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  1. Yeah, I think having a space marine and Lord Zedd on one team kinda tips the scales against the Star Bros. Starlord is a bit of a non factor, Space Ghost is kind of powerful but not really, and I don't know enough about Andros to make a decision on him but I doubt they'd be able to deal with Leman and Zedd alone.
  2. How would that work? Top 7 picks from a person from all their previous seasons going up against other top 7 picks in random scenarios?
  3. I do believe that Morticia has a taste for the macabre, so a serial killer is right up her alley.
  4. She might not be tougher than them on a good day, but she definitely won't go through bad writers in a fight like this like they did. I mean, what the hell is this?
  5. I think Michael Jackson being a part of this story would make better sense, and he would make a bigger chances of escaping as well. Michael Jackson, at the height of his power, being lost would cause people to send a search party numbering in the thousands, while Roxie Hart being kidnapped is not really any cause for worry. She's popular, sure, but nowhere near the levels of Michael.
  6. Yeah, going with Bubbles as well. Taz's only credentials to being a babysitter is eating things similar in size to the baby he's supposed to be babysitting.
  7. Mary Poppins should be able to win this. She strikes me as the type of person to be able to help out the kids conquer their fears better than Giselle.
  8. I'm going to go with Chris "punches boulders" Redfield. Even if Drizzt gets the jump on him, Chris could win this by superior strength, similar agility, and better weaponry.
  9. I think Selena would make for the better story. Again, Falcon/Sarah is too... cookie cutter. There's no excitement. if this was a romance that is supposed to hook me in into a new movie/comic book series, I'd skip it for a Falcon/Catwoman story. And someone mentioned the cat/bird thing!
  10. Why's that? Vector can't even deal with someone as fast as Kenshin Himura, who hits speed on the level of Wesker, if not higher.
  11. I don't know, Xena being wary of her new boyfriend and trying to prove to others that he's a serial killer sounds a lot funner than a cookie cutter fantasy where the relationship between her and Jake.
  12. What makes you think that? Xena always struck me as oblivious.
  13. I assume these are bees, cause that's what the insect in the picture is? In which case bees can smell exceptionally well, only if it's a specific flower or toxin in the air. I don't think they would care about anything that smells bad.
  14. Gona have to go with Freakazoid. Spongebob Squarepants strikes me as the more idiotic one of the two, while Freakazoid is more aloof than stupid. Being aloof is in my opinion how you trick the opponent into thinking you can't out trick them.
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