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  1. Like I said last time Electra is the toughest person there, she’ll win it again this time. Also feel kinda bad for Bond. Sorry bout Selina leaving you for dead bud.
  2. Carol or Mark could stomp the other team by themselves honestly. Pretty sure neither Bob, Lion-O, or Man-at-Arms are planet busters.
  3. If Luke can get close, his lightsaber and force abilities should do some big damage to even Iron Man. But unfortunately, I do see Tony cutting him down before he gets too close. Samurai Jack I think schools Kimberly in every conceivable category, especially experience, skills, and durability. The Predator might be a big deal in his own universe, but Hawk Girl by scaling should take him out pretty easily. All in all Team Avenger should take this round pretty easily. Hopefully we’ll get closer fights as the tournaments finals get closer.
  4. Been nice knowing ya Hun. Actually no it really hasn’t, but why speak ill of the dead? The Cybermen slaughter the Purple Dragons! Keep up the good work on writing up matches Movie-Brat! Big fan of yours!
  5. Love how hard working you are at writhing your matches Rakai! I give a 5.0, very great! The Ikari Warriors have never really impressed me much, though that might be because I only played one of there games once a long time ago. Donnie can take this, Clark is far from the toughest opponent he and his brothers have taken on.
  6. Gotta bet on Team Justice. Like the others have said, Team Ninja has no real counter for Lemillion and to a lesser extent Scarlet Spider.
  7. Greenwood Film Studios, Hollywood, USA. *Buzz!* Mr. Greenwood sir? There’s a Mr. Daffy Duck and a Mr. Squidward Tentacles here to see you.” James Greenwood, Chairman of Greenwood Films, smirked at hearing his secretary’s report. Taking out a Cuban Cigar from the jar on his desk, figuring he deserved a little celebration. After all this was just what he needed to transform his humble little studio into a main contender in the Hollywood film industry, as long as he chose the right star for the role. “Send them in at once Ms. Kelly,” The Chairman ordered as he
  8. Gotta bet on Jeffrey McWild! The guy’s main rival is a Devil Shark! Don’t get more hard then that!
  9. I’m betting on the Joes, I know folks tend to only remember Snake-Eyes but the Joes have tons of other badass mofos besides him: Duke, Flint, Spirit, Scarlet, Roadblock, and Lady Jaye are all tough enough to take on almost any Gotham villains as well as Snake-Eyes and considering they regularly take on a global terrorist organization bent on controlling the world, I would think a dozen or so city level villains would be more then within their ability to handle.
  10. Yes but as I mentioned in a previous match Percy can control the weather to an extant and has used that power in the past to summon hurricanes and storms to bring water directly to him. So the guy is never without a source of water to use for battle. Also I’m very aware of the ludicrous power levels of the Warhammer 40k universe, but from what I could look up while Leman is considered one of the better pure swordsmen of the Primarchs, in terms of pure power I think he was more mid tier if anything. While yes Kronos was weaken, even at that point he was still considered the mo
  11. Never saw District 9 sadly. But I remember the robots from I Robot being pretty badass and strong, so I’ll back them.
  12. Hmm, I think the variety of powers and abilities of the MK fighters might just give them the advantage. Then again the Red Rangers will have better teamwork, and several members of MK might just turn on one another due to past beefs. A greatly written match regardless dude.
  13. Okay so Nancy’s skills with a crossbow start at about 1:47. The other vids are pretty straight forward.
  14. Previously on One Night in Sin City: “Do you know who I fucking am! Who my fucking father is?” Kick-Ass ducked under the wild knife swing and then swatted away the follow up with one of his baton sticks. This crazed man had no real form or discipline to his attacks, only wild and reckless attacks. The hero tried to put some distance between them to better figure this Yellow Bastard out, but the sadistic asshole lunges forward yet again! Kick-Ass crossed his sticks around the rapists wrists, struggling to keep the knife at bay as the insane villain pressed forward with all his
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