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  1. I mean Hellboy has been tagged many times before by things slower moving than that. Seems like he's just trying to buy time, I don't mean the ice itself kills people but rather him punching people apart after freezing them.
  2. For real? VS Battles needs to stop putting previous weakness active on character pages, this is the second time today I've fallen for it.
  3. Yeah, he would be able to. And thankfully he can instakill the Sarlacc, so he doesn't have to worry about the idea of just throwing random shit into the Sarlacc and hope something kills him. Really, stationary targets against Shiki are not something you wanna throw at him. Furthermore, why does he need to be inside of the Sarlacc? People don't spawn within the Sarlacc lol.
  4. I do honestly believe that Danny can just wait her Senketsu out and then deal with her after she's received massive blood loss. I mean, he doesn't really have to fight egotistically once he realizes that Ryuko has the ability to punch really, really hard. Furthermore, Ryuko just really has no way to deal with intangibility from what I can see.
  5. I don't know if I buy Graviton being FTL. I don't know if I buy Ichigo being FTL either, but I can envision it knowing what I know about the character. Graviton, eh, not so much.
  6. I'm reminded of that one screamer for a German coffee brand, where you see a car drive up a hill and then suddenly some zombie pops up and freaks you out and the question at the end of the commercial is just "Did that wake you up?" It sure did, commercial. Woke me up and filled me up with adrenaline. I can see the Judderman being that for Pepsi AM. It might receive backlash, but there's no such thing as bad publicity.
  7. Don't really think either of them are anything special for dirt tracks, but judging solely by one look at the image given for this challenge I assume it involves a lot of drifting? Don't know if Herbie is good at that, truthfully.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Gotta keep those teeth squeaky clean.
  9. I mean, sure he might be able to deal with Sub-Zero's ice, but Sub-Zero has a massive skill advantage over Hellboy when it comes to actual 1v1 fights. Furthermore, if Sub-Zero freezes him, Hellboy is done for. There's no retroactively burning through the ice, you're just frozen until Sub-Zero breaks your brittle body into pieces. I fail to see how Hellboy deals with being frozen, even though he can deal with Sub-Zero throwing ice at him.
  10. Yeah, I guess it's another win for the weeb car. If it can do anything right, it's race.
  11. Do you have a link to this fight? I wanna see it for myself, I didn't know Deku received a power boost.
  12. Deku hits with City Level at his absolute most powerful, and if he misses his hit on Yujiro he risks breaking his bones for absolutely nothing. Yujiro can definitely expose this weakness as he can tell the weaknesses of others just by looking at them, as I have previously mentioned.
  13. Scott LITERALLY cannot punch past the ABSOLUTE ZERO cold field that Captain Cold exudes 24/7 before his hand crumples into dust particles. Him fighting a select number of things means nothing, when Captain Cold regularly fights against the definite speedsters in fiction, who still has trouble moving past his cold field.
  14. Eh, scaling is a bit iffy here when we don't actually have an idea of him reacting to things we have a definite speed of. I'm a bit iffy on scaling characters to others when fighting, considering the amount of different writing these characters and the sheer fact that comic book characters don't always move at their best showcased speeds.
  15. Even in respect threads, Radioactive Man doesn't showcase any type of speed that would let him hang with Saitama. I don't know if Saitama is relativistic, but I know for a fact that RM is definitely not Massively Hypersonic. This isn't bloodlusted Saitama either, he genuinely just moves and punches that fast during battles when compared to RM.
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