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  1. Very cool that your keeping track of your matches like that dude, very awesome! I’m pretty bummed out that Cammy lost her fight, thought for sure she’d win. But Lars should definitely beat Leona here, during his role as main protagonist in T6 he beat Nina, Alisa, and even Kazuya in battle and at the end fought Jin and apparently stalemated him. The guy has to be at least one of the top 5 strongest fighters in the Tekken series, he’s got to win this.
  2. After thinking on it for a bit, I’m leaning towards Guile, he’s just had better canon showings I feel, plus I think I like his move set just a bit more then Law. Sorry Law, I hope Guile snaps out of it before he causes too much damage.
  3. Shit. Sorry I missed out on this match Mercenary, big fan of the animated Star Series and am just getting into the Bad Batch.
  4. Soup Nazi wins. He’ll criticize and tear down Beverly meals so bad she’ll leave the contest in tears.
  5. WARNING PLEASE READ: Okay so this is a very detailed setup in which one of the combatants is in fact a Nazi, so there will definitely be some words and themes that were unquestionable offensive and hurtful. Honestly I was very uncomfortable with some of the dialogue I wrote, so if this setup is what gets me banned from CBUB then I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended. Obviously I reject any and all forms of hate and bigotry that characters like Stormfront stand for. Sorry again. ************************************ Something isn’t right. She knew that much, th
  6. Going with Ibuki, I think her speed and tricky attacks will overwhelm Mina, she’ll take this match more times then not.
  7. Going real old school with the Arabian Knights Broadway, I respect that. Like DSKillz said though, I think this rendition of the Jokerz are a bit too powerful here, not only have they taken on the likes of Bats, Wondy and GL, but they’ve apparently killed almost the entire rest of the Justice League of their time, that’s no small feat. As always great setup and I love how how you always give the lesser known characters their time to shine. Keep it up Broadway.
  8. Damn this is such a close match, I just don’t know who to pick! Need some time to think!
  9. Just from watching the clips of these two guys, I’m liking Omar for this fight. Not only for his sharpshooting skills but just the general fear and terror that the extras on the show exhibit when he shows up. “IT’S OMAR! IT’S OMAR! OMAR IS COMING!” Damn.
  10. I think the Dora Milaje win this, basing this on the fact they’re order has been around much longer gives them much greater battle experience and skill, plus the fact that Wakanda is one of the richest nations in the world means their training and overall health will be much greater then the Hand or the Foot. Let’s go ladies!
  11. I used to live my life quarter mile at a time. But things change, I’m a father now. I’ve got a son, who I almost lost not long ago. And I got a wife who I thought I lost long, long ago. I’ve always said family is the most important thing in my life, so I have to protect them, no matter what happens, no matter who might threaten them, I will always do what I gotta do to protect my family. “Well I don’t see any immediate problem, might have to take a closer look to find what’s wrong with it,” Dom looked over the Toyota Tacoma truck, trying to find the issue with it. “It’s
  12. Good job all around guys (especially DSKillz) awesome season all around!
  13. Well I think the idea is that each character is supposed to take on each individually. I would think Chimp calling on another hero (especially one already on another CBUB team) would kinda be cheating.
  14. If Strange had prep time he might’ve found a way to at least trick her into leaving the fight. But in a random meeting, Mistress Death will snatch the life right outta Stephen.
  15. Going with Sora, he should breeze through the Cuphead world tbh.
  16. Are these Orcs of any specific franchise like LotR or Warcraft, or are they just generic Orcs? My opinion could change based on what kind of Orcs these are.
  17. Might actually vote for Ozy. Outsmarting and killing a nigh-Omnipotent and Omniscience being is a pretty damn impressive feat. Sure Constantine has outfoxed plenty top tier guys, but none of them quite like Dr. M.
  18. After putting some thought into it, I’m pulling for Goldar, Shego, and Kuma, due to them being the more competent fighters and probably having better teamwork. Also I would welcome links to previous SKWD matches Confession, I don’t think I’m familiar with them.
  19. Going with Kasumi here, she’s battled final bosses that were just as powerful as Kazumi and come out on top. Plus she’s just much faster and has more variety in her attacks, so I think she’ll be hitting Kazumi more times then Kazumi will be hitting her.
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