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  1. I hate to do this Rakai, but I actually might have to vote against a Turtle for this round. Here are my main reasons: Number 1: I know that you listed Haohmaru as just Peak Human, but if we’re really going by his move sets and abilities shown in the Samurai Shodown game then he should be listed Low Tier Superhuman as well: his Hurricane Attack can create, well, small hurricanes with a slash of his sword, he can jump higher and dash faster then regular humans should be able to physically accomplish, and the ki energy that he summons to protect and enhance his body is apparently strong enough to where he can shrug off blades, knifes, and other sharp objects that realistically should have sliced through his skin like butter! Number 2: Like I said he possesses ki energy attacks like Terry Bogard, so like Terry Haohmaru will have more variety in his attacks and be able to control the battlefield better then Leo, especially in an open area like the map you just posted. Number 3: While Leo does have experience fighting samurai like Usagi, Haohmaru has fought and beaten legit OG ninjas like Hanzo Hattori, Kazuki Kazama and dozens of others on a pretty regular basis, so he’ll be pretty prepared for almost every skill or ninja ability Leo might have learned. Conclusion: While Leo will likely have training and speed on his side, I feel that if we take Haohmaru’s feats as they are presented in game, he’ll have the clear strength, durability, skill variety, and experience to take Leo and probably his brothers down. Side Note: Historically speaking, there’s a reason why Ninjas preferred to strike from the shadows and avoid direct combat; because Samurai almost universally have the advantage in an open battle with any Ninja.
  2. If there's something strange! In your neighborhood! Who you gonna call? Kazuma Kiryu!
  3. I think Laura’s got this! She’s learned from the best how to be “the best there is at what she does!”
  4. If Bats and DD have prep time, I’ll vote them. But if this is a first encounter, then the villains will likely win.
  5. Unless Bats and DD have plenty of prep time and knowledge of Carnage’s weaknesses, then I think the villains will win this.
  6. I’d bet on my girl Raya too! She had much greater fight scenes that better showed off her skills and abilities in comparison to Mulan.
  7. Sorry Rebecca, but Hush is too much of a sociopath to feel guilty about really anything.
  8. This has to be Iroh. Like the guy not only motivated and trained Zuko to become one of the greatest firebenders of the series but also motivated him to not turn into the evil and genocidal tyrant that the last three Fire Lords had been, and helped guide his character development into a morally sound and great leader who finally managed to redeem his country and guide it away from it’s war hungry and imperial past. And in LoK his spirit found Korra in the spirit realm and taught her how to traverse the spirit world and gave her the motivated to defeat the Dark Avatar Unalaq and the God of Evil Vaatu from recreating the world as we know it into their own image! So yeah, Iroh is very good at motivating people.
  9. Dang it, I knew this be the one scenario that would hurt my girl! If only this was like a combat scenario, that would something to debate. But yeah, even I don’t have an argument to make for Raya. “Reflections” is just too perfect of a song to go against. And I’m really hating on Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada for not including a song for Raya.
  10. My money is on Nightwing, as was stated by many others his training under Batman has included disguise training and more importantly in espionage training. It’s one thing to have a convincing disguise, but it matters much more if you have the training and charisma to become the disguise for a long period of time without giving yourself away. Psylocke’s could telepathically create disguises for herself, but most of the time it’s just a temporary illusion meant to distract others for only a few seconds. For a long term spy mission I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s the best option. Dick has had much more adventures where he’s had to be a spy for a long period of time so I’ll say he would be a better disguise and espionage focused ninja.
  11. Yes he does. During the several episodes where they were in space and then latter when the Triceratons and the Federation invaded the Earth, Raph and his brothers had to infiltrate several of their ships, even at one point managing to take hostage the Triceratons leader. Sure they didn’t technically assassinate anyone, but the episodes show he can infiltrate faculties very similar to the Death Star, and other episodes show that the Turtles would kill if they have to.
  12. Damn, now that that image is in my head, it will never leave me. Gonna have to log off my computer now, drink some water, then lay back down on my bed and slowly come to terms with the fact that the seemingly innocent Princess Aurora was such a killer.
  13. Ron’s got this! The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the “Ron Factor!”
  14. If it’s who will put their student life through the worse type of hell, then Wildcat will win by a mile!
  15. I should remind people that the sci-fi environment of this match heavily favors Raphael here. Much of the 2003’s series 2nd season took place off Earth, where the Turtles had to traverse a Star Wars-esque setting, right down to having to protect a droid carrying information about a super weapon capable of destroying entire planets! So I’d argue that Raphy would be better prepare for planning an assassination on a figure like Tarkin in a setting like the Star Wars universe. Lady Shiva is undeniably deadly, but I think she’ll be a bit too unfamiliar with the rules and technology of this setting to pull this off without some costly mishaps.
  16. Never seen White Collar before. But based on what I’ve learned about it through these debates, I kinda wished I did.
  17. I just submitted my entry! Hope you guys like it!
  18. New Haggar is a multiverse level threat. She would stomp Tala.
  19. Well since I’m still pissed about losing the Raphael vs Cassandra match, I’ll pull for Leonardo to win as a sort of symbolic revenge. I actually had Leo as part of my team a few seasons ago, so I still have the images of his feats, such as him pushing open a T-Rex’s jaws from the inside, pushing over a giant statue with an equally large monster on the other end of it and him dodging missiles in midair by jumping on top of them: Another advantage Leo will have over Dick will be his durability, on top of using his shell to break blades in half: Leonardo and his bros have survived a direct blast from the Sword of Tengu, which in another scene leveled an entire building in one blast: So needless to say, I’d think Dick will be pretty hard pressed trying to harm Leo at all, in fact he’ll probably break his knuckles before he penetrates Leo’s shell. Also remember that per MMA rules, no weapons of any kind will be allowed in the Octagon, so no chance of Dick using his toys to try to even the field with Leo either. Thus in an MMA sanctioned match, Leonardo will have the clear advantage thanks to his greater strength, durability, and the fact that Dick will be greater handicapped by MMA rules then Leo.
  20. Glad to finally see the next part to your arc finally come out JohnnyChany. This has got to be the longest running story arc CBUB has ever seen and I am in awe that you’ve kept it up for so long. ✊ always. I’ll bet on Siegfried winning this. During his fight with Nightmare in Soulcalibur 4, the shock waves from their clashes completely destroyed Ostrheinsburg Castle. And in this continuity he’s had at least a century of experience to train and hone his already impressive skills and abilities, plus I see Gill’s arrogance getting the better of him in this situation. Plus I have a feeling that Urien might try to distract his brother during the fight by taunting him on the sidelines.
  21. I’m putting my money on Dick. He’s trained to handle swords, shurikens and other ninja equipment before and he is generally considered an all around stronger and smarter fighter then Matt. Go Nightwing!
  22. Love it Venom 2009! I’ll give it 4.7 out of 5! I think I agree with patrickthekid, the Rangers armor has held up against stronger stuff then the facehuggers acid and their more then strong enough to rip it off. Even if they have some casualties I see most of not all the Power Rangers making through this scenario no worse for wear.
  23. If that is how it goes down then it’s a Sauron win. His spirit will live on as long as the Ring survives and it will eventually betray Mandarin and cause his death so that it can return to Sauron.
  24. Again guys, 12 year old Allan survived in the game for 20+ years. Odie only needs to survive one day.
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