrix kiddo the bride vs miho) Miho nodded enthusiastically to my general summary of there night. Five points for me I guess. “W-wait! She burned the body but not the head? Why not burn the head?” “Teeth have a nasty habit of surviving corpse burnings. Half the cats behind bars are there because dental forensics are so effective.” I placed a plastic bin in the middle of the living room and then went back to the kitchen, checking under the sink for some more supplies. “Don’t suppose we have any hydrofluoric acid tucked away anywhere do we?” “Hydrofluoric acid? Your not gonna do that thing from that one show are you? The one with the guy selling meth in his tighty whities?” “Yes, yes I am. But we’re short enough acid to get the job done.” I quickly gathered some supplies to go out: my wallet, my jacket, my Beretta and my machete just in case. “Stay here and keep the door locked until I come back. There should be a few stores still open at this hour.” “Wallace, you swore to me that we were done with this.” “I did. And I promise this is the very last time you’ll have to worry about anything like this. Within 24 hours the sun will come out and we’ll leave this damn city and never look back.” “Promise?” “I promise.” ************************************ *RING! RING!* If I only remembered how to block calls from my phone. I was just heading back to my apartment with the Hydrofluoric acid and decided to take a shortcut through an abandoned power plant. It was then that some unknown kept calling me over and over again. *BING!* This time it was a text message. I clicked the open tab button and my heart nearly stopped as I saw the photo that was sent. It was taken just outside my living room window, Esther could be seen trying to talk to the silent Miho and the out cold Dwight. I knew what a threat looked like. *RING! RING! CLICK!* “If you so much as touch Esther or the others I will find you, wherever your hiding and I will kill you!” “Bold of you to threaten a man like me Mr. Wallace. Fortunately for you I’m in the mood to negotiate.” “If your a friend of Roark, Wallenquist, or the Colonel then forget it!” “The Colonel? You really are out of the loop aren’t you Mr. Wallace? No, no, I prefer dealing with the more downtrodden and common folk of the world and trust me when I say I can be a very good friend. Please check your bank account.” Confused, I brought my banking app up on my screen and was shocked at how much money I now saw in my account. It was a straight up life changing amount. “I’ve heard it said that you and Ms. Esther were planning to leave Basin. Well thanks to my little gift the two of you can now go wherever you want in the world right now, in fact I highly encourage you and Ms. Esther to start packing as soon as you get home.” “And leave Dwight and Miho behind right?” “That is the price I must ask yes. Mr. Wallace, I’ve done my research on you; a Navy SEAL who won the Medal of Honor for outstanding heroism and bravery. I understand why you often feel the need to protect and help others, but don’t you think you deserve the right to look after yourself? That after all the blood, the pain, and the losses you’ve endured in the military and in Sin City don’t you think it’s past time you finally got to actually live for yourself for once? Dwight and Miho problems aren’t yours Mr. Wallace, you don’t have to keep playing the hero. You and Ms. Esther can walk away from this, once and for all and no one who knows you would ever fault you for doing so. Please take the offer Mr. Wallace, you know you’ve earned it.” A very tempting offer, and I’m not just saying that because I caught the reflection of someone following me from the screen of my phone. So I can either take the money, Esther and me get to leave this rotten city and live happily ever after, and Dwight and Miho will probably die. Or I refuse and will probably have to fight for my life against whatever hitman is tailing me. “You make a compelling offer mister. Kiss my ass!” Wallace jumped through the window of the rundown building and took cover behind one of the rusty, old machines. As he pulled out his Beretta and readied his machete, he heard a feminine and intimidating Russian voice echo throughout the room: “ Ты должен был взять деньги, глупый американец. Your friends are dead already, all you’ve done is killed yourself.” ************************************ Demobilized Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient Wallace vs former KGB and Gulag inmate Mother Russia. Both combatants are armed with a pistol and machete and the fight takes place in an abandoned Power Plant like the picture below. Who takes this?
  16. From what I could look up Thok is just a regular Gamorrean guard. Who are really just featless mooks at best. Pretty sure main protagonists like Aloy eat those guys for breakfast.
  17. I mean Bill and Ted had help too, they had a time machine, historical figures from all across time, and even after death they were given a second chance to come back. All Dorothy had for help was a cowardly lion, a brainless scarecrow, and a heartless tin man. Sorry but I’d rather put my money on the little lady who killed a wicked witch then two stoners who needed 31 years to write a song.
  18. Before anyone tries to argue that Boomerang wins because his attacks are fast enough to hit the Flash, I’ll remind them that even a street level characters like Deadshot can outdraw him:
  19. Can’t go against Khal Drogo. The guy doesn’t even need weapons to kill you, just his own bear hands. Don’t get much harder then that.
  20. I’m going with King due to him being much bigger, stronger, and a true professional fighter. Sorry Hakan, but as the president of an oil company there’s no way you train as long or as hard as King. P.S. Kinda depressed after reading the part about Lars slowly dying, was one of my favorite Tekken characters. 🥺🥺🥺
  21. I mean Dorothy has taken down a wicked witch and her army of flying monkeys and stone soldiers before, so I would think this is her scenario to lose.
  22. I fear that Neville will be too intimidated by Leia to consider her as a romantic option. Vicki would probably be more his speed.
  23. Going with Sarah actually. I feel like in this scenario they’d bond better as fellow outsiders that everybody thinks is crazy.
  24. C’mon guys, you gotta give this to Ethan! I mean him and Brienne would be the ultimate power couple! Like they could kick so much Lannister and Bolton ass together it would so awesome! But I also like that that their not too similar, like Ethan’s bit more methodical, cunning, and playful, while Brienne is more hard-headed, righteous, and no-nonsense, so they’ll balance each other so well. Also Brienne is so tall! And Ethan (like Tom Cruise in real life) is so small! Tell me that wouldn’t be adorable!
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