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  1. I feel like distance wise kite man would get her in and out much more quickly
  2. Can an Android find love lets find out on this season of electric romance
  3. Sir Lancelot more like bad for my slot
  4. Ima say by the fact that he is small and fast he would win also jerry is used to facing people twice his size
  5. He could spin fast enough to snuff oxygen not sure if that will work with hellfire. Not to mention he's constantly updating his body and he can morph his appearance wise with can confuse sombody in a hall of mirrors and from what i seen he is quite fast.
  6. He's flying above the competition it seems
  7. Red sonja would have an easier time dealing with the guards
  8. Well if red Tornado can keep Ghost Rider busy long enough for the sun to come up then he'll be good
  9. Yang wins by combat ability as well as mario isn't used to real bullets on top of that yang has aura and double damage based upon the damage she takes
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