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  1. Original Poster said this is So going off of that, I'm 100% giving it to the slashers. Jason has punched off peoples heads, cut people clean in half, waltzed out of house busting explosions, had claws jabbed through his eyes and been crushed by a ten ton boiler then pushed it off of him like nothing. Wolfie either gets his head cut off or his heart punched out, and the same for Frankie, Myers is not needed. As for Dracula, well, I haven't read the book in a long long time, so there potentially could be something there I'm forgetting. However he'd need some pretty impressive stuff to take out Freddy in his own realm.
  2. I'm aware that I'm so very late to this dead thread(scrolling aimlessly on the internet at midnight will do that) but the slashers win. Jason stomps Frankie and the Wolfman by himself even with just movie feats(throw in comic and novel feats for Jason and it's an even bigger stomp) and then Freddy's powers impress me more than Drac's. So yeah I'm giving it to the slashers
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