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  1. Please do! It's a personal favorite. And praised for it's accuracy in the kitchen. Plus you'll see how talented my boy is ♥️
  2. Remy is "nothing less than the finest chef in France." Canon. Lol. But a chef can't just cook one type of cuisine. And he wasn't trained in just French food. What Remy has is a natural talent --insane senses of smell and taste. And THAT is what makes him so good at what he does. He can see the flavors and pair them to bring out their best. And while Pillsbury makes some banging biscuits for breakfast, Remy has concocted dishes worthy of fine dining.
  3. That's probably because 1) Westerns suck. And 2) They facilitate colonial narratives and enforce indigenous stereotypes. But, y'know, joke slot. Lol. Let's flog the guy who suggested it 😂
  4. Did this man just make a fucking victory speech?
  5. One of the other reasons people were voting for Naga was her patience --her general personality. She's not overdramatic, which makes her a harder target than, let's say, Courage or Momo. Jerry's a troll. He needs the dramatics. Then on top of her chill demeanor, she also has size and strength to her advantage if it were to come to that. In this match, however, Krypto and Naga are pretty on par. Sure, Krypto has super abilities, but this has been --and always will be-- a battle of patience. Who does Jerry want to fuck with more? What lengths will he go to? Etc.
  6. Say it again for the men in the back!!!! 😂 Also, nice of you to show up finally 🤣🤣🤣 Only to make a joke.
  7. I mean... If they fall in love, don't they both win? ♥️
  8. Rodan is 154 ft tall. Zorah is 845ft tall. I imagine the measurements are all scaled up. Zorah is gonna eat Mothra 😂😂😂 Right after she burns to the ground from attempting to slam through his spikes.
  9. The entire plot of Monster Hunter World was that they were trying to restrain him 😂😂😂😂😂 WEBBING AIN'T GONNA DO IT, SON
  10. I'm going to be honest, I don't know a damn thing about Kaiju. But I think Zorah can resist more than Mothra can put out. He's described as a walking volcano (larger than all the Kaiju in this category) and can't be knocked around if Mothra tries that approach. Plus that would only hurt Mothra since his body is covered in magma-spewing spikes, fire, and a turtle-like shell. His defense is on point. He's also resistant to any poison, stun, sleep, or paralysis effects Mothra might have. Actually, I'm just going to leave this right here. I think another big thing is that everyone is under the impression that Zorah can be taken out by humans with cannons and blades, but Zorah never died. He was only ever driven away. Just barely.
  11. I think Naga takes this EASY. The argument made for her still holds up and that was against Applejack, who had much more of a chance than Momo. Momo is a wimp and would run away from danger before sticking with the group 🤣 Posting pic of Nagas first match below because I'm lazy lol
  12. Omg. I hate you and I ADORE this. And here I thought I had round one in the bag...
  13. I know we're all bashing on The Most Interesting Man In The World right now, but there are actual feats in that 7-minute video. Though, all we needed was the first 10 seconds. In seconds 3-8, we see MIMW doing stunts on a horse. And, sure it's not a bull, but it's in the same family. And you can't have a handle on tricks like that without having extensive training in basic-horse riding. Plus, can we discuss the core strength it takes for him to handstand on the back of a moving horse!?!?!? And then holding on while partially hanging off? That is literally the skills he needs to win at mechanical bull riding. It's about being able to move with the 'animal', not laying on it until it stops moving which is what Steve does. Different animal, different skillset.
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