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  1. Now dragons of GoT are stated to have a strong connection to magic, so while Drogon’s fire might be more mystical then regular fire, I’ve also seen Elsa be able to freeze the fire of that Fire Spirit in Frozen 2 so in my mind Elsa should be able to freeze over Drogon, mystical fire or no. I do like Dany as a character, but I don’t see her being much of a match on her lonesome. Elsa FTW!

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    Previously on One Night in Sin City:

    Ducking under the swinging fist Hit-Girl delivered two quick punches to her opponents ribs and then uppercutted right under her jaw!


    Knocked flat on her ass, Elle reached across the floor for something to even the odds against her foe. The former Deadly Viper Assassin smirked as she found the discarded butterfly knife. When the teen heroine lunged at her again, Elle Driver stabbed out with her knife, racking it across the purple suited girl’s forearm. As Hit-Girl recoiled in pain Elle pressed her advantage and tackled the smaller fighter to the ground. Hit-Girl gasped and tried desperately to grip her opponents wrists and keep her from pushing the knife any closer to her face. But she was fighting against gravity, as well as a much stronger woman who was slowly but surely driving the knife towards her throat!




    Elle Driver flinched and made a disgusted sound as Hit-Girl hacked and spat directly into her one good eye! Taking advantage of the distraction, the young purple haired girl knocked the knife out of the assassin’s hand and then wrapped her legs around the woman’s neck and pulled her arm until it hyperextended from the elbow joint!


    The California Mountain Snake shouted in pain as her opponent trapped her in a brutal arm bar! But the sheer hatred flowing through this woman’s veins drove her to hoist the teen hero off the ground and then drive both of them into the nearby wooden table, breaking it in half in the process.


    Hit-Girl barely had a second to recover from the unexpected power-bomb when Elle yanked her roughly to her feet, delivering a vicious knee to the gut and then a powerful punch to the face, knocking the girl back to the ground. 


    Wanting to finish this with a bludgeoning, Elle Driver pulled free the leg of the now broken beyond repair table. Upon catching her breath, Hit-Girl became aware of the discarded Hattori Hanzō katana and quickly grabbed it. Right as Elle swung her makeshift bludgeon weapon down at the heroine, Hit-Girl swung her katana at the assassin!


    *SLICE! CHOP!*




    Elle Driver screamed in horror as she looked at the bloody stumps that used to be her hands! As the blood sprayed from the holes of her cut off appendages and pooled across the floor, Elle found she couldn’t keep her footing and slipped backwards into the wall. The assassin was still screaming in shock and pain as Hit-Girl stood up and approached the villainess.




    The lifeless head of the former Deadly Viper Assassin flopped across the floor and came to rest at the foot of her long time nemesis. Beatrix regarded the decapitated head of her hated rival for only a brief moment before stepping over it, toward the victorious Hit-Girl.


    “Dude this is one badass katana! Where did you get it?”


    “Hattori Hanzō, the greatest sword smith in the world.”


    “No shit? Fucking awesome!”


    Beatrix watched the kid wipe the blood from Hanzō katana and then sheathed the blade and respectfully offered it back to her. She had the sudden realization that she was looking at a younger version of herself. The young, talented prodigy who was so cocky about her abilities, but also quietly looking for validation and approval for it. It was the spitting image of herself when she first began working under Bill.


    “I get that you probably have trust issues and don’t really play well with others, but your right hand is gone! Your gonna need my help if your gonna last long in this city, and to be honest I’ve kinda missed being part of a team. So are we gonna work together or not?”


    “… I’ve made a lot of enemies in my life kid. Dangerous and powerful enemies that will become your enemies if you go down this path. Are you really sure you wanna do this?”


    “Bring them on. I’ve trained my whole life to kill evil shit heads like that headless skank over there. This is what I was born to do Beatrix, so I’m ready for this if you are.”


    Beatrix silently looked over this young heroine, before slowly nodding and pushing the offered katana back to her. A token of acknowledgement of their new partnership and of the younger woman’s skills.




    “Still alive I’m afraid Zero. Care to explain to me how the ‘greatest information broker in the whole fucking world’ didn’t know one of my targets was in town until she was right on top of me?” (Kick-Ass vs The Yellow Bastard)


    “You Vipers are damn good at sneaking around without drawing attention! And I had no idea Bill would set her loose on us so soon! Look this just shows that we need to get this job done quickly, before your old associates try another sneak attack on you. I take it the youth in the purple leather is your ward or something?” (Beatrix Kiddo vs Miho)


    “She’s none of your concern. Now since you seem to have eyes everywhere, why don’t you tell me whether you’ve seen any signs of Dwight and Miho anywhere.”


    “Funny you should ask, I know exactly where they are right now. Better hurry though Ms. Beatrix, I got someone else to help bring them in for a favor.”



    “Can one of y’all explain to me just what the heck your doing.”


    “We need to get out of here ma’am. Right now!”


    Esther watched in growing frustration as the newly recovered Dwight McCarthy moved around her apartment in almost a blur, packing all sorts of food, water, and other essentials in makeshift bags. Miho silently, as per usual, assisted Dwight in the packing and ignored any attempt by Esther to make explain what they were doing.


    “Excuse me! But those are my things your packing and my bags your packing them in! So you better start explaining to me what the hell your doing before Wallace gets back here!”


    “Esther look at me. I’m so sorry, but Wallace should have been back here a long while ago. I think something happened to him.” (Wallace vs Mother Russia)


    “What do you mean something… No.. No, no, oh God no! Then we have to get out there! We gotta find him!”




    Esther attempted to grab her coat from the hanger and make for the front door, only for Miho to wrap her up before she could do so.


    “Let go of me! I have to find him! I have to find him!”


    “Esther! You can’t help him now! And I think we’re being watched!”


    “What the fuck are you talking about?”


    “Miho saw what looked to be someone with a camera on the roof of the other building. And if he’s working for whoever’s after us then it’s only a matter of time before-“


    A shadow appeared to walk across the wall of the kitchen, no doubt coming from outside the window of the kitchen. Dwight looked back out the window too late as the figure vanished, but he knew that whoever that was would be heading for the front door soon.


    “Miho take Esther, the head and as much as you can carry and get out of here! I’ll catch up to you if I can!”


    Keeping the still struggling Miho in her grasp, Miho her other hand to grasp Dwight’s sleeve. As though to silently beg him not to sacrifice himself like this.


    “We don’t have time Miho. If you make it out of here, promise me you’ll destroy that head!”


    After finally getting Miho to drag Esther out through the back door, Dwight shoved the refrigerator over onto it’s side and crouched behind it like a makeshift barricade.


    Quiet as a mouse Dwight waited and listened, hoping to hear where his enemy was. He heard not a sound though, but his salvation came from the window located at the corner of the living room, facing out towards the window showing the reflection of an individual slowly creeping closer towards the door. 


    Dwight readied himself, slowly cocking his gun and waiting for the figure to come just a little closer to his range. Just as he slowly got close enough though, Dwight finally got a good look at the figures face and got the shock of his life:


    Jack Rafferty? No, it can’t be him! He carried his own severed head around all freaking night! But this man, he looked just like him! If only about about a decade older!


    Dwight suddenly realized he was letting his surprise spoil his moment! He quickly fired but in his haste to make up time he aimed too high! His shots flew too high over his quarry’s head and the man quickly backed up until he was out of Dwight’s sights again!


    “Don’t ever point a weapon at me motherfucker!”




    Dwight McCarthy (Sin City) vs Alejandro Gillick (Sicario). Both men are armed with a pistol, who wins this (sorta) rematch?

  3. 2 hours ago, SSJRuss said:

    Still, Namor could fight him. I'm sure he thrashes with giant monsters regularly.


    14 minutes ago, Peypeypeypey said:

    Eh, I don't know about that. If Namor is really capable of trading blows with the like of The Thing, Dr. Doom, The Hulk, and even briefly Thanos, he's definitely strong enough that size alone isn't going to kill him. I'm not saying for sure that he couldn't beat Namor, but just because he's a 300 foot tall monster doesn't really mean he's strong enough to kill him

    Maybe not, but surely Zombie Spider-Man and Shredder could be taken out of the fight pretty early by that Cyclops stomping them. So then it’ll be Namor vs all three of them! Now one on one Bob and Beholder shouldn’t be a match for Namor, but as support fighters they could really swing the fight in favor of their team. Peypey already discussed Beholders abilities, but Bob could also prove valuable due to both his sheer indestructible (the guy survived being launched into near space orbit and then fell back to Earth with no sign of damage) and his unintentionally annoying personality. Like if he can attach himself to Namor and just start grating on the submariner’s nerves with his constant questions and dim witted mannerisms, Namor’s the kind of guy who’d get so annoyed by that he’d be focused solely on getting Bob away from him, and leaving himself wide open to Cyclops attacks. 

  4. Like I said a while ago Ken has managed to stalemate a Satsui no Hado possessed Ryu before, and in that form Ryu was doing things like deflecting bullets and blowing up buildings! And second timeline Johnny Cage’s green magic allowed him to defeat an Elder God and Satan analog Shinnok. I see them blowing away Pikachu and Kaiba and then tag teaming Kakyoin.

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  5. I guess the question is do you want a whole mini series of the romance or one incredibly funny/suspenseful movie of the romance. Yes DSkillz is right that the Neville x Catherine romance won’t last quite as long as the Neville x Foxy one but it will have much greater content in it’s hour and a half run then it’s opponents time. C’mon voters do y’all want a long, drawn out mini series about the done to death jerk with heart of gold attracts soft and innocent love interest or do y’all want an edge of your seat movie of a poor loser kid who has to look past his own desperation to have a beautiful and sexy women in his life, before he winds up as the tragic victim of her next book! Which scenario is really worth spending your hard earned cash on?

  6. 6 hours ago, DSkillz said:

    Dot actually has more shown toon feats on her own than Cecil, most to all of which Bugs never used on the turtle. And, as mentioned, unlike Bugs, he won't start off already being in Dot's head.

    Yeah but the problem is that Bugs can do things far beyond what Dot has been shown capable of doing “Why bugs bunny is the most significant and powerful cartoon character”. Now your right that Bugs has technically not used any of these methods against Cecil, but the fact that he could do those things against Cecil and yet by the end of “Shell Shocked” admits that the only thing he can do better then Cecil is cry indicates that those powers wouldn’t do him any good against the turtle anyways.

    Also the episode Shell Shocked showed us that Cecil can duplicate himself like Multiple Man, thus he could probably replicate the first Tortoise Beats Hare episode and have his clones distract and frustrate Dot into forgetting the competition while the real Cecil wins it with his rigged piano!

  7. 6 hours ago, DSkillz said:

    Deadpool's never had the writer or the audience do things to help him win. Popeye has. It wouldn't come to that in this case, though. 

    Yes he has. In one issue of Deadpool I remember him actually beating up and interrogating one of his authors into telling him where find one of his targets. Would it be fair of me to use that to argue that Wade could beat Thanos or Galactus?

    6 hours ago, DSkillz said:

    It's not really about whether I want Popeye to be that fast. Considering all the other things he's pulled off, those speeds are definitely within his perview.

    Superman has had several of his powers and abilities retconned and expanded upon over the years, would it be fair of me to say because of that we should assume he can develop powers like shrinking himself or developing telekinesis because it’s “within his perview?” We all agree that Goku is stronger then Frieza, and since Frieza can breathe in space that means Goku can also because it’s “within his perview?” Sorry dude but it doesn’t matter what you feel is “within his perview” what matters is whether Popeye has actually done FTL speed before, and if he hasn’t then it’s completely unreasonably to say that because he got other powers from breaking the 4th wall that automatically means he gets FTL speed as well. Otherwise I could make the argument that because Deadpool got information about a target’s location from his author then that means Wade can also force the author to give him the powers to be stronger then Thanos, Galactus, and the Beyonder put together.

  8. 3 minutes ago, DSkillz said:

    Alright, back to the debate: 

    My entire argument actually never actually hinged on Popeye making a cage, and frankly, he wouldn't really even need to try to trap it. As mentioned, Popeye can bend reality with toon force, both naturally and when enhanced by spinach. He can turn animals into various objects. He can punch away magic spells. He can hurt the sun. And yes, breaking the fourth wall is relevant in Popeye's case, because he's done that to win the day, too (and yes, Popeye did ask the audience for spinach beforehand here).

    So, gaining the speed to outpace Bubbles shouldn't really be outside of Popeye's perview, since he's already been shown to outdo her in just about every other aspect. 

    Well again DSKillz would be fair for me to argue in a Deadpool vs Thanos match that since Deadpool can break the fourth wall he could have the author write him as being stronger then Thnos? C’mon dude you know that that’s bullshit! Popeye has never been written as being faster then Bubbles and it’s ridiculous to say that he could simply because you want him to do so. And since the whole match hinges on who can catch the Fox first, Bubbles speed will ultimately play a bigger factor here then Popeye being able to break the fourth wall!

  9. 7 minutes ago, DSkillz said:

    Thing about that is that at some point Dot would start noticing how beautifully Cecil is "playing" the tune and glance over her shoulder in curiosity in his direction. That's when she'd likely see that Cecil's movements aren't exactly lining up with the notes and start formulating her retaliation.

    Yes but the problem is has she ever taken on a threat like Cecil by her lonesome before? What exactly could she do to him that Bugs hasn’t already tried?

  10. 2 hours ago, DSkillz said:

    I'd have to think that the objective is for the Fox to stay caught, and Popeye can produce the tools to get the job done.

    Your argument hinges on Popeye being able to produce a cage with his bare hands. How do you know he could do that? Has he ever tried to trap another character with toon force like said Fox? How do you know he won’t escape it like he would escape Bubbles? And don’t say that because he can break the fourth he can do that. That’s like saying Deadpool can break the fourth wall therefore he can beat Thanos, Galactus, and the Beyonder all at once!


    2 hours ago, DSkillz said:

    Eh, I'm pretty sure villains have evaded the Girls before, at least initially. Popeye, though, has never had his spinach swiped.

    But you admitted earlier he lost or misplaced the spinach several times. Your also the one saying this Fox is so wiley and smart! Your saying Popeye is absent minded enough to misplace his ultimate weapon, but not enough to lose it to the Fox? Again assuming the combatants are told before hand about the Foxes previous actions, I can’t imagine Bubbles would fall for it for long. At the very least not before Popeye spent a while trying to catch it without using his spinach.

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