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  1. On 1/15/2022 at 8:57 PM, RakaiThwei said:

    Gonna go with Rachel on account that she's legit superhuman because of the Fiend blood which runs through her veins, and because of that she's baseline stronger than Chun-Li.

    Also, she faces demonic entities on a nightly basis where as Chun-Li faces Shadowloo underlings and Bison on occasion.

    Rachel's got this.

    Well by scaling to Bison and Ryu Chun Li is herself legit superhuman. Both Bison and Ryu subsonic speed blitzers who casually catch and dodge bullets and who launch energy beams that can destroy large buildings and entire islands. And Chun Li herself is physically strong enough to kick down a large metal door and her kikosho is powerful enough to stop a speeding car in it’s tracks.

    Sorry if this is last minute but I’m just saying that by most accounts Chun Li feats are very superhuman and she’s had to fight and hold her own against characters like Bison and Ryu who are certainly comparable if not superior to the enemies that Rachel faces.

  2. I might be letting my heart override my head but I just have to back my girl Asuka. Mostly cause I think her being a defensive style fighter will be a very effective counter to Crimson Vipers’s fighting style. I really believe that Asuka’s keep-out game and her great reversals will keep Viper off balance and as long as she can land some heavy punches and kicks then I think she can pull an upset and take down Crimson Viper.

  3. 19 hours ago, Culwych1 said:

    Man this is a tough one, mainly because it's pitting one of my favourite series against one of my favourite horror movies.

    I think I'm swaying slightly towards Event Horizon - for the main reason that we seem to be focusing on "evil Dr Grant" (lol), ie Dr Weir as the threat, but remember he was an innocent person who was turned evil by the ship. He's not the enemy, the ship is. 

    The ship corrupts and turns people evil and crazy, breaking their will through visions, fear and horror. 

    This is something Hannibal, a brilliant psycho, almost managed to do to Will over a sustained and long period. I see Event Horizon as being able to inflict a more horrible and compressed version of what Hannibal tried to achieve.

    Will did nearly go crazy, and started making some very questionable choices under the relatively gentle but consistent pressure Hannibal applied. I reckon Event Horizon will be like applying a hammer to that same fragile psyche and Will will become the new reigning lord of the spaceships hell.

    Aw c’mon yo! What ever happened to what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? And if Will’s psyche survived all of that then it must be pretty goddamn strong by now right?


  4. 15 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    The Reapers, though they have an organic core, are much more inorganic. There is not a lot of Biomass within them.

    The Rachni Queen resisted, the individual Rachni were indocrinated, so while converting a Nornqueen is an unlikely precedent non-queen Tyranids are fair game.

    I mean if each Reaper has the Biomass of 1 million organic beings in their cores then I’d say that’s plenty of food for the Tyranids.

    Also again the Indoctrination process usually takes days or not a week to take effect, and the target must either be inside a Reaper or be exposed to a Reaper artifact during that time. Maybe the Reaps can get a handful of the lower class Tyranids brainwashed but not enough to make a difference in the war.

    15 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    With things like Oculuses they are not without their own small support vessels. Far more valuable than indocrination is the use of Dragon's teeth to create husks in this fight. Bioship husks are going to be scary.

    The numbers advantage is not as big as you think. Consider that the big Sovereign Class Reapers are the only ones made of an individual species. Now consider this Galactic Cycle there are the... Batarians, Humans, Turians, Quarians, Rachni, Krogan, Asari, Turians, Salarians, Hanar, Drell, and Elcor. That's 12 space fairing organic races. That leads me to say the mean number of Reapers created each cycle is certainly more than one. There are also smaller vessels like Reaper Destroyers, Troop Transports, Occulusses, and Processors to churn out husks. In addition to whatever bioships the reapers huskify.  So the Reapers are packing far more ships than your previous estimate.

    It was my understanding that the Reapers only harvested the species that most impressed them during each cycle. Wasn’t that why only human colonies were targeted by the collectors during ME 2? Heck they outright ignored a Quarian who was on one of the human colonies cause they were only interested in the humans. So that tells me that not every species gets the “honor” of being used as fuel for a new Reaper, in fact probably only one or two is done each cycle cause the Reaps emphasize quality over quantity. So I’m still convinced that the Reaps numbers are much smaller then what Sovereign tried to sell us. After all he also clearly lied when he said “we have no beginning or no end.” Yeah DLC Leviathan calls bullshit on that statement Sovereign!

    15 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    The Sovereign Class is significantly larger than a Tyranid battleship. A Tyranid Battleship is roughly 600 meters long. The Sovereign Class is roughly 2 kilometers long. That is more than three times the size of the battleship the Nids are deploying. These battleships also take on whole fleets by themselves, and while not invincible, they are fleet busters. Tyranid Cruisers are bigger than Reaper destroyers (~320m > ~160m), but that is comparing different classes of vessel. They are bigger than most Tyranid frigate types, but again they punch far above their weight class and take focused fire from many more and larger vessels to go down.

    Lets not sell the Reapers speed advantage short, they are estimated to be able to cover 30 light years in a 24 hour period meaning hit and run on the deploying swarm is an easy and effective option for them. Further, like the Eldar, Imperium, Necrons, and Orks the Reapers are packing shields both of the personal and ship variety. So the Soveriegn classes are also going to be more durable than their Tyranid counterparts. Finally in terms of space arsenal, the Tyranid arsenal is designed primarily for boarding vessels. The Reaper arsenal is designed for slicing though, mountains, cities, and fleets, so their armament is simply better suited for the task at hand.

    Okay so maybe your Reaps are bigger, faster, and you got some pretty powerful guns, but the Tyranids will more then even the odds with their strong defense, their long history of adapting to any obstacle, and their sheer overwhelming numbers. The Tyranids Hive and Bio-Ships are the greatest Battleships of Warhammer 40k, they might be slow and ungainly but they are designed to take insane amounts of damage and keep going. Their ships are covered by very thick clouds of defensive spores and their armor plating are arguably the most durable metal in the 40k universe, even insanely advanced races like the Imperium and the Necrons defensive plating is no match for it. Also unlike your Reaps who rely heavily on stacking the deck in their favor and on being able to take out their foes leadership before the war even starts, every single new galaxy my Tyrs go into they do so blind. Their foes technology and their weapons are always unknown to them and yet time after time again they are able to adapt, evolve and overcome any and every sort of weapon or method of killing that their foes have and utterly destroy them. They’ve done this since time immemorial to untold numbers of sentient races and that’s mostly cause they’ve learned to endure and survive almost anything the universe can throw at them. Your Reaps will be hard pressed to throw anything at the Tyrs that they haven’t seen before, but the Tyrs technology will definitely be something the Reaps have never had to deal with before. Finally and most importantly, the Tyranids almost limitless reserves will be the ultimate nail in the Reapers coffin. They’ll start off with the superior numbers and they’ll keep getting larger and larger as long as they have biomass to feed on, like say the millions of organic mass the Reaps have in their cores or maybe the husks or other enslaved ground forces that have some organic mass to them. I see this war playing out like an Apollo Creed vs Rocky Balboa fight; your Reapers like Apollo will start out strong landing almost all the punches and keeping Rocky/Tyranids at a distance, but as the fight goes on y’all will start to get worried as you notice Rocky/Tyrs keeps eating shot after shot and refuses to back down. During the final rounds y’all will be exhausted and confused and you’ll make a mistake and get yourself cornered and that’s when we’ll pounce and overwhelm you with our superior numbers and our almost suicidal need to devour anything and everything! The Reapers maybe the Gods of the Milky Way galaxy, but the Tyranids the devils of the entire universe.

  5. On 1/4/2022 at 8:27 PM, Twogunkid said:

    The Flash and Supergirl are wildly inconsistent with the strength and speed of their characters. They put Flash's top speed in the Oliver vs Barry fight at 600 mph. That is wildly inconsistent with what they show elsewhere including Barry losing motorcylces in a chase and the prison feat. A mindcontrolled Barry is far more appropriate to scale to the low end. Barry stands still for explosions that were fired behind him in said Flash fight. Then Barry stood perfectly still for a horse tranq arrow. Your bloodlusted Barry is clearly playing with Ollie. As he encircles him several times before throwing a single punch.

    Yeah and Trevor fluctuates between being a badass vampire hunter and a intoxicated  bum who loses fights to a handful of bar pub mooks. Look TWK we can either go back and forth between comparing our guys lowest moments or we can agree that their best moments far outshine their worst and focus on what their best feats are. And in my case CW Flash at his best is a Relativistic speedster who can run from Central City to China in seconds and run around the world multiple times when he pushes himself. Thus Ollie being able to trap and restrain Flash by himself should also be a huge feat for Deathstroke considering he taught Oliver everything he knew and has consistently proven himself to be at least his equal if not his superior:

    Ollie and Slade have fought each other four times throughout the series, 2 of which (the fight at Arrow Cave and on the sinking ship) were clear Slade wins, the one in the forest Slade had clearly incapacitated Ollie and had him at his mercy until Thea blindsided and pulled a gun on him and 4th one was really the only time Ollie finally got a fair win over Slade. So I think it’s fair to say that Slade scales to Ollie and that Ollie’s feats against meta humans like Flash and Supergirl could be replicated by Slade.

    On 1/4/2022 at 8:27 PM, Twogunkid said:

    Per your own feat video, Slade is roid raging from his enhancements. I do also take your video with a grain of salt as its boar feat says Slade isn't even winded when he clearly is breathing hard. Slade is not going through stealth with those enhancement. Trevor can shatter bone casually without going into a roid rage.

    Trevor can go unarmed vs a werewolf capable of casually shattering old growth oak trees

    No Caption Provided

    and break it's leg and neck.


    Yeah and Deathstroke can snap an assault weapon completely in two and can punch through a human’s chest cage. So I’d say his strength matches easily against Trevor’s. And if we also count Slade’s mirakuru soldiers feats then Slade can also punch through a steel wall, a much greater show of strength then any of Trevor’s feats. Roid rage or not the facts seem to suggest Slade is just as strong if not stronger then Trevor Belmont.


    On 1/4/2022 at 8:27 PM, Twogunkid said:

    Trevor also can react to Alucard's super speed blitzes

    No Caption Provided


    Now per here

    Well again Deathstroke scales to Arrow who has reacted to far greater speed feats then Alucard. Also c’mon now TGK how can you try to play down Arrow’s fight with Flash when Alucard was also clearly playing with Trevor. I think we both know that if Alucard went all out Belmont would be dead. But for for the sake of fairness let’s just agree to accept both feats as if they were fair game: Trevor reacting to Alucard’s speed is impressive, but Deathstroke scaling to Arrow who reacts to Flash speed is far more so.

    On 1/4/2022 at 8:27 PM, Twogunkid said:

    Now per here

    Slade's kit doesn't mention several of those things you mentioned. Notably the explosives. Further, Trevor Belmont is highly situationally aware and is not going to be ambushed. He has spotted archer snipers on roofs, demons popping into existence, creatures hiding in the walls, and creatures waiting in ambush. Trevor is not going to get taken out in one quick go. He then proceeded to tag said targets with a spear throw in the middle of a brawl, dodge their attacks and defeat them with his whip, trick the creature into popping into existence so he could shatter its skull with a single punch, and take them out with a combination of his whip and sword.

    Fair point, but Slade will still have access to his Sniper Rifle and AL-47 yes? Then my argument that Slade can ambush and take Trevor out from afar still holds water. Ollie is also highly situationally aware and has spotted ambushes, traps, even supernatural being attacks in several Arrowverse crossovers and yet Slade has had no trouble sneaking up on him on him and Thea during the fight on Lian Yu or surprising him at his own Arrow Cave. If he can get the drop on Oliver he can get the drop on Trevor. Furthermore the terrain only improves Slade’s odds of getting the drop on Trevor since Slade is a master of Island combat thanks to his years on Lian Yu and as far as I know Trevor has never been on an island before. Slade’s stealth will be further magnified, while Trevor’s brashness and inability to shut up for surely make himself an easy target. It’s perfectly reasonable to say that Slade could surprise and take out Trevor before he can react and even if Belmont spots him first Slade’s superior skill, physical stats, advanced weapons and terrain familiarity will make him the favorite to win.

  6. 2 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    I was taking your point, saying she nukes the site from orbit. When that doesn't work, what then? She's not smart enough to do the legwork on how to threaten Tink. She had plenty of time to observe Wander for a whole season. It was not her doing research but more learning as Wander got in her way.

    I just feel that a nuclear option isn't really an assassination.

    Well I mean if Tinker Bell survives a nuke from orbit then I for one would give up at that point lol.

    Seriously though, let’s just assume for arguments sake that blowing up Never Land is against the rules and Dominator knows that from the start, again she has other options: send her Dominator-Bots after Tink. Even if they can’t kill her they can always capture Tinker Bell on their special handcuffs and bring her to Dominator. She and her Bots can also try taking Tinker Bell’s friends hostage to force her to come to them. Again she took Wander prisoner at the series finale surely she can do the same for the Lost Boys or the other fairies. Lord Dominator again has the option of burning Tink alive with her lava or freezing her to death with her ice. Heck Never Land is an island in the middle of an ocean, they’ll be plenty of water for if Dominator wants to try drowning Tink. Again Dominator has plenty of ways to kill Tinker Bell and most importantly she’ll be able to get to her long before Ratigan will be able to.

  7. 2 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    Joker has gone out of his way to make Maxie suffer. Joker delights in making people suffer, but Maxie in particular he delighted in inflicting agony.

    Like that time he blew up a school Maxie's nephew attended because Maxie had outfoxxed him.

    Yeah but after blowing up the school didn’t Joker try to kill him at a nightclub and Batman had to step in to save Maxie? So I’m pretty sure Joker’s had his fill of tormenting Maxie and now just wants to kill him.


    2 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    Batroc has turned on Zemo, Mr. Hyde, and AIM all because he thought a fight wasn't fair. He was working for all three of them.

    And forgive me if I am wrong, but Bane was created decades after the Legion of Doom and was not a member of it.

    The only Legions of Doom Bane has been a member of are Harley Quinn TV show (where he is even more of a joke than Kiteman), Robot Chicken (not canon in anyway), and Justice League: Doom (the movie) which is a one time alliance that is quickly defeated by the JLA.

    Well in the case of Zemo his Hydra troops tried to kill Batroc first for failing to defeat Captain America. And with AIM they had kidnapped him and were forcing him to work for them against his will. So again as long as the Legion doesn’t betray him first or hold him against his will he’ll serve them faithfully.

    And look even if we must discount Bane as part of the Legion what about Captain Cold? He’s also a villain with a pretty solid honors system and he made the Legion. Heck Cold will likely see Batroc as a kindred spirit and likely help Batroc in joining the Legion.

  8. 17 hours ago, Twogunkid said:


    If the Reapers can enslave Rachni queens and the Geth collective, the Hive Tyrant should likewise be vulnerable. The Thorian is another precursor species like the Leviathans. The Reapers even use the Thorian spores in ME3 to control people, so the Thorian (which is a plant) is not beyond Reaper use.


    The Reapers used the Thorian spores in ME3? Sorry dude I played Mass Effect 3 and that’s just not true. In fact in the email Shepard got from Zhu’s Hope (the colony the Thorian originally enslaved) the people there were actually very successful in resisting the Reapers attack mostly because the lingering effects of the spores allowed them to communicate and coordinate attacks very well. Never mentioned anything about the Reapers using the Thorian spores.

    Also the Reapers were only able to indoctrinate the Rachni children and only through surgical implantation and genetic modification. That plus the fact that they were unable to indoctrinate the Rachni Queen seems to suggest that the Rachni were also immune to the brainwashing type indoctrination, just like how I imagine the Tyranids will be.

    17 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    The nids are in search of organic matter to harvest much like the Reapers are. However, the Reaper ship has a lot more machine than organic matter. The nids can only replenish their manpower via Nornqueens whereas every Tyranid corpse is a new husk for the Reapers. Further, each hive ship can be huskified or indoctrinated. There is a lot of risk for the Tyranids to keep resupplying the Reapers while getting little in return for restoring their own numbers. Tyranid battleships are primarily launch points for the swarm.

    Actually in ME 2 it was revealed that Reapers are are at least internally created from the raw genetic material of organic races. Remember the Human-Reaper that the Collectors were abducting human colonists in order to create? EDI estimated that millions of humans would be needed to fill that thing up, so if the other Reapers were also filled with millions of organic biomass’s then I’m thinking that’ll be a good meal for the Tyranids to feed on. Also again not only have the Rachni and Thorian also been able to resist indoctrination, but I as I also recall it takes Reapers days if not a week to indoctrinate a host and said host must be inside a Reaper during that process. So the Reapers brainwashing technique definitely has it’s limits.

    17 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    Tyranid FTL via the Narvhal is a big step down to Mass Effect FTL via Mass Relays as the Narvhal is stated to be almost completely defenseless wheras the Mass Effect ships are up and running. So as the forces warp in, the Reapers get free shots at the Tyranids deploy outside of a solar system.

    I’m not sure if the Reapers can actually hit a target from a solar system distance away, but I do concede to the point that the Reapers will have a mobility and speed advantage. However that advantage will be offset by the Tyranids clear numbers advantage. Even if the Reapers are able to take out half the Tyranid forces before they close the distance the remaining Hive Ships will be then sufficient to smother the Reaper forces. How do I know that? Well despite Sovereign’s claims of the Reapers numbers being able to “darken the sky of every world” the truth is the Reapers numbers must actually be pretty small as we know that only one new Reaper is created at the end of each cycle, created from the remnants of the organic races that most impressed the Reapers at the time. Now while we don’t know how old Harbinger (the first Reaper to have been created) is, the Leviathan of Dis is considered to have been one of the first Reapers created after Harbinger and Leviathan is said to have been nearly 1 billion years old. And since every cycle is about 50,000 years give or take then at the time of ME 3 there must have been around 20,000 Reapers in the Milky Way. Not bad, except that every Tyranid Hive fleet averages at least 1,000,000 bio-ships. So again their superior numbers will more then make up for the Reapers speed advantage.

  9. 22 hours ago, Twogunkid said:




    vs an Eclipso possessed supes.

    Two shots supes with a  cheap shot.

    Have to find a scan, but Black Adam and Shazam one shot Superboy prime together.

    Billy has never been humiliated by Supes in a fight. I will thank you not to slander Earth's mightiest mortal that way.


    Well maybe not so much the comics but as for other mediums:

    Well let’s just say that Shazy has had some pretty embarrassing moments lol.

    Seriously though while Shazam can on occasion get the best of Supey the clear majority of the time Superman is portrayed as being stronger then Shazam:


    And Doomsday at his strongest form was portrayed as far too powerful for Superman to kill even when he stops holding back and actually tried to kill Doomsday. In fact that version of Doomsday only meet his end at the hands of Imperiex, you know the being that almost destroyed the entire universe.

  10. But Batroc giving his enemies a fair chance isn’t an example of disloyalty. That’s just him having a code of honor. Doesn’t Bane also have a similar mindset?

    Batroc the Leaper is nothing if not loyal to whomever he’s given his word to serve. Like the time Ulysses Claw hired him to be apart of his assault on Wakanda, even when the tide turned against Klaw’s forces Batroc still fought along side Klaw and didn’t flee even when it was clear they were about to lose. Again that loyalty plus his lack of ambition or tendency to backstab his allies I think will make him most attractive to the Legion.

    I would think Joker would prefer to straight up kill a flake like Maxie. He only goes the extra mile in making someone suffer if they’re actually worthy of it. Also again the rest of the Legion also know of Maxie’s numerous screw ups so why would they be eager to let a screw up like him into such an illustrious club of villainy? 

  11. In my experience Artemis has always been one of the weaker Greek gods/goddesses. Sure she’s handled the occasional arrogant mortal or demi god but has she ever had to take on a fellow full on godlike being? Not that I’m aware of. Also Zeus was clearly afraid of Artemis hurting Callisto, not himself. If anything he seemed more scared of Hera’s wrath then Artemis.

    Again Amaterasu has actually had to fight her fellow godly siblings Tsukuyomi and Susano and she absolutely kicked their asses! That plus her writing the books about being a samurai and bushido makes me trust her more to lead the Ewoks to repeal the Empire more. 

    Also whose room say that she won’t be able to teach the Ewoks how to wield katanas? They seemed to learn how to drive a speeder bike or an AT-ST quickly enough.

  12. 13 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    Don't think Dominator's fire is a threat at all tbh considering Tink can effectively enflame herself.

    Dominator has shown her primary weapon of choice to be fire. It's what her robots use too.


    You know what you can't do when your opening move is nuking the planet? Rely on hostages later, so I don't think that's in her wheelhouse.


    Dominator is too straightforward for this challenge.

    It’s lava not fire TGK, and lava is decidedly much hotter then fire. And while yes she uses her magma more then her ice that’s mostly because she didn’t discover her ice powers until halfway through the second season. But that doesn’t mean she won’t be able to use it to kill Tink if she needs to.

    Well again she’s taken hostages before, like during the finale when she held Wander hostage. Look your the one who says she shouldn’t be allowed to blow up Never Land now your saying she can? Which is it dude?

    Too straightforward? Sorry I didn’t know that the rulebook of assassination said that every single kill has to be overly complicated with no less then 5 steps and needs at least several days to go into effect. Look slick I think your really overthinking what this scenario is requiring our villains to do. The challenge is very simple: Which villain can take the fairy out? How and why they do it are left very ambiguous, so I for one think any way is allowed from taking hostages, using drones or even blowing up Never Land itself. Sorry but there are no rules that say they aren’t allowed to do so.

  13. 13 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    Imagining you would do such a thing and then feeling that you actually have are very different.

    Others on board are a threat to Will. Dr. Weir is more than capable of taking out a psychologist. Throw in that even those "sane" are still suffering from vivid visions and possession. The ship isn't above orchestrating explosions or spacing Will either and he has nothing to survive those.

    It seemed pretty realistic to Graham when he did it.

    And Will is a trained FBI agent who hunts serial killers for a living. Psycho Dr Grant doesn’t have anything on Hannibal Lecter or Francis “The Tooth Fairy” Dolarhyde. He can handle anyone who presents a danger to him. Also in the movie three people were able to survive the event so I’d think they’d still be sane enough to help Will survive. At the very least they’d be able to explain to him how to avoid getting spaced and how to safely split the ship in two like how they did in the movie.

  14. 10 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    Hey wait a minute I’ve played Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator several times and Stormtroopers aren’t a faction in it! It looks like someone just customized the Tornado Troopers to look like Stormtroopers. Sorry but that definitely isn’t a canon work. Also like C.T. the Star Wars novel Death Troopers already showed us what would happen if the Stormtroopers encountered zombies and it doesn’t end well for the Troopers.

  15. 6 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    The weapons are not guaranteed to take out the Fairy. As you pointed out, she survives a massive explosion unscathed. Dominator's weapons of choice may be ineffectual against this magical being. Magical beings often have specific weaknesses, but they are otherwise invincible.

    I'm sure Ratigan could devise a truly convoluted drowning scheme to pull on Tinkerbell. The scale of the crime is what is truly being discussed in "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind" as a way of upstaging what he has already done (including stealing the Crown jewels which has NEVER happened in real life barring an actual revolution and the English Civil War). The idea of trapping a slaying a mystical being.


    As to the drone strikes as assassinations, you and I must run in different circles because I've always heard it as a drone strike not an assassination. I would say an assassination is a single target or a small cluster of targets. Would you say Grand Moff Tarkin assassinated Bail Organa? Because that is the scale that Lord Dominator runs in.

    But as I also pointed out Dominator has abilities far more powerful then a simple early gunpowder era bomb. Like for example her ability to manipulate lava or ice. She can either burn Tinker Bell alive or freeze her to death. So even if you still wanna argue that her blowing up Never Land is too over the top to be considered an assassination (I will still argue otherwise though) she can still kill Tinker Bell in other ways. She’s also not above taking hostages like Peter, the Lost Boys or the other fairies to force Tinker Bell to come to her.

    Most importantly though her methods will be much faster and more of a guarantee kill then hoping that Ratigan’s long and overly complicated plan works.

  16. 5 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    The zombies may be the physical superiors of Stormtroopers but a combination of ranged weaponry and a willingness to use terrain is going to help them hold ground. Furthermore, a regular human being can punch through a car windshield. They may not like the resulting glass-hand combo, but they can do it.

    Even though they will open with blasters, once the zombies close to thermal detonator range, they are going to use them. And being vaporized is a good way to deal with hordes of zombies.

    Their armor again is really only vulnerable at the joints

    "You're late," Qorl said. He cocked his droid arm back-and hurled the deadly weapon at Norys with all the strength in his robotic servomotors!

    Norys stood astonished as the deadly spearpoint hurtled toward his chest plate. He just had time to cry "Hey!" in a panicked voice amplified by his helmet speakers before the barbed tip impacted squarely with enough force to smash him backward.

    Norys slammed into the wall, his helmet ringing against the hard metal bulkhead. His vision sparkled with impending unconsciousness. He expected to see a spear sprouting from his heart and waited for his nerves to send shouts of mortal pain. He wanted to scream that Qorl, his supposed teacher, had betrayed him, murdered him. But a split second later his thoughts cleared enough to hear the clatter as the spear shaft fell harmlessly to the floor. He looked down at his chest in amazement and saw only a nick in the white armor where the spear had struck."

    - Taken from Star Wars Young Jedi Knights 4: Lightsabers

    My point still stands though, once up close the zombies will either through the Troopers armor with their hands or bite through the weak spots in their joints. And the big thing to remember is that WWZ zombies is that it only takes 12 seconds for someone to turn into a zombie once bitten. That’s gonna be huge for a scenario like this cause the Stormtroopers are so used to fighting as a disciplined and organized unit that once some of their own men suddenly turn on them I think that’ll really shock them and lead to much panic and discord amongst the remaining troops.

    And sorry but thermal detonators I feel won’t be the game charger you think they’ll be. The zombies are really fast so unless some of the Stormtroopers are willing to do a kamikaze like attack I don’t see too many zombies getting caught in the blast range.

    5 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    A super strong droid fails to penetrate the armor. The Zombies are not going to have any more luck.

    "The creatures came at him from the front, side, and behind. Norys turned, remembering to think, point, aim, and shoot. He eliminated another creature.

    Two more emerged from the ceiling, but Norys swiveled at the waist and forced himself to concentrate. One of the two struck from behind, though its claws skittered off Norys's white stormtrooper armor. He ignored it as he set the second mynock firmly in his sights and shot it."

    - Taken from Star Wars Young Jedi Knights 4: Lightsabers"


    Eh I haven’t seen a droid tear through a steel door before.

    5 hours ago, Twogunkid said:

    And though Zombies may punch harders, Troopers are not without a few melee options of their own.

    "Arm Segments- Forearm segments are reinforced to intercept vibroblades in close combat. With an optional modification, the gloves can deliver stun shocks.

    - Taken from The Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide"

    Further the zombies are infected humans. The stun setting on blasters overloads the nervous system which the Zombies should be vulnerable to still. The troopers have a versatile enough kit and the edge in military training, range, and ability to deal with hordes of zombies that they can take this.

    The thing is once the zombies get close enough I absolutely see getting a bite out the trooper before it realizes it needs to stab the head in order to kill it. And by that point it’ll be too late.

    And correction: their infected dead humans. Their nervous system is no longer functioning at that point, that’s why they feel no pain when punching through a glass window or recoil even when stabbed or shot at. So I think setting their blasters on stun will be the absolute worst move for the Stormtroopers. It’d be like trying to take down a zombie with a taser, like their dead they literally can’t feel pain like that anymore.

    Again I really think in a situation like this their training will ultimately work against them. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Stormtrooper training seek to actively discourage individualism and creativity in favor of almost mindless obedience to order and the chain of command? Well that mindset will not be useful against zombies because most of the troops won’t be thinking about how shots to the enemies chest area doesn’t seem to be working or how it might be a better idea to fall back rather then let the zombies surround and trap them. Their training to be thoughtless and passionless weapons of the emperor will ultimately make them very poor zombie fighters. 


  17. 45 minutes ago, Twogunkid said:

    He's going to see them post his killing of them. The kind of mind breaking thing he isn't going to get out of the feeling that he has actually killed his family. I will admit I have no knowledge of the NBC series, but it's going to feel very real to him. I don't see a way he comes through with his sanity intact.

    Plus other passengers are all dangerous threats to him in their own right. The only way to truly best the Event Horizon is to destroy it, and Graham has 1. No knowledge to do that and 2. No way to survive in space.

    Oh yeah? I should remind folks that as a criminal profiler Will’s job is to literally put himself in the mindset of the killers he’s tracking down and literally visualize himself doing the crimes in order to figure out where they’ll strike next. I remember one episode where in order to protect his family Will actually had to visualize how if he was in the killers shoes how he would break into and murder his family. He literally envisioned himself murdering his own wife and son in cold blood in a very disturbing and gritty manner in order to protect them! So again Will’s already had to face just about every fear and insecurity he has ever thought of, his sanity at this point is unbreakable. 

    If there are other passengers on board that can only help Will. He might not know how to work a space ship but he can surely enlist the few survivors who are still sane to help him do the whole split the ship in two theory that Laurence Fishburne did in the movie. And as long as he has his gun he can take care of psycho Dr Grant.

  18. The most important demographic for a smartphone to appeal to is the teen and pre-teen demographic. Most of said teens and pre-teens have likely grew up with fond memoirs of Lucky and his very memorable and fun commercials. So if the leprechaun recommends the Amazon Fire Phone then I see a great number of them going out and buying the product on that alone. No offense to Snap, Crackle and Pop but I just don’t remember their commercials as vividly as Lucky’s.

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