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  1. Exact same challenge and I’m going with BF for the exact same reason. Nobody can fit in with socialites better than Benjamin. Probably because he was one.
  2. To keep them spoiled? Talky Tina for sure. Ted would put her down every time she acted bratty and might get her to improve.
  3. The Starks would have a lot of fancy stuff but most of it is voice activated and protected by Friday so I’m sure they child proofed the shit out of their house. Good luck getting into those metal suits Morgan. Lucky for her Calvin has a great imagination and would come up some colorful choices for dress up costumes.
  4. Emperor Zurg. He has a strong bond with his son and can shoot at any bully that comes around.
  5. Claus might take this. Loki was very close with his mother Frigg and she may be able to play on those feelings. I don’t think Buddy has the sort of personality that Loki is drawn to. I also suspect Loki would have a much easier time tricking Buddy into doing something.
  6. Coulson may have an edge here by being so proper in the way he carries himself. A lot of royalty expect people to have proper etiquette when meeting and addressing them. Jones is more loose and doesn’t play no BS.
  7. Last round my picks were impossible to debate and win. As for this round though, I feel better about it. So there is a pilsbury recipe for the bulk of them but if you look at the ingredients it’s “boxed yellow cake mix” and “instant pudding”. If the Pilsbury Doughboy can’t make pudding from scratch he might wanna try a different profession unless he’s baking Noel Napoleons for the people in line at Country Buffet. Artie respects food and uses fresh ingredients and preps things from scratch. As for starting earlier, that may work with some stuff like “Pilsbury Funfetti Cupcake Mix” but Baked Alaska has to be timed out. You don’t wanna chance anything with that ice cream melting. I’d prefer my chef to be somebody who doesn’t have added challenges in the middle of preparing a difficult dessert.
  8. Without his personality attached I'd go with Ted any day. He opens his mouth one time and I'm voting for Zurg.
  9. These are screenshots of the Dessert Section of The Sopranos family cookbook as compiled by Artie Bucco. He clearly can handle a difficult dessert and can do it in the most calm and professional manner. The dude handles mobsters coming into his establishment with their problems all the time, he has more to be intimidated by than some difficult dessert. Something else to consider here, Artie doesn't have to face challenges like, "How will I open the oven?" and "How will I mix ingredients that are larger than myself?"
  10. Yeah, sorry if I misrepresented Casper. He’s a really versatile chef that has a deep knowledge of all sorts of different cultures cuisines. He’s really knowledgeable with all sorts of food from different regions and he’s very passionate about it as well.
  11. Gump did invent Elvis' most famous dance move. Erin is just naturally nimble though. I'm not sure which way to go here.
  12. Sgt. Angel was a genius pick. Most of these challenges are "Save The Town From X" and I've actually witnessed him saving a town.
  13. They never show Carl having a gift for Indian cuisine in Chef but he does tour America and feature food in his food truck from various regions. I figure that diversity could play into what he's doing here.
  14. The Horned King could teleport in and steal whatever he wanted, and just for good measure he could send a bunch of undead to scare Scrooge away from his piles of gold.
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