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  1. Fox is right. Pinocchio doesn't really take part in normal children activities, which is sad, cause he so desperately desires to be a child. As it stands though, he shouldn't be able to do most children activities on par with others who play around often. Gotta go with Peter Pan for this one.
  2. The only time they fought was in Earth-1610. They might not be on the same power levels, but they're kind-of the same characters, and Magneto wins that fight, so I'm inclined to go with that cause the writers assume that Magneto would win the tussle. I know it's a bad idea to take into consideration a fight that wasn't the main canon, but I don't think it'd go any different due to the amazing post that Peypeypeypey had time to write out.
  3. Yeah, I don't think Invisible Woman will hold back against Medamatcha. Dude's getting lobotomized.
  4. I wouldn't say he has no chance, in fact I'd say he has a higher chance of dealing damage to the duo than the Djinn. As someone said, they don't really vibe well with supernatural creatures. They're kill on sight. Sure, Dexter needs to be in a very convoluted situation to win but he can still do it.
  5. Yeah, sorry Randy, but Scott has actual musical talent. That bass battle he had with Todd is still something I relisten to from time to time.
  6. Again, Sideshow Bob wouldn't do well with kids. But this time, he's not up against an opponent who would also be bad with kids. Puffy Amiyumi do this a lot smoother, even moreso if they're in their animated selves.
  7. Yeah, Lelouch is intelligent in the sense that he's a tactical mastermind. Don't think he necessarily dips into specific sciences too much. I can actually imagine Sivana messing around with chemical mixtures. Not so much Lelouch.
  8. Yeah, Barney doesn't even have stage presence. His looks scream boring.
  9. Until we've got full on proof that Palpatine made the Star Destroyers, I think I'll go with Arcade for the time being. We actually know he can operate with mechanisms due to the fact that he's created Murderworld.
  10. I think I agree with everyone else here, Imhotep wins solely cause he can do it faster, not cause the Thing can't do it at all.
  11. Yeah, the Doctor is smart and all that but Brainiac 5 excels in computer science.
  12. Yeah, don't see Cujo losing this one to Pluto. He's rabid. Has Pluto ever even gritted their teeth at anyone?
  13. With that being said, the REASON for him being planet level is the fact that he warped Oa out of his way right? But like, he never really broke it apart or anything? I see he's implied to be able to destroy the planet, so can anyone find me the actual time this was implied? I wanna read into it as much as I can before I make the wrong or right choice. Cause if he gets teleported away, Iron Man can make it back to the fight fast. He's got the capability.
  14. Proper banger, this one. They definitely get noticed if they play this.
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