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  1. In the middle of Vol 6 Team RWBY have just finished a big battle with some Grimm and they board the bullhead to leave. All of a sudden a freak transdimentional accident transports them to a strange island in the middle of the ocean. They are blown away at the vast landscape and strange wildlife they had never seen before. As they are trying to figure out what is going the racket caused the ship wakes up Kong and he catches wind of their arrival. Seeing the Ship as an invader he promptly causes their ship to crash by throwing a tree at it. The girls survive the impact and quickly try to recover when they see the giant ape standing in front of them. They then realize they must defeat him in order to leave Skull Island(Legendary Monsterverse) alive. Which side walks away from this confrontation? Battle takes place at the same time as Godzilla 2014.
  2. Time- After the end of the cartoon Setting- Heatherfield Scenario- Cedric has escaped from prison and somehow arrives on earth in an attempt to conquer it. However he attracts the attention of the Winchester brothers who come to Heatherfield to investigate reports of a strange creature as well as the various paranormal incidents that happened throughout the cartoon. Conditions of Victory- The Winchesters win if- They find out what is going on by any means necessary and defeat Cedric. Cedric wins if- There is no way for Sam and Dean to get that information and/or they are unable to defeat Cedric without W.I.T.C.H's help.
  3. Good point. How do think RWBY would "appeal to his stomach"?
  4. I did some digging and apparently the grey eye power thing can only be done against Grimm . So is there any other ways for Team RWBY to subdue Taz before he seriously messes them up?
  5. Setting- Emerald Forest Time- Post Vol 7 Scenario- The Tasmanian Devil has escaped from a high tech research facility in Remnant. A $7000 dollar reward has been issued for it's capture. Team RWBY hears about the situation on the radio and decides to make some extra money hunting for Taz. They track him down inside the Emerald Forest and then surround him. What happens next?
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