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  1. Woot!!!! I would like the thank my redheads, Aloy, Sonja, and Blossom for representing the baddest b**** on CBUB ❤️🥳😘 And SSJRuss, I guess, for yelling at me to make a team before drafts close 😅😅😅
  2. I do love my red-headed powerhouses ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And I know, I know 😅 I'm just not the debating type. Y'all tryin to raise my blood pressure.
  3. Much appreciated ❤️ Also, thanks for hyping up my man Luffy this whole time. Pretty sure no one would've taken him seriously if you hadn't argued for him.
  4. Thanks for enjoying my story! Now if you could all go play Horizon Zero Dawn and learn about my girl, Aloy, that'd be dope 😂
  5. I consider this the highest of compliments ♥️ Thank you Fox. Aloy has proven that she's capable of dealing with large numbers. She's easily taken out bandit camps and enemy bases. I think the big thing here is Cerberus' artillery. They have weaponry she's not accustomed to (besides what she has learned from Garrus, that is). But she's a quick study, so her sneaking/shooting could win her this fight. 🤞🤞🤞
  6. Aloy crouched low on the catwalk as Cerberus soldiers passed underneath. They were looking for her. But after years of sneaking up on Grazers in Mother's Embrace, she could keep herself hidden from a few frantic humans. Even on their own ship. The Cerberus cruiser was massive and reminded her of the cauldrons back home. The halls were dark and metallic. But at least she didn't have to fight through waves of machines to get where she needed to be. Not that she wasn't prepared for a fight if it came to that. Garrus' Black Widow hung off her shoulder, where she used to keep her bow and
  7. Please do! It's a personal favorite. And praised for it's accuracy in the kitchen. Plus you'll see how talented my boy is ♥️
  8. Remy is "nothing less than the finest chef in France." Canon. Lol. But a chef can't just cook one type of cuisine. And he wasn't trained in just French food. What Remy has is a natural talent --insane senses of smell and taste. And THAT is what makes him so good at what he does. He can see the flavors and pair them to bring out their best. And while Pillsbury makes some banging biscuits for breakfast, Remy has concocted dishes worthy of fine dining.
  9. That's probably because 1) Westerns suck. And 2) They facilitate colonial narratives and enforce indigenous stereotypes. But, y'know, joke slot. Lol. Let's flog the guy who suggested it 😂
  10. Did this man just make a fucking victory speech?
  11. One of the other reasons people were voting for Naga was her patience --her general personality. She's not overdramatic, which makes her a harder target than, let's say, Courage or Momo. Jerry's a troll. He needs the dramatics. Then on top of her chill demeanor, she also has size and strength to her advantage if it were to come to that. In this match, however, Krypto and Naga are pretty on par. Sure, Krypto has super abilities, but this has been --and always will be-- a battle of patience. Who does Jerry want to fuck with more? What lengths will he go to? Etc.
  12. Say it again for the men in the back!!!! 😂 Also, nice of you to show up finally 🤣🤣🤣 Only to make a joke.
  13. I mean... If they fall in love, don't they both win? ♥️
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