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  1. Most of y’all should really check out the Samurai Shodown characters on YouTube before you vote. Because guys like Jubei have some pretty damn powerful attacks and the 2019 game graphics make them look faster and more deadly then the old versions. 

    I for one am leaning more towards Jubei for his deadlier and more powerful attacks, plus he’s got two swords on him and Donny’s only got a bo staff. Do y’all really think a wooden staff won’t be chopped in half by Jubei’s katanas?

  2. Since it’s in the real world, Team 1 takes it pretty easy. Ghostface is just a regular person who dies pretty easily and Chucky is only 2 feet tall, so neither will last long in this rumble. Freddy’s durability is bit inconsistent in that sometimes he’s portrayed as fully human and vulnerable outside of dreams but other times he’s tanking being set on fire and getting slashed open by Jason. But I guess it doesn’t really matter cause Jason, Michael, and Leatherface would easily slaughter the other two then work together to kill Freddy.

  3. On 10/4/2021 at 12:06 PM, DSkillz said:

    This looks somewhat familiar, UMPIRE. 😛 

    But yeah, I figure Mickey might have dealt with closer to anti-social types of people, and in Rocky himself. Remember, Rocky was a collector/enforcer type for a loan shark before Mickey started training him.  

    That’s actually a more compelling case for Rocky then Mickey though. As a former shady individual himself, wouldn’t Rocky be better able to identify and earn the trust of the prison inmates then Mickey? Also no offense to Mickey but he’s never achieved the same level of fame and cultural icon status that Rocky achieved in universe so between the two men, I would think the inmates would better gravitate toward and show more respect for a former nobody crook who overcame the odds and became a legend, then some random old geezer they don’t know and don’t identify with.

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  4. Yeah Chel is pretty much dead weight here, bird powers or no. Ruby might honestly be able to solo though, if she moves fast and keeps the other ladies off balance, which I think she could do. She’s the only one here who’s actually soloed dozens of so enemies at once. Also if she has mastered her silver eyed ability, which as of Volume 6 it appears she has, she might be able to just one shot team 1.

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  5. 8 hours ago, SSJRuss said:

    Mix up on my part, the OG post had both no ring outs and ring outs. I corrected the mistake. The match has no ring outs so it's by forfeit or KO.

    Ah so that pushes the fight even more so in Yang’s favor I think. She’s tanked being punched through 3 highway pillars in a row and being launched through the ceiling of her school at Mach speed and falling back down a few minutes later. And since getting her new prosthetic arm she’s even stronger then the times she’s forced open the beak of a giant Nevermore or smashed an Atlesian Paladin to pieces. So I’m thinking her strength and endurance will net her the win.

    9 hours ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    1. She senses Yoki energy, which effectively gave her minor precog to where her opponents were attacking. Even though I agree she is faster than Yang, she was still too slow to fight Awakened Beings, and had to rely on this ability to get by. She doesn't specifically use this against Rigaldo, or rather she isn't specifically shown using it, but consider Claymores who were physically far superior to her were getting bodied and outsped left and right, it's a fair assumption

    2. Clare's transformation allowed her to augment her speed greatly, which is really the only reason she could stay in the fight at all. Yang doesn't have an equivalent transformation, and her final attack is dodgeable.

    Well technically a Huntsman/Huntress Aura does almost the same thing in that on top of protecting them from harm, it also gives them extra sensory perception that alerts them to when an attack is coming. Now Yang herself hasn’t been seen using that ability, but in Episode 2 of Rwby it’s said that all Huntsmen/Huntresses have that ability and since it can detect both Grimm attacks and attacks from enemy humans, it stands to reason that it’ll be able to sense attacks from Yoma as well.

    Don’t forget that Yang does have her own super mode in the form of her semblance “Burn”, which she can activate once her aura has absorbed enough blows. Now will this form equalize her speed to the Claymore characters, no, but her already enhanced strength and durability will be increased and any more hits from Rigaldo will strength her even more. And Rigaldo doesn’t really have the feats to show that he can KO her before she becomes too durable to take down. Also keep in mind that while she is slower then him, she’s managed to land hits on Harriet, an opponent shown to be just as fast as her sister Ruby, who is at least a Massive Hypersonic speedster, so I think she’ll eventually be able to land a hit on Rigaldo and weaken him enough to use her final attack on him.

  6. I don’t think it’s really fair to scale Mileena to Shao Kahn tbh. Even if she was, I’d still say she would be the first one out, she’s too slow and her durability isn’t even close to the others.

    Now I watched the Claymore anime a long time ago but I don’t remember watching the arc with Rigaldo. His Wikipedia page describes him as being a speedy and agile type of Yoma, though I can’t find any definitive feats about his speed levels. But I did read up that Clare was able to defeat him on her own, and from what I recall Clare and Yang’s feats were pretty comparable, Clare might be a touch faster but Yang might be a little more stronger and durable. So in my mind even if Rigaldo is faster then Yang, I think she’s stronger, more durable and her semblance specifically increases those stats every time she takes a hit. I think she’ll eventually outlast Rigaldo and knock him out.

    14 hours ago, SSJRuss said:

    He's got the speed advantage unless Yang's speed scales to some ridiculous level. He is also the only one of them that regenerates to my knowledge. I think that gives him the edge

    His Wikipedia does say that his regeneration is much weaker then most other Yoma though. Besides you said this isn’t a fight to the death so regeneration won’t play that big a part in this match I think. It’ll come down to who KO’s or ring outs the other first, Yang’s Aura protected from a machine that smashed her through 3 highway pillars in a row, then allowed her to demolish the thing to pieces in two hits. The question is whether Rigaldo could tank those hits without getting KOed or knocked out of the area.

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  7. Assuming that the animal in question would even understand the concept of training and being part of a team, then I see no reason why Eric Taylor shouldn’t win this. The scenario does specifically say to make the animal part of a winning “team.” Boxing is an individual sport so Mickey’s style of training won’t really help him out here, while Taylor’s experience as a football coach and the emphasis he puts on teamwork and trust will work better in getting the animal integrated into being part of a winning team.

  8. I don’t doubt that Hush could try to lie and pretend to be a good friendly doctor, but I think Beverly would have an easier time with this because she wouldn’t have to fake her genuine concern and positive attitude. It’s a lot easier to do your job if your truly being yourself then just pretending to be someone your not.

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  9. I think both fighters will be severely limited by the setting of a UFC sanctioned octagon. After all both guys are ruthless assassins who are used to use any means necessary to win in a fight, but now neither will be allowed to use any sort of cheap shot or dirty move like strikes to the back of the head, eye gouging, throat shots, or any kind of crippling attacks. I really can’t decide which guy will be at a greater disadvantage.

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  10. Very well written matchup Boratz! I’m impressed!

    This is probably gonna be a trickier fight then most people would think. As Laurie herself said during the Halloween Kills trailer, no normal human should have survived that fire, much less have the strength to butcher an entire fire squad just afterwards. I’ll need to check out the full movie to be sure, but if the idea is that Michael at this point is post resurrection Jason Voorhees level of immortality, then Daredevil’s gonna have a hell of a time taking him down.

    Now if this was comics Daredevil, the one who can throw his baton hard enough to break through concrete, I could argue that he could win by at least a technical knockout or whatever a baton through the skull would do to Michael. But since the setup seems to indicate that this is Netflix series Daredevil, I might have to side with Michael due to DD not really having the feats needed to kill someone as immortal and strong as Michael.

  11. I hate to do this Rakai, but I actually might have to vote against a Turtle for this round. Here are my main reasons:

    Number 1: I know that you listed Haohmaru as just Peak Human, but if we’re really going by his move sets and abilities shown in the Samurai Shodown game then he should be listed Low Tier Superhuman as well: his Hurricane Attack can create, well, small hurricanes with a slash of his sword, he can jump higher and dash faster then regular humans should be able to physically accomplish, and the ki energy that he summons to protect and enhance his body is apparently strong enough to where he can shrug off blades, knifes, and other sharp objects that realistically should have sliced through his skin like butter!

    Number 2: Like I said he possesses ki energy attacks like Terry Bogard, so like Terry Haohmaru will have more variety in his attacks and be able to control the battlefield better then Leo, especially in an open area like the map you just posted.

    Number 3: While Leo does have experience fighting samurai like Usagi, Haohmaru has fought and beaten legit OG ninjas like Hanzo Hattori, Kazuki Kazama and dozens of others on a pretty regular basis, so he’ll be pretty prepared for almost every skill or ninja ability Leo might have learned.

    Conclusion: While Leo will likely have training and speed on his side, I feel that if we take Haohmaru’s feats as they are presented in game, he’ll have the clear strength, durability, skill variety, and experience to take Leo and probably his brothers down. 

    Side Note: Historically speaking, there’s a reason why Ninjas preferred to strike from the shadows and avoid direct combat; because Samurai almost universally have the advantage in an open battle with any Ninja.

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