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  1. Which one was the TV series? That was pretty OK.
  2. I don't understand why you're quoting my comment about how John Wick wins easily by specifying that the conditions are ideal for John Wick Like yeah dude I know that's part of why I made my comment about how John Wick wins easily.
  3. Jerry, as the eternal nemesis of Tom, has called on the services of dogs on at least a few occasions. With that in mind, he would probably be relatively receptive to Naga's efforts to convince him (actually convince, not "it would be a shame if..." convince) him to go elsewhere.
  4. I know we all love Ash, but honestly Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams (no relation) would be more of a challenge for John Wick.
  5. I voted for Kong, on the logic that he can probably work a limb until he pulls it off or at least stretches it out enough to lose integrity and become kind of just a gross floppy marshmallow appendage.
  6. I give this one to Dr Doom for a simple reason. Remember that episode of Star Trek where Kirk and the big lizard guy both got beamed down to a desert planet and Kirk somehow cobbled together a working gun? It'll be like that, only Doom will be able to concentrate on building the gun instead of wondering "Do lizard women have boobs?" every couple of minutes.
  7. I generally prefer dark themes or "night mode" on sites, but I will say that the shade of grey used for thread titles might be a little too dark? I'm struggling a little, which is quite rare for me.
  8. Giving this one to Cervantes not because of any ill-will against Jenet, but she just seems to be somewhat out of her depth here.
  9. Difficult to call. On the one hand, Han and Chewie are the OGs. On the other, who knows what Balthier and Fran might be capable of without lugging around that dead weight of a "protagonist"?
  10. I would say Mace has full access to Force powers but it turns out the Berserker Armour and the Dragon Slayer are made of cortosis or something similar, and so are lightsaber-resistant. No sense in having this be a swordfight if it's not possible for them to actually, you know, fight with swords.
  11. Guts is able to resist pain and fear with the best of them, but the Force can present something more like a physical barrier that he would have to get through. I love Berserk, don't get me wrong, but all other things being equal I'd give this to Mace Windu.
  12. Given that All Might can create shockwaves with his movements, he doesn't actually need to get to Starkiller. If All Might's opening move is to punch the ground dramatically (possibly while yelling something about the spirit of a real hero) he'll start with a major advantage.
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