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  1. Okay I can accept that the Kaiju energy attacks shouldn’t be considered light-based level speed but shouldn’t we consider the travel between planets feats as proof of Rodan’s FTL speed? Rodan is consistently portrayed as one of the fastest Kaiju after all. But even if his attack speed should only be limited to what’s been shown on the planet, that still puts Rodan at least at Mach 3 flight speed. My biggest question for the Gundam side is how fast is the F91 Gundam, because if his speed is similar or less then Rodan’s then it would stand to reason that Mecha G would be able to keep the Gundam from blitzing him with the Beam Saber and then use it’s overwhelming size, strength, and destructive capacity to take the win. In short, I would like to know this Gundam’s speed feats since as I’ve previously said I have never watched any of the Gundam series.
  2. It is listed in Rodan’s VS battle page. I’ll upload it if you don’t believe me.
  3. I only watched Pacific Rim once but from what I remember, poor Gipsy has no chance of winning this one. It has less hope then a fly in a spider’s web.
  4. Admittedly, this is more of a personal vote then a thought out one, but dammit I just want more Soul Caliber characters to advance in this crossover, so my vote is for Cassandra.
  5. I feel bad going against Mila because I really like her MMA fighting style and really think it she is one of the funnest new characters to play as in the Dead or Alive series, but at the same time I just think Mary’s throws and grappling might be too much. I might be voting for Blue Mary, but my heart is telling me that I’m making a mistake.
  6. I don’t know a lot about the Gundam series, but I do know that Mechagodzilla is one the toughest Kaiju level creatures that has ever existed. Since we’re going by his strongest feats, in it’s debut Heisei Mechagodzilla first fought and defeated Fire Rodan then immediately after fought and actually killed Godzilla (Big G had to be revived by Rodan sacrificing it’s life force) and during the fight tanked Godzilla’s atomic breath (which reaches temperatures over 900,000 degrees F). Also keep in mind that Mecha G has multiple ranged attacks such as Laser Beam Eyes, Shock Anchors, Rocket Fingers, and his Mega-Buster Ray to keep Gundam at a distance and negate it’s ability to use it’s Beam Saber. Also remember that Mecha G was able to tag and disable Rodan, whose speed is listed as Massively FTL in Attack, Flight, Combat, and Reaction (Literally the second fastest tier level of speed) so he can hit Rodan, he’ll definitely be hitting the Gundam.
  7. I was leaning towards Dracula when I first saw the match, but upon reading C.T.’s posts and facts about Dark Willow, I must admit my opinion has been changed. I’m voting for D. Willow to take this.
  8. Sadly for Barb this is going to come down to the comedy round because in every other areas the two are evenly matched. Both lovely ladies can sing very catchy and memorable songs and have the dance moves to go with them, Barb may have the natural ability to do magic, but “magic tricks” can also be a variety of things such illusions, entertaining tricks, and the ability to perform impossible feats, Pinkie Pie’s natural party tricks and fourth wall breaking abilities can easily qualify as “magic tricks.” Thus with those three categories too close to really call, it will eventually come down to the comedy round and Barb will be hopelessly outclassed in that area. Pinkamena Diane Pie will win this bout.
  9. Can’t figure out why so many people consider spying on the enemy more important then actually destroying them, but for those you stuck on the espionage part of this debate, remember Zwei can be just as effective as a spy as ISIS: *Zwei can compress and shrink his body in order to fit into things as small as a can of dog food and used that ability to smuggle himself into Beacon in order to be with Ruby and Yang, latter in the episode Ruby hid him in her backpack and smuggle him all the way to Mountain Glenn (quite a distance from Beacon) and no one else on the mission knew about it until the dog revealed himself. *Zwei is also far more intelligent then the regular pet; he can use mechanical tools like can openers, responded correctly to Ruby’s questions, and obeyed her order to remain silent when she smuggled him to Mountain Glenn and only revealed himself when Ruby was forced to show him to the group. *Like most dogs Zwei has enhanced senses of smell and hearing, giving him the ability to detect and track enemy combatants, useful for moving through enemy camps undetected, tracking down enemies that are hiding from your forces, and making certain the enemy won’t be sneaking up on you. Zwei can smuggle himself into guarded areas effectively, can track and find enemies hiding from you, and he can help you fight them if you require it. If that doesn’t convince y’all of his uses then I don’t know what will.
  10. Reed Richards has been declared multiple times by multiple fellow geniuses as the single most intelligent man in the Marvel Universe, a list that includes Tony Stark, Hank Pym, Victor von Doom, T’Challa, and Doctor Stephen Strange. Before he was even 20 years old he attained several degrees in science, mechanics, and physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Harvard, Columbia, and the fictional Empire State University. Him and the Fantastic Four regularly make interstellar travel from the Kree Empire to the Skrulls of the Andromeda Galaxy. On top of that he also has military funding to create his inventions, who pays for Arcade’s inventions?
  11. Safe to say Joe Quimby is a lame duck politician whose only Mayor due to lack of better alternatives. He won’t have a chance against an actual charismatic and proven leader like Haggar.
  12. Considering Zwei can easily fodder Beowolfs, Atlesian Paladins, survive being set on fire and survive a train exploding I think he’ll start slaughtering any enemies he’s fired at. I’d rather an animal that can destroy the enemy then spy on them.
  13. Megas XLR, that’s a name I haven’t heard in over 15 years. Having just refreshed my knowledge on the show I can safely say that Coop and Megas have what it takes to take down Destoroyah. In episode 1 of the series they took on a fleet of aliens who were specifically said to have been on the verge of wiping out humanity in the future, including a mech that at least 20 times bigger then Megas itself. In episode 3 Coop was invited to a tournament that featured the strongest fighting mechs in the galaxy and won handily even after it’s host tried to sabotage Megas near the end. In episode 7 Coop accidentally released a galactic prisoner called Grrkek The Planet Killer (who I think was said to have destroyed several planets before this) and Megas not only defeated him halfway through the episode, but also had to defeat dozens of other prisoners who were at least on Grrkek’s level. I hope y’all take these feats into account when you cast your votes.
  14. Bout time! Been waiting to see the big man in your crossover since forever!!!
  15. I’d never heard of Pulgasari before, but after looking up the film and how it came to made... I’m not sure if I can judge it fairly without the kidnapping business hanging over my head.
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