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  1. "So does this mean I'll be the distraction? I walk up to the front gate and talk to these strong ladies? What should I say to them exactly?"
  2. Two hardcore crime bosses going at it. Not a bad setup, but I'm still going with Kingpin since he can get down and dirty with his massive muscles.
  3. Match 2: Revenge of the Sith’s Pat: “Welcome back to CBUB where the matches intensify every single week for you viewers at home! If you’re just joining us, you missed one hell of a fierce scrap between Cassie Cage and Yang Lee.” Jay: “But don’t fret because with our brand new Khazan Streaming App, you can watch any of our matches at any time with a small click of a button. If you’re already a streaming member you can easily sign up today to watch any CBUB matches. Did we meet our promotional quota for today, Pat?” Pat: “Almost there, but first let’s get to our mid-card match of the evening with two of the most iconic Star Wars Sith’s to ever grace this arena Darth Vader vs Kylo Ren.” Jay: “This is going to be quite the interesting match, Pat. Throughout the newer Star Wars trilogy, a multitude of fans have bitch and complained about these newer character; however, out of the new batch Kylo Ren seems to be getting the smallest amount of hate overall. With his unique abilities to communicate with other Jedi’s across the galaxy and stop laser blasts dead in their tracks Kylo Ren has surely been quite the intimidating foe to the Resistance.” Pat: “Quite right, but youthful vigor doesn’t always give you the edge in fights. I’m talking about the biggest grand daddy of all baddies, Darth Vader. Whether it would be the movies, TV shows, books, or the video games, Vader has surely left a villainous mark throughout the entire pop culture industry. With his giant-like presence and brooding mask, this veteren will not hesitate to take on all comers, no matter the odds, in order to please his Emperor.” Jay: “So our question for everyone out there tonight is who is more worthy to go all Order 66 on the other’s ass? We shall find out in a little bit as our arena reshapes itself into a battlefield that is worthy for these two Sith’s. Pat: “They will be fighting on the high rise city landscape of Coruscant where our combatants will battle the treacherous terrain of obstacles from mildly strong winds to the occasional commercial spaceship flying by.” Jay: “It’s a vertigo phobia’s worst nightmare indeed, Pat.” Pat: “Indeed it is Jay. Now let’s go to our CBUB correspondent, Harley Quinn, as she interviews one of our stars here tonight.” Harley Quinn: “Thanks Pat! I am here with the emo aficionado himself, Kylo Ren. Kylo, baby, for years you have spent your private days talking to your grandpa’s broken burnt skull in order to reach out to him, but with no success. Now that you have the chance to come face-to-face with him, how do you feel about taking him on in a lightsaber duel?” Kylo: “Well Quinn it is crazy, but not nearly as crazy as the many shows I can watch on the Khazan Streaming App-- Quinn: “Uhh, Ren?" Kylo: “--The app which I can surf across the multiverse from the comfort of my Star Destroyer in outer space--” Quinn: “Reeenn…” Kylo: “--So sign up todaaaayyyy!” Kylo Ren sticks his mobile phone, which features the Khazan Streaming App, in front of the camera as an awkward looking smile appears on his face as if trying to be happy about it. Quinn: “Ren! You screwed up the promo! You were supposed to answer my question first, AND THEN promote the app.” Kylo: “Oh, well...I’m still getting paid, right?” Harley Quinn lets out a groan as she moves the mic away from Kylo Ren and rubs her temples. Quinn: “Back to you in the studio, boys.” Pat: “Well it did not seem we got the answers that we were looking for; however, one question will be answered tonight is who will come out on top. Let’s go to our social media page and see what our viewers at home have to say about tonight’s match.”
  4. Episode 192 Match 1: Young Blood The show begins with the lights fading up revealing a very large dome shaped empty arena, the music begins to grow around the event. It would then cues to one of the commentators beginning the show's introduction along with images of each of the combatants appearing on screen as the announcer begins his monologue. “Fresh face fighters, from iconic franchises, take it to the arena for the very first time. The Sith have risen, once more, to see who can appease their Emperor. And the bodacious babes of the eighties clash to see who can fight while wearing very little. All this, and more, on tonight’s episode of Comic Book Universe Battles!” The music quickly cues up to a more thematic intro with the CBUB logo popping up in front of everyone’s screens. Pat: “Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight’s episode of Comic Book Universe Battles! I am your host, Pat Summers.” Jay: “And I’m Jay Peoples! We have a pretty good round of fights for you viewers at home this evening. Because tonight we are delivering to you more high octane matches and what if scenarios as we ask the grand old question, who can kick the crap out of whom?” Pat: “Indeed but before we begin, the Comic Book Universe Battles would like to introduce to you to the Khazan Streaming App. Or KSA, for short.” Jay: “KSA is the newest and innovative way for our subscribers to get the instant access that they need while they’re on the go. Now you can stream the multitude of Khazan’s original TV shows & movies throughout the Multiverse like Marvel’s What If series starring Uatu the Watcher, DC’s Elseworlds, and many more.” Pat: “And for those diehard fans of CBUB, this app also features a special subsection where you can watch recaps of previous CBUB fights. Whether it would be the last episode or the classics, dating all the way back to episode one, the Khazan Streaming App is your go to app to watch everything you want at the tip of your fingers. Make sure to sign up today on your mobile phone if you're a member.” Jay: "I love the smell of corporate advertising in the evening, Pat. If it makes us sellouts, as long as we’re getting paid for it." Pat: “Ah ha ha! Oh Jay. Now let’s begin tonight’s event with our Newbie’s Match to kick things off starting with Cassie Cage from the Mortal Kombat realm, and Yang from the Street Fighter universe.” Jay: “Despite how young they are, these fresh faced fighters have achieved a lot within the short amount of time that have appeared within their respective franchise’s. But tonight that is all going to change as these two youthful fighters will go head-to-head, inside the Khazan arena, to see who will be the new break out fighter to carry on the torch within the CBUB community.” Pat: “Speaking of ‘carrying the torch’ looks like one of our fighters has made it a little early to the arena, I’m talking about Cassie Cage. Daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, Miss Cage has been a breakout hit ever since she first appeared in Mortal Kombat. Leading the next generation of special forces fighters she uses her military training, technology, and sarcastic humor to protect Earthrealm from its enemies like Lord Shinnok and Kronika.” Jay: “Impressive as that may be, Pat, you should never underestimate the versatility of a Street Fighter. Yang Lee, one half of the Lee brothers, has excelled in various Chinese martial arts courtesy of their long-lost uncle Lee from the very first Street Fighter championship. Unlike his older brother, Yang is less cocky with a cool, quiet, and self-carrying personality. In other words, a serious mind can lead to an even more serious fighter if it helps them win matches.” Pat: “Well, we shall see how this will go down in just a few minutes as the arena reshapes itself to the form of your typical Chinese dockside harbor. Filled to the brim with vendors, piers, and those random pedestrians who look on to watch a fight happening on the streets. Seeing as we are keeping this within the confines of a video game fighting format, the rules will be just as the same. It will be a best of two out of three rounds with each round lasting 60 seconds.” Jay: “Sounds pretty straightforward, Pat. Now let’s go down to the arena where our veteren street brawler, Stone Cold Steve Austin, is going over the rules with young bucks down there.” Steve Austin: “Alright kids, I wanna good clean beat ‘em up from the two of you. No cheap tricks from--” Stone Cold interrupts himself mid-sentence to see Cassie Cage continuing to fiddle away on her mobile phone. Steve Austin: “Hey, HEY! What could be so gawd damn important than the rules, missy?” Cassie: “Oh, I’m sorry, just keeping a safe 6 foot distance. Not because of the coronavirus, but just so I won’t have to smell your stank ass beer breath.” Steve Austin: “GRRRR….” Cassie: “But also to stay up to date with my Khazan Streaming App. The only place where I can watch old CBUB reruns of my parents kicking ass and taking names.” Jay: “Did management agree to have our fighters promote the app, Pat?” Pat: “Beats me. They only tell us the bare bones half the time.” Yang: “Huh, sellout.” Cassie: “Excuse me?” Yang: “Oh please, promoting an app for an arena event that you’ll probably never come back to? No wonder you got your flat ass handed to you by Shao Khan & Sindel in the DLC game.” Cassie: “That is IT! I’ll show who’s going to get a flat ass after this!” Steve Austin: “Now that’s more like it. Now, LET’S GET IT ON!!!”
  5. "Of course," Clara responds as she collected her things and moves with the rest of the group. The young wizard is relatively quiet this morning as she is only focused on the current mission at this time and is ready to get this over with.
  6. Clara also helps out as well as she assists in the process for a proper burial.
  7. Clara pulls away from Muggy as she slowly uses her sleeves to wipe away the tears from her eyes. She looks down at the colored rocks and takes the red pebble. "This one reminds me of Elbine's aura."
  8. Clara looks up at Corvo's eyes and then over to his sword as her light up yellow, once more, and angrily shoves his sword aside. "GET THAT BLADE AWAY FROM ME!" Her voice changes as well to the tone of shattered glass as a small bit of fire can be seen from her hand. "YOU ARE A CURSED MAN, CORVO. AND THAT BLADE YOU ARE HOLDING WILL BE YOUR DEMISE." Noticing Muggy's kind offering, Clara would snuff out her flames, her eyes returning to her natural blue color, and leans in to Muggy for a shoulder to cry on. "I can't believe she is gone." Ooc: CFPT just saved your ass from a fire bolt, Hugo. LoL
  9. Clara becomes distraught what she sees as Corvo slays Elbine. "W-wh-why would you do that, Corvo? She was surrendering and you struck her down! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" Tears begin to pour out of her eyes as she becomes sad.
  10. The look on Clara's face has sheer shock with this unexpected turn of events. She raises one hand in front of her body, and the other goes behind her back. "Wha-what are you talking about, Elbine? I-I-I wo-would never do such a thing towards a teammate." As Clara is talking Elbine down, she pulls out her red velvet pouch from behind the back pocket of her formal dress. "I have no wish to harm you."
  11. "Okay, okay!" Clara exclaims as she tosses the blade to the ground with a light chuck. "D-does this mean I'm under arrest as well, Corvo? I don't want to go back home."
  12. "Wha-what?" Clara is quite perplexed as to everything that is going on around. Her hand, that is holding the dagger, begins to shake as she is trying to wrap her head around all of this. "I-I don't know what to do. This is all happening so suddenly."
  13. "O-okay," Clara replies as she takes the dagger back, "we'll go with your idea which makes a lot more sense."
  14. "Okay," Clara responds as she take a deep breath. "Yeah, I-I'll sneak in, b-but I might need to have some sort of cover story when they ask questions about me. What should I say to these ladies?"
  15. "Well I suppose we co-could do a much more subtle approach if I am able to sneak in there and gather any information with little to no blood shed, that is"
  16. "Oh well..." Calra replies as she uses her free hand to brush back some of her frayed hair that was tangling up the frame of her glasses. "There's not much to say about myself. I'm from Glenfell, born and raised, I never really ventured that far outside of my town because I had everything I needed at home but...it got really boring. So I dived into books about other heroes adventures and the history of this world at my local bookstore." She would go on to drag out three of her spell books on to the table. "Until, one day, I discovered these three unique books that were all about how to create magic. I got so heavily invested in reading these books that the shopkeeper gave me a discount for 3 for the price of one along with this." Clara would also pull out this red velvet pouch from her pocket. "I didn't understand it at first because, the next day, the bookstore that I bought these spell books from was closed. I guess maybe he had a going out of business sale that I wasn't aware of."
  17. "I-I suppose that would be a good idea, F-Farley." Clara responds, "It would give everyone time to rest up and tackle our current situation first thing in the morning. Sh-Shall I go first, or would someone else like to start?"
  18. Clara listens on throughout the boy's conversation on a strategic plan. "Well...as much as charging head on does seem like to much of a risk, infiltration does seem to be the best way to go. I guess I could talk to the ladies, but I'm not really sure if I have the....how you say.... 'acting chops' to pull it off." Clara would begin to get a little nervous about the whole idea as she scratches her own fingers out of natural instinct.
  19. Clara rushes over to try and assist Elbine. "Here you go." Clara says as she hands Elbine the dagger. "Are you alright? What happened out there?"
  20. Clara's heartbeat begins to race a little bit as she nods in agreement. "Yeah, okay, I can do that." She rushes back inside and heads over to Cliff. "Cliff! Corvo needs your help outside! It's Elbine, I-I-I think Elbine may be dying! Go help Corvo and I'll find the owner to help us."
  21. As Clara sees Corvo bolting out the front door, it finally strikes a chord in her mind. "Oh right. Trouble!" And immediately gets out of her seat as well and head out the door. Only to see an unconscious Elbine on the ground. "Oh no, oh no, oh no. We have to bring Elbine inside!"
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