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  1. Oh boy, gotta feel for the guy who picked Tommy for his team. He’s really been one of the weakest characters.
  2. Road Runner had this scenario last time didn’t he? He didn’t do too well then, so unless something drastic happens I think he’ll be out of luck once more.
  3. Remember Rakai that most of Captain Planet’s rogue gallery are street level characters and for the most part they’ve never had trouble landing hits on the guy. Plus considering Cecil’s seemingly harmless disposition and slow speech I doubt Captain Planet will see him as much of a threat until it’s too late. Anyways, Cecil has managed to beat Bugs Bunny at his own game pretty consistently, so I honestly see this as Cecil appealing to C. Planet’s noble side and convincing him to take the brunt of the ACME products so that the poor old turtle doesn’t get too hurt, and then once Cecil realizes that the Boy Scout is vulnerable to nukes, it’ll be game over.
  4. Here’s some clips to show off the fighting skills of these guys:
  5. Previously on One Night in Sin City: John Wick kept Hobbs at bay with his combat knife, scoring a few glancing stabs at the bigger man’s arms as he tried to lunge at Wick. But a missed timed stab by Wick allowed Hobbs to catch the hit man’s wrist and with a strong pull flipped John over and slammed him onto his back hard! John Wick groaned from the rough landing and Hobbs tried to use that moment to disarm him of the knife. But John’s instincts kicked in and he brought his knee up to knock it into Hobbs forehead, knocking him off. As the federal agent rolled off of him, the hit man jumped on his back and tried to bring his knife to the Samoan-American’s throat. But Lucas Hobbs not only caught the knife before it could harm him, but with a savage roar he pushed himself to his feet with the former Russian Bratva on his back. Hobbs backed up hard into the warehouse shelves, smooshing John in between and roughly threw his head back into Wick’s face. John Wick saw mostly red as the back of the feds head blooded his nose and mouth. He also accidentally dropped his knife and Hobbs spun around and gripped his foes neck between two very beefy hands. John gasped and tried first to pry the man’s hands off his neck, when that failed he next threw two quick punches to his enemies face, but the big man only pressed harder on his throat. As Wick’s vision started to blur he finally tried the dishonorable method of thrusting his knee to his opponents groan area! That broke Hobbs grip on him and John brought his other leg up to finally push Hobbs away from him. John quickly caught his breath and crawled away before Hobbs could get on top of him again. Finding some bricks on the ground John quickly flung them at the charging Samoan only to see them shatter to dust against the beef cakes chest. The smaller man quickly rolled away as the giant’s fist slammed into the wall behind him, cracking a big hole in it! The Russian-American slid for a discarded pistol, but Hobbs caught up and the two grappled for control of the gun. As John was slowly being overpowered he quickly pulled another dirty move and kicked at the agent’s ankle. Hobbs lost his balance and John shoved him against some crates. The big man threw himself over the crates to take cover just as Wick started shooting at him. As Hobbs crouched low behind the makeshift cover he spied a discarded AK-47 and quickly grabbed it. As soon as Hobbs counted 13 shots Luke Hobbs popped out and started blasting his gun! John Wick was forced to retreat further into the warehouse to find cover and as soon as Hobbs reloaded he followed after his quarry. “Give it up John! Don’t make me kill you!” Through the holes in the shelves, Hobbs spied the shoulder of Wick’s dark suit jacket. The Samoan agent made his move and quickly rounded the corner, his assault rifle raised up! He realized too late that he ambushed a dead gangster dressed in Wick’s jacket! *Bang! Bang!* Luke Hobbs cried out in pain as he was knee capped from behind. Baba Yaga emerged from the shadows, kicking away the AK-47 and held his pistol to his old enemy’s head. “Go on then murderer, do what you always do.” “…Like I said before, I’m not that person anymore.” A pistol whip to the head knocked Lucas Hobbs out cold. ************************************ A few hours later Hobbs woke up in a hospital, being told by a doctor that his knees will recover, but he’ll be sidelined for at least two weeks. As Hobbs pondered why John didn’t kill him, two police officers entered the room. They gave the doctor a hard glare and he quickly left the room, leaving Hobbs alone with the two cops. “20+ police officers were just murdered tonight, and you were found right in the middle of them. Not gonna lie pal, things are looking pretty grim for you.” “Isn’t it custom for officers to introduce themselves before interviewing a suspect?” “But of course, where are my manners? The names Detective Mort, the guy next to me is Captain Liebowitz, head of our SWAT unit.” “Those were my men you killed, you fucking BASTARD!” Detective Mort had to place a hand on the Captain’s shoulder to keep him calm. Hobbs had the distinct feeling that they’ve already decided his guilt. “I didn’t kill your men Captain, I was trying to apprehend the man who did. I’m agent Luke Hobbs of the Diplomatic Security Service.” “A fed huh? Funny, I don’t recall the Chief telling us of any fed operations in town, do you Liebowitz?” “No I don’t Mort. So I’m thinking either this prick is lying to us or the feds have some illegal ops going on in our town.” Captain Liebowitz moved closer to Hobbs bedside, smirking condescendingly now. “Or maybe I was here on vacation, heard the commotion over my radio, and tried to help out because I’m a good person.” “Right because you feds are all about helping the little guys right? Especially when it allows you to stick your nose in police business.” “I would have thought any good cop would prioritize saving civilian lives and upholding the law over keeping up their one-sided pissing contest with us. But this city has a shortage of good cops, doesn’t it?” Hobbs grunted in pain as the corrupt Liebowitz suddenly slapped his hand on one of his injured knees. “You know Mort, I think our suspect is getting a little rowdy and disrespectful. And with a big boy like him, all we’d have to say was that he got aggressive and no one that matters would blame us for blowing his brains out.” “Your making a big mistake Captain, this won’t end well for you.” “Oh yeah boy? Who’s gonna stop me?” Hearing Mort yelp and drop to the ground, Liebowitz turned around with his gun drawn only for a kick to drop him to his knees and his gun to be taken and pressed against his head. “Men like you are the reason the police are called racist and corrupt. Having a badge does not make you above the law.” The newcomer spoke in a monotone, yet still intimidating tone. “Get off me! You stupid bastard! I got a squad of men just outside the building!” “We got a squad of agents just outside the city. So unless your ready to go to war with the DSS and the fallout that’ll come with it, I think you both should get out of here before agent Rama here get’s really mad.” Hobbs threat plus the hard glare ‘agent’ Rama gave him convinced Captain Liebowitz to back down. He gathered Detective Mort from the ground and they left the room. “Agent Rama huh? I was not aware of my new job agent Hobbs.” “Eh, made my ‘squad of agents’ bluff more plausible. What brings you to the USA officer Rama? Haven’t seen you since our team up in Jakarta.” “I’m tracking down a wanted criminal named Mad Dog who fled to America last week. I encountered him during a raid on his bosses apartment block, I thought I killed him but he somehow survived and left the country. I managed to track him to this city but his trail has gone cold and was hoping the shootout at the docks had something to do with him.” “Sorry kid but the only mad dog I saw at the docks was John Wick. But it can’t be just a coincidence that both our guys just so happen to be at the same city. It might have something to do with this asshole named Zero, he tried to recruit a friend of mine for a job and when he refused he abducted his son.” (dominic toretto vs marv) “So you think that Mad Dog and this John Wick might be working for Zero now?” “I’m not sure, but right now their our best chance at finding Zero. And since the cops aren’t going to help us now, we’re gonna have to find them ourselves.” Hobbs took out his badge and handed it over to Rama. “If John flew into Basin City, he’ll likely go by the alias Jardani Jovonovick. Show this badge to airport management and they’ll show you all the records they got on him.” “Are you sure you’ll be okay by yourself?” “Your the one who needs to be careful Rama. John Wick is one of the most dangerous men alive, if you let your guard down even for a second, he’ll kill you.” ************************************ “So your, uh, agent Luke Hobbs?” The airport manager gave officer Rama a confused look. “..Yes…Yes I am. Is there a problem?” “Oh, no, no, of course not sir! I’ll get the records right now.” ‘Jardani Jovonovick’ had indeed gone through this airport. Their wasn’t anything too useful, no hotel information, travel plans, etc, but it did note that he had drove out of the airport in a red Ford Mustang. Rama will have to find a way to look up the license plate in this country’s database but the trail is definitely picking up. “If I may Mr. Hobbs, you just missed another federal agent also asking for information on this man. Agent Lynn was his name.” Another agent? Could this be one the friends Hobbs had told him to meet up with? Rama managed to find the man matching the description of ‘agent Lynn’ just outside the airport. Rama observed him briefly talking to another man in a white shirt with blonde hair, mentioning something about attending a meeting at some compound. When another car picked the blonde man, Rama approached the unknown agent. (kick-ass vs the yellow bastard) “Agent Lynn! You are agent Lynn yes?” “Might be. Who’s asking?” “I’m, uh, agent Hobbs. I heard we’re looking for the same man and would like to compare notes.” “Can I see some identification Hobbs?” “…Only if I receive yours as well.” The two men cautiously exchanged their badges and a short silence ensured. Both men glanced at each other then their badge several times. “Well your younger then your birthdate would indicate ‘Hobbs’. Didn’t have the time to get a proper forgery done didn’t you?” “Your ID is clearly false as well ‘Lynn’. Who are you really and why are you after John Wick?” “Call me Cassian and let’s just say I got a very personal beef with John. Your turn, who are you really?” “I’m officer Rama of the Mobile Brigade Corps, John Wick is a person of interest for another wanted criminal. You will not leave until you tell me everything you know about Wick.” “Your first mistake was telling me your a cop, your second was thinking you could stop me from leaving.” ************************************ Rama from the Raid films vs Cassian from the John Wick franchise. Both men are armed with one pistol and one knife. Fight takes place outside an airport at night, who wins?
  6. Don’t remember much about Hotaru, she probably wasn’t that great of a fighter probably. Anyways at this point it’ll be pretty hard to vote against the Turtles now considering what challenges they’ve overcome from this arc. The next challengers are gonna need to be pretty tough to be able to take them on.
  7. Sorry Casey, but your a supporting character and Xena is a main character. So she’ll have much more consistent and spectacular feats.
  8. I mean the Tigersharks are each probably far stronger then Jack was, so I’m betting that they make it through Rapture and rescue Bronc Angel.
  9. He has. Ever heard of Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders?
  10. Allow me to refer you to my previous posts about 2005 Leonardo’s feats: Here’s some of the best feats of 2003 Leonardo I could find, including forcing open a T-Rexs mouth from the inside, using his shell to break blades, pushing over a large stone statue with a giant monster on it, and literally dodging missiles by jumping on top of them in mid air: Leo has dodged sniper shots and missiles, no way are Legolas’ arrows going to hit him, plus his strength, durability and combat skills are by far superior to Legolas. That’s why Leo is the clear favorite.
  11. I was coming into this ready to vote Rick, but JohnnyChany post actually managed to change my mind. Hermione would go for the more interesting and charismatic guy I think.
  12. I looked up C. Planet’s weaknesses and I read that radiation counts as a type of pollution that weakens him. Nukes are part of the ACME products, so Cecil could easily trick him into getting hit by them.
  13. I remember back when Dark Agnes faced off against Leo a while back. Movie-Brat argued his points and posted his feats very well, so I’ll give his character the nod here.
  14. Leo takes on far stronger, faster, and skilled fighters, he takes this.
  15. Previously on One Night in Sin City: C’mon old man, push through it! Nancy’s counting on you! So don’t you dare let her down! Ignoring the bullet wounds to my shoulder and leg I unload the rest of my rounds on on the vanity table. Reloading my pistols I tried taking the long way around, hoping to get the drop on her. I crept silently towards the backside of the table, just a few more feet and then I’ll have her in my sites. Then I can get Nancy as far away from that fucking lunatic as possible. *Crack!* Fuck! I stepped on a broken glass! *BANG!* *BANG!* *BANG!* *BANG!* Stupid old man! You missed her twice! I hit the ground hard. Two bullet wounds in my chest, gushing out blood like a water fountain. I remember this pain, the throbbing and numb pain that comes from getting shot up like a turkey on the day before Thanksgiving. Just like eight years ago when my own partner shot me in the back, but there won’t be any backup coming for me this time. Then stop wasting time and get the fuck up! C’mon you stupid old man! You can still save her! Get up! I try to will my myself back up, like a fat guy trying to do his first push-up. But my body is slowly shutting down, no matter how much my brain screams at me to get up and move my muscles refuse to obey. As my body pathetically flops back down, I can hear the glass being scattered about as Junior’s tracker comes to finish me off. I lay my head down as I realize I’ve failed. I open my eyes for the last time as I see beautiful Nancy Callahan huddled in the corner, crying as she realizes that I’m about to die too. I’m sorry Nancy. I love you. *BANG!* ************************************ “I fear that Mr. Wallace has refused my generous offer. You know what to do now right?” “Da. Tonight he will die.” (wallace vs mother russia) Satisfied that my Russian friend will handle it, I hang up the phone and get more comfortable on the couch I was sitting in. Manute and I were waiting in the living room of Senator Roark’s compound. I had offered to have the meeting in his office at city hall, but he had insisted on meeting here, away from any witnesses and surrounding by heavily armed men on his payroll. “You know that he’s planning on killing us here, right?” “Yes Manute, I am all too aware.” Finally Senator Roark himself strides into the room, flanked by four of his men. He did not look happy to see me. “Hello again Senator. Lovely place you got here, might I ask where you bought these very comfy couches from?” “Hartigan was released from prison this morning. On your orders!” “My orders? Senator I’m not a government official like you. How exactly would I order a prisoner’s release?” Roark pulled out his gun and aimed it right at my head. I couldn’t help but smirk a bit at just how furious I’ve made him. “I own this city you little shit. You really thought I wouldn’t find out the second you tried to go against me?” “But you didn’t find out the ‘second I went against you’ did you Senator? That’s what your really upset about. I turned some of your best men against you didn’t I?” The now enraged Roark grabbed me by my throat and forced his gun against face so hard I imagine it’ll be outlined into my skin for a while. “The only reason your still breathing right now is because I’m gonna make sure you die as slowly and painfully as possible. But not before I find out why the hell your luring so many ‘freaks’ into my city.” “That’s one of your main problems Senator. Your threatened by these ‘freaks’ because their so different from you: exceptional, unique, heroic. And your absolutely terrified at the thought of them. Me on the other hand…” A snap and a pained yelp sounded out as Manute gripped one of his large hands around Roark’s wrist and forced it off away from his employer. “I’m so obsessed with them.” “Aaaaahhh! Goddamnit! Shoot him! Shoot both of them!” *SLASH! The four men were cut almost in half before they could even lift their guns. Another man armed with a katana sword had arrived and not a moment too soon. “Bill. So glad you could join us.” “Eh, felt like brushing up on my swordplay.” “Cassian, Vernita have you cleared out the remaining bodyguards?” I asked into my headphone. “Roger perimeter clear. Every guard that was loyal to Roark is dead.” “Good. Cassian the package should be arriving at the airport now, make sure it reaches this compound.” Smiling at how perfectly the plan had gone, I turn my attention back to Senator Roark. Watching the son of a bitch whimper in pain as Manute kept his arm twisted behind his back was the perfect cherry on top. “You really are a cliche, relic of a villain aren’t you? Right down to having worthless, dime of dozen mooks. You don’t belong in my my game Roark, it deserves a better villain then you.” “You wouldn’t dare- aaarrrghh! You wouldn’t kill me! I’m a fucking US Senator!” “Oh I won’t kill you just yet Senator, not until the game is over anyway. Until then you’ll live long enough to watch your empire be torn to pieces.” Manute ‘escorted’ the Senator to one of the backrooms until I have need of him again. That just left me and Bill in the living room, something I found suspicious. “I thought Ms. Driver would be with you Snake Charmer.” “Like I told you Zero, she won’t be able to resist going after Beatrix. If she hasn’t found her by now, she will soon.” “Dammit! I better give her a call, she can’t die just yet.” (hit-girl vs elle driver) “You sure about that? If she finds out you’ve been playing her, it won’t be pretty.” “I’ll cross that road when I get there. But first things first.” Taking out my phone, I logged into the Instagram post of another one of my favorite heroes. Bill looked over my shoulder as I typed of a post that I know he won’t be able to resist. “Who the fuck is Kick-Ass?” “My backup plan, in case an old man doesn’t come through for me.” ************************************ Last year I finally understood why no one else tried to be a superhero before me. It's because the real world needs real heroes, and not some punk in a wetsuit playing dress-up, but a genuine badass who can really kick ass. And that’s what I did. Or really I guess that’s what Justice Forever did. They became a seriously badass organization that really made New York City a safer, happier place to live in. The only problem was that they were a bit too good at the job, better then I ever was or could hope to be. So when I finally graduated I figured it was time for me to head out, didn’t actually have a plan for where I was going but I figured I’d eventually figure it out. After a few wacky adventures that included car chases, hitchhiking along the hot as hell highway, and running amuck of an evil nudist colony, I got a post on my old Kick-Ass Instagram that really got my attention: apparently there’s this city out west that was in bad need of a superhero, like really, REALLY BAD! Like username ZERO’S GAME described it as like Gotham City if Batman was never born! But hey the place couldn’t be any worse then New York right? *Buzz! Buzz!* Another post from ZERO’s GAME brought me to this abandoned building in the cities Projects. It said that some pedophile was keeping little girls locked up in there. Alright Kick-Ass, time to earn your moniker. “Beat it freak! Unless you want one of us to toss you in that dumpster!” “Oh no, no, I’m just standing around… Yah!” Baton to the two creeps throats, then one to the back of the head each and their out. Mindy called it the instant KO move. The inside of the place definitely looked creepy enough to be a child molesters hideout. With the damaged furniture, broken windows, and the disgusting smell that I just couldn’t place. I found the girls in a cage in the corner, I couldn’t get it open but one of the girls managed to tell me that whoever did this was upstairs and had the key on them. She called him the ‘Yellow Bastard,” and I really hoped that wasn’t an Asian slur, because that wouldn’t be cool. Once I went upstairs that disgusting smell from before got even worst, but I could also smell something else, something like the decaying of a rotten corpse. What the fuck is this place? I also heard the sound of someone whimpering in the other room and I followed it to find another girl crying as she was tied to a bed. She was older then the others though, closer to my age in fact. “Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m gonna get you out of here I promise.” “John.. Oh John I’m so sorry..” “John? Who’s John?” She pointed to the corner and when I looked over I nearly shit myself as I saw the stringed up body of some old guy staring back towards us! What the fucking hell? What kind of sick asshole would aaarrrghh! “Well, well, looks like we got ourselves a party crasher. And just who might you be?” The guy drove his blade further into my back as he asked that question. Thank God for the metal plates and braces in my back, it would have hurt like hell. I slammed my shoulder back into the psycho’s nose, he cursed as he was knocked backwards. I turned around and got a good look at this asshole and had a sudden epiphany as to why he’s called the Yellow Bastard. “I’m Kick-Ass, look me up! Now these girls are leaving with me! The only question is whether your going to the cops or the hospital!” “You fucking green fuck! I’m gonna gut you like a fucking fish!” “Hospital it is, bitch!” ************************************ Movie versions of each character. Kick-Ass has his batons and the suit he had at the end of the second movie. The Yellow Bastard has his knife.
  16. I never heard of the Samurai Pizza Cats, but I think I’ll vote for Team 1 with Terry as the MVP. His suit’s durability, strength, and various gadgets will be too much for the other team I think.
  17. I mean it’s not literally nose to nose, their 10 yards away. Not as much distance as the other scenarios but enough for him to draw his guns and either kill her outright or at least force her back. Like I said the guy’s a War on Terrorist veteran, so I think he’ll have a greater advantage fighting in the desert then Zealot.
  18. Whoever votes against Bugs in this match is dead to me. Okay maybe not, but I still expect Bugs to win here.
  19. Going against the grain here, but doesn’t the fact that Giselle has actually defeated an evil, magically powered villain net her any points here? No offense to Mary Poppins, but teaching a family to better listen and communicate with each other is not the same as defeating an ancient, trans-dimensional creature that eats children.
  20. Vote Bubbles! For the Babies sake, please, PLEASE vote Bubbles!!!
  21. Admittedly I know next to nothing about Zealot or really any Wildstorm characters, but fuck it, I’m going all in my guy Frank. This is an open area guys, so if Frank can’t simply pepper her to death, he’ll keep her at a distance until he figures her out. The guy is a Marine Force Recon vet who served several tours in the Middle East so he’ll out easily outmaneuver her in the desert and even be able to hide and sneak attack her. Finally, need I remind everyone here of the kinda OP feats Castile has done over the years? Taking down Wolverine, almost killing Deadpool with the muramasa sword, and even getting a win over freaking Ghost Rider! https://m.imgur.com/a/tDd2x https://m.imgur.com/a/uVZLj https://m.imgur.com/a/ivQFt Like I said I don’t know much about Zealot but I doubt she’s tougher to beat then Wolvey, Deadpool, or Ghost Rider!
  22. Okay guys seriously, no more fooling around, vote Crimson Viper to win. She’s stronger, tougher, and her attacks are faster and let her control the fight better. I’m real serious guys, vote Viper. I’m getting real sick of the better fighters getting eliminated unfairly.
  23. Honestly I’m voting for Sarah because I assume it will lead to a TFatWS/Terminator crossover and I would kill to see what sort of Terminators could be created and fought in this sort of setting.
  24. That is a very good point and I’m not just saying that because I used a similar argument for one my last Catherine match. I’ll vote Patrick just because the scenario is who will have the most “entertaining choice.”
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