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  1. I really love the heart and creativity your putting into these matches Boratz. Consider me your #1 fan! Anyways so I played Fallen Order and remember that Taron guy being such a hard boss, I literally died dozens of times before I finally beat him. So I know he’s gonna be a tough foe, but since his fight with Cal is the only canon feat we got for him it’s hard to figure out how he’ll stack up against Ahsoka. And grown up Snips has some pretty high tier feats which include fighting evenly with Vader and Maul. Yeah I think I’ll play it safe and pick Ahsoka, mostly because she has more numerous and impressive feats.
  2. Well I assume we’re using the Walt Disney version of Tinker Belle and thus the Disney version of Never Land. According to the link you gave me the Disney Never Land seems to be located in space as the film added a “star” to Peter’s directions to it: "second star to the right, and straight on till morning." Heck as he’s guiding them to Never Land in the 1953 film he outright points to said star in the sky as Never Land so I would think that all but confirms Never Land as a planet in this continuity. But as I also mentioned Lord Dominator has more options then just blowing up Never Land to get at Tink. She did capture Wander when many other villains failed and he’s shown to be much more elusive and slippery then Tinker Belle.
  3. I kinda feel like I have to vote for Angar here. It’d be a freaking travesty if he went 0-2 at the closest thing to a home game for him.
  4. I think Thor can win them over. He likes good food, alcohol, and telling stories, and the Hobbits like good food, alcohol, and telling stories. It’s a pretty good match. Anubis meanwhile will be too scary for the Hobbits I’m afraid.
  5. I think Ronald has this. Just make the “Little Miss No Name” doll apart of his happy meals and sales will go through the roof.
  6. Basically how I see this match going. Sorry Magpie.
  7. I believe so, it was during the 1994 comic Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey but admittedly it’s been a long time since I’ve read the comic.
  8. As much as I hate to bring up Alien 3 it should be mentioned that she survived in a setting eerily similar to New York City Penitentiary. Or actually she didn’t technically “survive” it but there won’t be a xenomorph in this scenario.
  9. I came into this ready to vote Zeus, but @Fox literally changed my mind with only a few words. Norse battle poetry for the win!
  10. Master Chief survived falling from the atmosphere of a planet to ground side remember y’all? Also Chief’s main enemy for years were the Sangheili (Elite) who are definitely comparable if not superior, in strength to the gargoyles. It’s said that the average Elite has the strength of 10 men and Chief not only fought evenly with them, the Elite actually came to fear him. Chief was so effective at routing and defeating their forces during ground engagements that the Covenant forces called him “the demon.”
  11. Don’t worry pal, people say I speak gibberish too. 🤣
  12. I personally think that Culwych is absolutely right. Come on Merc you can’t say that his scenario is one of the least possible outcomes when it has happened in two separate instances. Like the whole plot of Frozen was exactly as Culwych described, jerks like Duke Weselton and SPOILER ALERT Hans trying to convince the world that Elsa is a monster and turn them against her, yet Elsa’s love for her sister and her general kind personality shined through and the baddies were exposed and got what they deserved. A very similar scenario happened in The Hunchback of Norte Dame also. Frollo tried to convince Quasimodo that he was a monster and that Esmeralda was a gypsy witch and yet ultimately the public turned against Frollo and Quasimodo and Esmeralda were ultimately accepted by the masses despite Frollo’s propaganda and fear mongering. Heck since this scenario features Disney characters it’ll likely take in a traditional Disney setting and you better believe that Culwych’s scenario is not only highly likely to happen but it’s practically status quo! Maybe in a more dark/realistic setting Merc’s dismissal might be justified but in a happy, idealistic world from the Mickey Mouse brand then I would think Frollo getting away with turning society against the clear misunderstood heroine is the least likely outcome. Now that’s not to say that Tamatoa is the clear favorite here, the fact that he would likely try to eat Elsa would definitely make it hard to turn her to the dark side. So while it is hard to definitely say whether either villain could succeed here, I would lean ever so slightly in favor of Tamatoa because if he can just get past the whole trying to eat her phase then I think Elsa could identify with big T’s outsider status and ultimately learn from him to put herself first and develop a selfish streak that could lead her on the path of villainy.
  13. Are we sure Never Never Land is another dimension and not another planet? In works such as Neverland (2011) and Kingdom Hearts it was shown to be a planet that can be traveled to. Even if it isn’t would it really be that difficult for Dominator to reach Never Land same as Tink? “Just follow the second star to the right and straight on till morning,” right? It’s not like anything would physically stop her, plus in Peter Pan in Scarlet the Darlings and the Lost Boys were able to return to Never Land without Peter or Tink’s help. Also Dominator actually has experience capturing small, elusive, borderline magical characters before. Wander Over Yonder’s main character (Wander) is almost uncatchable to the point of annoyance. Like Lord Hater and other villains had been trying to capture Wander for years and all the while Wander was completely oblivious to that and wasn’t really even trying to avoid them. But at the season finale Dominator was able to (briefly) capture and hold him hostage. So she’s got that going for her too.
  14. Hulk vs Doomsday. Damn this’ll probably be a very close matchup, just like it’d be if they ever faced off in the comics, but I have to go all in on Doomsday and not just because he’s part of my team. If we take both these titans of pure rage and strength at their absolute best (Hunter/Prey Doomsday and World Breaker Hulk) then I think big Doomy would win slightly more often then ole jolly green, maybe 6 outta 10 times. That’s because I believe Doomsday has Hulk beat in three main factors: speed, durability, and being just plain unkillable. Speed: Now I know what your thinking, Pizzaguy Doomy is just a lumbering brute, surely he doesn’t move anymore faster then fellow ungainly giant Hulk. But remember y’all Doomsday regularly brawls with super speedsters like Flash, Supes, and others and shows no trouble keeping up with them. Now one could argue that he’s more reacting to their speed rather then matching them, except that during said fights Doomy is able to blitz the heroes several times and they themselves react in surprise at how quick the big mass of muscle moves! In the first clip below we see Doomsday able to quickly grab and slam Guy Gardner to the ground so fast that Gardner (who as a Green Lantern should at least be able to react at Massively FTL+ speeds) outright says Doomsday was too fast for him to see! In the next clip below we Doomsday blitzing his way through five leaguers, including Supes, before any of them could dodge! Leading Supes (who can fly around the earth multiple times in under a second) to exclaim in shocking amazement “His speed—”. And in the final picture we see Booster Gold right before losing conscious say that Doomy has to be faster then Flash. Durability: Don’t get me wrong, Hulk is one tough motherfucker, but even at his World Breaker iteration he’s not completely invincible. Those of us who read World War Hulk remember the iconic battle between Hulk and Sentry which ended in a technical draw when both fighters ultimately burned themselves out and reverted back to their civilian forms (granted Banner stayed awake while Reynolds passed out). This shows that as strong as World Breaker Hulk was, he had his limits and someone on Sentry’s level could wear him out and beat him through brute force. Meanwhile when Hunter/Prey Doomsday fought Supes and Wave Rider nothing they did could put Doomsday down and in fact they were forced to transport Doomy to the literal end of the universe because that was literally the only way to stop the spiney monster’s rampage! So as far as we know Hunter/Prey Doomsday is so strong not even Superman going all out could not find find his breaking point. World Breaker Hulk does have a breaking point: at Sentry’s level. Unkillable: As previously said Superman with Wave Rider could not kill Hunter/Prey Doomy, in fact I believe that version of Doomsday only met his death at the hands of Imperiex Prime, a universe destroyer! Cause at that point Doomsday had evolved to the point nothing else in the universe could kill him, especially not brute force as again seen in his rematch with Superman. Hulk is a tank no question about it, but as shown with his fight with Sentry and in his losses to Thor, Zeus, and even Superman during the DC/Marvel the Green Goliath is ultimately mortal even at his very best. So with Doomsday being faster, more durable, and just being too hard to kill, I see him ultimately taking this matchup. That’s my two cents.
  15. I’d bet my bottom dollar on Lara Croft. She’s survived some of the most hostile places on earth and had to deal with creatures like T-Rexs, Velociraptors, even a Dragon! Heck she’s fought the Egyptian God of Evil Set in two different timelines so I think she can handle the Xenomorphs. And if y’all are worried about how she’ll deal with the facehuggers, remember dealing with all those spike trap QTEs from the third timeline? https://gfycat.com/legalshockingbergerpicard I think she’ll be able to handle them just fine.
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