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  1. This match will probably come down to Percy vs Leman Russ. Now I’ll probably get a lot of flack from the Warhammer fans for this take, but I’m leaning Percy. As I mentioned in his last match Percy once stalemated Kronos, the King of the Titans and ruler of the known universe at one point. I think he can beat Leman.
  2. Good write up VCM86. A little short, but you do give a good enough write up for me to understand the fight. 👏👏👏
  3. I think so, I mean all he’s really need to do is teach her how to be less condescending toward her troops and be better able to command respect from them. So who exactly do I vote for if I say yes?
  4. Well hang on everybody do we even know if anyone on Team Hero can even put down The Headless Horseman? The guy is kinda already undead.
  5. Now dragons of GoT are stated to have a strong connection to magic, so while Drogon’s fire might be more mystical then regular fire, I’ve also seen Elsa be able to freeze the fire of that Fire Spirit in Frozen 2 so in my mind Elsa should be able to freeze over Drogon, mystical fire or no. I do like Dany as a character, but I don’t see her being much of a match on her lonesome. Elsa FTW!
  6. As usual here’s some clips to give y’all some information about these guys:
  7. Previously on One Night in Sin City: Ducking under the swinging fist Hit-Girl delivered two quick punches to her opponents ribs and then uppercutted right under her jaw! Knocked flat on her ass, Elle reached across the floor for something to even the odds against her foe. The former Deadly Viper Assassin smirked as she found the discarded butterfly knife. When the teen heroine lunged at her again, Elle Driver stabbed out with her knife, racking it across the purple suited girl’s forearm. As Hit-Girl recoiled in pain Elle pressed her advantage and tackled the smaller fighter t
  8. Maybe not, but surely Zombie Spider-Man and Shredder could be taken out of the fight pretty early by that Cyclops stomping them. So then it’ll be Namor vs all three of them! Now one on one Bob and Beholder shouldn’t be a match for Namor, but as support fighters they could really swing the fight in favor of their team. Peypey already discussed Beholders abilities, but Bob could also prove valuable due to both his sheer indestructible (the guy survived being launched into near space orbit and then fell back to Earth with no sign of damage) and his unintentionally annoying personality. Like if he
  9. Can’t go against Tommy Wiseau, The Room is still one of my favorite bad movies of all time.
  10. Yes actually. Both times he appeared was in his giant form, so it’s unknown if he even had a human sized form.
  11. Like I said a while ago Ken has managed to stalemate a Satsui no Hado possessed Ryu before, and in that form Ryu was doing things like deflecting bullets and blowing up buildings! And second timeline Johnny Cage’s green magic allowed him to defeat an Elder God and Satan analog Shinnok. I see them blowing away Pikachu and Kaiba and then tag teaming Kakyoin.
  12. I also made sure to grade your match this time JohnnyChany. Sorry again about last time. 😅
  13. I think Honoka can take this. She’s been growing on me the last few fights she’s had so I’ll back her this time.
  14. Can’t say that I’ve heard of Rally Vincent before, maybe I’ll look up those Gunsmith Cats OVAs Twogunkid recommended.
  15. I’m standing by my earlier words about this fight, Chloé as Queen Bee or Queen Wasp is faster and stronger then Trini. C’mon guys let’s not end this in another draw because Trini is more nostalgic.
  16. Um Cyclops is a three hundred foot world ending monster. Pretty sure he just steps on Team 1.
  17. I guess the question is do you want a whole mini series of the romance or one incredibly funny/suspenseful movie of the romance. Yes DSkillz is right that the Neville x Catherine romance won’t last quite as long as the Neville x Foxy one but it will have much greater content in it’s hour and a half run then it’s opponents time. C’mon voters do y’all want a long, drawn out mini series about the done to death jerk with heart of gold attracts soft and innocent love interest or do y’all want an edge of your seat movie of a poor loser kid who has to look past his own desperation to have a beautiful
  18. Yeah but the problem is that Bugs can do things far beyond what Dot has been shown capable of doing “Why bugs bunny is the most significant and powerful cartoon character”. Now your right that Bugs has technically not used any of these methods against Cecil, but the fact that he could do those things against Cecil and yet by the end of “Shell Shocked” admits that the only thing he can do better then Cecil is cry indicates that those powers wouldn’t do him any good against the turtle anyways. Also the episode Shell Shocked showed us that Cecil can duplicate himself like Multiple Man, thus
  19. Yes he has. In one issue of Deadpool I remember him actually beating up and interrogating one of his authors into telling him where find one of his targets. Would it be fair of me to use that to argue that Wade could beat Thanos or Galactus? Superman has had several of his powers and abilities retconned and expanded upon over the years, would it be fair of me to say because of that we should assume he can develop powers like shrinking himself or developing telekinesis because it’s “within his perview?” We all agree that Goku is stronger then Frieza, and since Frieza can breathe in spac
  20. Well again DSKillz would be fair for me to argue in a Deadpool vs Thanos match that since Deadpool can break the fourth wall he could have the author write him as being stronger then Thnos? C’mon dude you know that that’s bullshit! Popeye has never been written as being faster then Bubbles and it’s ridiculous to say that he could simply because you want him to do so. And since the whole match hinges on who can catch the Fox first, Bubbles speed will ultimately play a bigger factor here then Popeye being able to break the fourth wall!
  21. This might be a long shot but what if Leo pulled off that turning into a dragon trick him and his bros did in Season 5? @ 11:44 Just saying that could be an instant KO right there.
  22. Yes but the problem is has she ever taken on a threat like Cecil by her lonesome before? What exactly could she do to him that Bugs hasn’t already tried?
  23. Your argument hinges on Popeye being able to produce a cage with his bare hands. How do you know he could do that? Has he ever tried to trap another character with toon force like said Fox? How do you know he won’t escape it like he would escape Bubbles? And don’t say that because he can break the fourth he can do that. That’s like saying Deadpool can break the fourth wall therefore he can beat Thanos, Galactus, and the Beyonder all at once! But you admitted earlier he lost or misplaced the spinach several times. Your also the one saying this Fox is so wiley and smart! Your sayi
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