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  1. His hacking skills will be valuable to get to it and probably some tracking skills especially if he has dog meat
  2. It's so good but its quite hilarious that two snakes are fighting over a red suit
  3. Im gonna vote light because reed dosent seem like one to play mind games on his opponent
  4. Well they didn't know if it could plus we have never seen em destroyed
  5. I think the Dragon Balls can't be destroyed unless you destroyed the one who made them I think if I'm right so theoretically Starkiller can't win because he can't destroy him technically unless a lightsaber can cut through Dragon Balls then I'm wrong
  6. This is what i wanted in a match old comedy and horror this is awsome
  7. Based on aura, power and skill my vote is raven
  8. Zoro would win hands down tanjiro just dosent have the experience to keep up with him no challenge
  9. I feel like ra would be more likely to win based upon the he looks more like an animal so it would relate to them also Zeus wouldn't have the patience to rule sway them probably send some other god to do it
  10. I would say the modal nodes would bring some flare to Hollywood I mean just think real aliens that's like big Hollywood money they'll think as fast as how can I get rich off of this
  11. I believe this would be a very close match but I would have to give it to Batman yes I'll admit that Dick Grayson would be a little more sprayer then Batman would be however in terms of manipulating the situation I would have to give it to Batman
  12. I would say night crawler only has the advantage if he somehow catches Deadshot by surprise even if he tries to disarm him Deadshot knows how to not be disarmed and it would end very badly for Nightcrawler unless you teleported him on a cliff and tossed him off
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