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  1. Clara looks over her shoulder. "Did that come from outside?"
  2. "Oh yeah," *om nom nom* "Indeed. It is always better to go out on adventures with a group rather than by yourself. Otherwise what kind of silly person would go out on their own and take on every body? It seems like you invested lot of time into this group, Corvo." She then looks over Cliff and points to the raisin embedded into the cookie. "Also, Cliff, these are called raisins. Basically a dried up grape that health nuts like to enjoy, like me!"
  3. As the humming ends and Clara's eyes would turn back to normal, she becomes quite surprised with her answer. "Oh wow. This dagger is enchanted, and so is your blade Corvo. Also is...is that oatmeal cookies? I LOVE OATMEAL COOKIES!!!" Clara would quickly grab a few and eat the treats with delight. ❤️
  4. "All I...I did was introduce myself them and Elbine basically did all the talking. He was...quite brooding in a lot of ways and he gave me a dagger as some sort of pact." She pulls out the dagger to show everyone in the group. "It seems strange that someone would do that. I wonder why? Perhaps it is enchanted, maybe. I'll check!" The color within Clara's eyes change from blue to a yellow tone and a deep hollow hum can be heard around the group as she uses detect magic on the dagger.
  5. Ooc: I guess my character is now at the inn, so I'll start there. Clara makes her way over the the local inn, with the rest of the group, as she finds a place to rest her books and orders a meal. She has been relatively quiet as she lets the rest of the boys do all of the talking until she rejoins her new team. "H-Hey guys, sorry if it took me a little bit longer to get here. Qhat did I miss?
  6. Clara stands back up after hearing the news and as she tucks away the dagger & sees Elbine taking off almost immediately she quickly rushes over to Cliff and Muggy to join them. "Oh, umm...wait for me! Wait for me!"
  7. "I agree. We'll have plenty of time to talk along the way, but first thing's first." "We need to get to higher ground and stay two steps ahead of the zombies. Let's head upstairs, hopefully we'll be lucky enough to meet up with the rest of my team. As I said before, we all landed on different parts of the building so I'll radio in and give them the heads up that we're coming. Each of us brought packs as well for additional supplies extra ammo, rations, flares, and a flare gun, etc. We get to my boys and the packs, we'll all have a fighting chance of getting out of here. I'll take point, Steve watch our six, and doc you're in the middle between us. If you see anything unusual give me a tap on the shoulder and point it out. Everyone clear? Let's move." Sgt. Fisher takes the lead and heads upstairs as he uses a small walkie talkie handheld speaker mic to coomunicate with the rest of his squad. "Zeus, Hermes, Artemis, this is Neptune, over. I got two survivors and we're making our way upstairs." He looks back over to the two and talks into the mic again. "A Ned Flanders and Frankenstien. What's your location, over."
  8. "Oh, I see." Clara reaches over to pull the dagger out of the table as she carefully examines it touches the tip of the blade. "Thank you, it is quite...pointy an-and sharp."
  9. "Oh, well...I-I don't mind helping you out, or any of my other new teammates whomever I am assigned to. I don't have a dagger, myself, as a personal weapon to make a pact, however I do have my magic ball."
  10. As Clara leans in to hear of Elbine's secret, and seeing Elbine thrusting an elven dagger into the table, Clara quickly jumps back with shock as her heart races. "I...I don't know what you mean by me being a threat to you. I'm just a simple bookkeeper who wants to explore the world with others. If you wanted me to keep a secret, you could have simply asked. There is no need for brash threats towards fellow teammates." Clara then sweeps back some of her slightly frayed hair back over her head after her sudden shock.
  11. Ooc: My bad, already forgot who was who. LoL For some reason, Clara's curiosity seems to be immediately drawn to Elbine's mysteriousness. As she adjusts her glasses and pulls out of her chair, the young woman excuses herself and heads towards Elbine's table. At first, Clara was a little frightened by his appearance, but takes a deep breath and sits across from him as she places her spell books onto the table. "Hello there, my name is Clara. I hope y-you don't mind me sitting here. It just seems like out of everyone here, you seem to the only person that is taking this Adventure's Guild thing seriously. Which is a good thing, if you ask me. The serious ones, like us, get to live longer than anyone else in here."
  12. Sgt. Fisher runs his temples as he takes a deep breath to collect himself. "Look, I'm not in the mood to play 20 Questions or play some weirdo's game tonight. My men and I have a mission tonight and I plan to see it through to the end. If the three of us stick together, push through, and watch each other's back we can make it through. Do we understand each other?"
  13. "It's, uhh... nice to meet you as well, Muggy. I see you're quite thirsty today. I have to say tha-- Oh my!" Clara is suddenly startled by Elbine's quiet presence.
  14. Clara is a little reserved and when she speaks it is quite soft spoken as she is clearly quite nervous and surrounded by so many strangers. "H-Hi there, Cliff. My name is C-Clara from Glenfell. I am here because I heard magic was returning back to the land and wanted to see how much of it is out there." Clara notices the large pint in front of her, but decides to push it away while holding her spell books close to her chest.
  15. There's a sudden mixture of perplexity and mild anger coming from the soldier as he walks back over to the two survivors. "Who the fuck was that, and what the fuck is he talking about between the two of you? One of you better give me some answers, right now, before I toss you both back out into the city."
  16. Sub-Zero is a world class ninja assassin who deals with people like Katara that are twice her age. It's no question who wins this
  17. I guess I'll stick to making potions then. It's all on you guys if you wanna take it or not. LoL
  18. Is there a first level spell for healing teammates? This is my first time as a full spell caster
  19. Okay, so my math was a bit off by 3 points over. My bad, I shaved it off and re-edit it again
  20. I added racial bonuses as well, and subtracted a few numbers in the attributes and added them into other fields.
  21. I pause and turn back to the two gentleman. "I guess with all of the chaos going on, we forgot the introductions. My name is Sergeant First Class Jefferey Fisher of the US Army battalion. I, and a few others in my squad, dropped in via parachute into the city not too long ago. Our commanding officer ordered us to make contact with whomever was in charge at the police station, round up as many survivors as we can, and get the Hell out of Raccoon City."
  22. "Come on, you two, we need to get moving." I head towards the stairs to going upward and into other rooms on the second floor.
  23. "He ain't our friend. Now get in! Quick!" I then shut the door and lock it up again.
  24. Name: Clara St. Claire Race: Human Class: Wizard Age: 20 Backstory: Ever since she was a little girl, Clara has always earned for something more and adventurous with her life outside of her hometown of Glenfell. But it does not seem to be possible for the longest time living a sheltered lifestyle with her wealthy family. Until one day when she visited her local bookstore and discovered a couple of spell books which she spent most of her free time practicing in the basic art of wizardry & magic and became completely enthralled with it. After completing all of her schooling, and saving up some money, Clara took it upon herself to venture out into the great unknown for the very first time in her young adult life and see what the world has to offer. Character Attributes: Strength: 2 Durability: 4 Agility: 7 Intelligence: 16 Luck: 11 Charisma: 5 Spells: Cantrips: Blade Ward, Dancing Lights, Fire Bolt 1st: Disguise Self, Detect Magic Proficiency: Arcana, History, Investigation, Religion Speaks 4 languages. Human features, +1 to each skill attribute. Cloistered Scholar. Equipment: A magic crystal ball, 3 spell books, (borrowed) research book, component pouch, Writing kit, Herbalism Kit, Pouch, and Scholar's pack. 5 gp, 5 sp, 20 cp
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