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  1. John Wick looks oddly like that Constantine guy who would’ve been perfect for this slot!
  2. Not related to who wins or loses this but I could totally see “He boxed The President Of The United States” in one of those Dos XX commercials.
  3. If this is Earth 616 Scarlet Witch then she’s actually his daughter which has complicated fights between them in the past. She can manipulate reality and if it’s a tiny island magneto doesn’t have much metal to use here. I know he has a few other powers but this one’s actually pretty close in my mind.
  4. In the MASH episode Adams Ribs there’s a scene where Hawkeye recalls being able to down a whole rack of ribs by himself. I’ll have to go with him.
  5. I would give this one to Ghost Rider normally because he can only be injured by weapons forged in heaven but I wonder two things. 1) Do Asgard weapons fall into that category? 2) If not I would think Odin has some in his vault, right? I’ll probably come back to this one. It’s only for the fight taking place on Asgard that I think Hulk could possibly pull this one out.
  6. Even though Jack Bauer can technically do it too it would take him an hour to pull of what Frank can do in 5 minutes.
  7. Monkey knows the art of meditation and probably has a few pointers to help sick people cope better with their situation.
  8. Yeah, it’s difficult for either of them but Mole Man I think would slowly but surely get him there underground without most distractions from the street level. Albeit there may be some cave ins along the way. I’m not sure how many of toads abilities can exclusively help him here.
  9. Yeah. Scoob would not only get too hungry but he’d also just get too scared.
  10. I’m gonna give this one to Carlton since he straight KO’d Will Smith with his elbow in an episode of Fresh Prince.
  11. I’m sure it’ll all balance out but I also only have two in play in this round as well. Mole Man and Invisible Woman.
  12. I was thinking the same thing and then my girlfriend pointed out she has a huge singing a dancing number at the end of the movie which brings her up to Beyoncé level here.
  13. She’s been able to turn invisible in ultraviolet light which means she can probably manipulate the whole spectrum. The problem with that though is she can’t see those types of light so technically she has no way of knowing if she’s manipulating them or not.
  14. Just going by metabolism, if I were wrestling crocs all day I’d probably get pretty hungry. Ali G might get high and eat a lot but I that’s more mental than physical and in the long run he might give out before Irwin’s actual need for carbs and protein.
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