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  1. Point well made Fox. Sounds like an easy win the Crazy 88.
  3. Well the problem is that Honoka hasn’t really been fighting for that long nor does she even have real control over her powers, so I’m just not certain she’s ready for a real fight yet.
  4. I appreciate you taking the time to write up a very well written scenario Broadway, I also like it when someone tries using not so well known characters. Thanks for adding those videos too, I’m not too familiar with GI Joe or Jem and the Holograms. Just going off the video though, the Dreadnoks seemed like the types who get distracted pretty easily, to the point they get into petty brawls over “breath mints” and “candy mints.” So if the Misfits just need to get them distracted long enough to escape, then I’ll vote for them to take the match.
  5. Gotta go with King! The guy is tougher, more skilled, and has been a much more impactful player in Tekken then Tizoc in King of Fighters. Also King of Dinosaurs? Man what an amazingly ridiculous name. Glad someone thought of it.
  6. Well admittedly I’ve never played Dustforce before, had to Google the game to figure what it’s about. I’m just saying that if they do it at once Ezio could use his apple on Mario, if it’s split screen Ezio could still win. Like I said Ezio’s Eagle Vision will give him heads up on dangers coming at him, Mario won’t have that ability.
  7. Remember guys the scenario also requires the detective to recover the art. Old man Bats might be able to find Joker but can he take the art back from him? He is 55 and hasn’t fought crime in over several decades. And this Joker is in his prime and much tougher then the wrinkly old Joker from the Miller universe.
  8. Does Ezio get the Apple of Eden? It’s listed as part of his equipment and arsenal, and the guy had and used it for various missions throughout his life. If he does he can use it to trick Mario into walking into pits, spikes, or enemies. Ezio’s own parkour abilities and his Eagle Vision will allow him to make it through levels regardless, his Eagle Vision in particular being able to warn him ahead of any danger or attacks I think will be what puts him ahead of Mario I think.
  9. Considering that Barry has consistently shown the ability to resist Gorilla Grodd’s mind controls I think he can take Mewtwo.
  10. I’m aware that Wanda’s hex powers have ventured into the reality warping scale several times over the years, but by her own admission her reality warping abilities only work if given enough time and if she has a great enough source of power. So not only do I think her reality warp powers aren’t applicable here, I also think Gogeta’s fast enough to take her out before she can even cast a spell.
  11. W Eh, he apparently wasn’t charming enough, considering Harley latter stole Ivy out from under him, on his wedding day of all places! Anyways if it comes down to breaking the heiress’s infatuation with Kite Man, Q could always charm the heiress himself. The guy managed to win over Huntress, and she was like an easy 10 out of 10!
  12. I guess it depends on whether Jabba starts off with the full Hutt empire behind him and what exactly the “scale” is. Like is this the Star Wars universe with Batgirl dropped in it? DC Earth with Jabba as a Gotham gangster? Or is it sort of an amalgam of the two? Just so I have an idea of what operational experience the two competitors have.
  13. The problem with Cooler is that in canon he is regarded as not quite on the level of Frieza, who is truly on Goku’s level. Black Adam meanwhile is widely established as being a true rival to Supes and Shazam, not just a tier or two below them. So in my opinion, I think Adam is a bit more equal to Supes then Cooler is to Goku.
  14. Gotta go with the 3rd Street Saints, most of these guys are inner city kids which means many of them are probably amateur B-Ballers or Football enthusiasts who shoot hoops and toss pigskins at the park in their downtime. So in a game of dodgeball, I trust the Saints to at least be more physically active and in shape then the Mafia dudes.
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