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  1. While Lelouch was a great battlefield tactician and master manipulator, I don’t recall him being a chemist. Might have to vote for Brainiac 5 by default.
  2. Never was impressed by Vizsla, every one on one fight he was in he got his butt kicked pretty thoroughly.
  3. Now this’ll probably be one of the tougher fights for sure. On one hand; Lei does have a high damage output and his freeform abilities will give him a advantage if the fight drags on. On the other hand, Guile’s Flash Kick and Sonic Boom are great at breaking combos and creating space needed to regroup, plus his speed advantage gives him the potential to quickly end the fight if he catches Lei off guard. Gameplay wise this could go either way, but canon Guile has the advantage in taking on and beating Alex, the main character of the SF 3 series whose taken on plenty of toughies before Guile. I think Lei’s canonically beaten Bruce Irvin and Feng Wei, but Guile beating Alex is a far more impressive feat. My vote is for Guile.
  4. I’ve know next to nothing about the Virtua Fighter cast so I might be a little bias here. In my mind, Tekken and Street Fighter had the best combat systems of any fighting game so I’ll usually lean towards those fighters.
  5. Hmmm... It’s really hard to judge this matchup because I don’t think we ever really got to see how powerful Eris truly was, mostly because she was dealing with lowly mortals. I really think it will come down to whether Hades can use the Titans or not. Remember, the Titans were able to overpower and imprison Zeus (the most powerful being in the Disney’s Hercules universe) and all of his fellow Gods. Since we never got to see how Eris compared to other Gods, I can’t honestly tell how she or her minions would deal with the Titans. Edit: Just saw that the description says no Titans for Hades. I’m now thinking Eris will take this win.
  6. Very impressive set up. Hmmm, this is a tough one. Both groups are certainly badass in their own rights, but momma taught me to always choose brain over brawn, so I’m gonna role with Caesar and Rome. They conquered a much larger sized territory, have had to defeat much larger and more diverse enemies, and because Julius Caesar was probably one of the best military minds the world has ever seen.
  7. @JohnnyChany I have been a big fan of your fighting game crossover matches for a while now, you’ve done such an amazing job in writing such a great storyline that ties all these matches together. I’ve been keeping track of this series since King vs Leo and I hope I get to see where it eventually leads to. Keep being great Johnny!
  8. I’m going with Ganryu for this matchup. I’m seeing him getting in close and making great use of his heavy strikes and rapid to cause greater damage to Kokoro then she’ll be able to return. Koko’s mid range game has never been strong in my opinion, so sadly she won’t be able to survive a close quarter fight with Ganryu.
  9. Just watched the videos you uploaded. I’ve always found that the best fighters to pick are the ones with the best set of attack combos and from what I saw Momiji combos were more fluent, faster and caused more damage. Usually I prefer Street Fighter games for the better ultra moves, in this case I’ll vote for Momiji due to being more impressed with her combos and fighting style.
  10. Just rewatched several YouTube clips that featured the two ladies and in my opinion Furiosa certainly seems like the better fighter and more accurate shooter. Her strikes and body shoots seem far brutal and faster then what I saw with the Lori vs Melina fight, more importantly Furiosa is a much better shot then Lori. I lost count of how many times she failed to shoot Quaid, even when he was four feet from her! Given that the fight starts with guns, I’m voting for Furiosa.
  11. I have seen the newest Star War films, and Kylo’s main strength is going to be his force abilities, which has stalemated Rey’s own abilities. In the second movie, The Last Jedi, Rey held up a whole mountain slide of heavy boulders to help the rebels escape. In the same movie, when Kylo and Rey had a force tug of war over a lightsaber that ended in a draw and in The Rise of Skywalker they tied again in a battle of Force abilities. He might not be physically stronger then Blackbolt, but I can see his force abilities allowing him hang with Blackbolt long enough to get up close and use his lightsaber. Now if Blackbolt uses his scream, Kylo is finished, but I’ll argue that Blackbolt probably won’t want to use it least he accidentally kill everyone else on the planet, especially that poor innocent turtle that just wished him good morning.
  12. Right now I’m learning more towards the Wonderland characters, mostly because I remember the card soldiers and living chest pieces as more competent soldiers then the munchkins and oz soldiers. (Based mostly on the first two Oz films and the Disney Animated and Live Action Wonderland movies). Also the Jabberwocky and Cheshire Cat seem pretty OP compared to the Oz characters.
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