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  1. I think they made a crossover comic book about this once. Don't quote me on that, but I'm pretty certain I've seen something like this before
  2. The week felt long; however, for Clara she made sure to make the most of the last seven days as she begins to go to work. Clara began by tinkering with her new herbalist kit as she makes as much potions as she could for the group. A couple of fumbles, here and there, but eventually she manages to get the job done. Clara would eventually come across the bed roll along with an anonymous note. She had no idea who brought it to her, but was a smitten with this nice gesture that someone on the boat was looking out for her. Clara would also use this time to get to know both Erine and their newest member Komi. Clara would share banter with the two, make jokes and talk about boys, and do whatever else young girls like to do. On one evening, Clara would also try her hand at fishing for the very first time with Muggy and Cliff. Needless to say, she had the patience down but didn't have a very good grip when it came to handling the fish itself as it slipped out of her hands at times. If there was a sleepless night or two, she would also practice some new magic from her spellbooks at the top of the boat in order to not wake any one else on board in the middle of the night.
  3. "Of course, Muggy." Clara replies as she makes her way around the ship, her eyes light up yellow and reaches out with her hand. As Clara is scanning the ship, she cannot help but marvel at the sight of a magic ship. "The stories that this vessel could tell." Clara says to herself, "Quite fascinating." Clara would also nonchalantly do a quick read on Erine as well as she gestures back to the boat.
  4. "The very best, Erine." Clara replies, "My name is Clara and it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance."
  5. Clara would spend her 2 hours with Komi and Corvo in shopping along with them. Despite growing up her entire life around people with nobility and wealth, she forgets how quickly money can be spent as the last 5 pieces of gold she had is spent on the herbalist kit in order to make the healing potions. Clara is quite ecstatic to purchase this new kit, but is also a little upset because she'll have to wait a little longer to buy a decent bedroll.
  6. OOC: Which thread is that exactly so I could update mine
  7. Clara speaks up the moment she hears Komi talk about shopping. "Actually I wouldn't mind tagging along. If I'm going to be putting together those healing potions, I need to get the right ingredients for this to work."
  8. "Same here!" Clara exclaims the moment she heard the words 'elven city' peaked her interest. "Also escorting important people is also quite rewarding as well."
  9. Clara takes her share of the five silver and responds to Corvo. "If it's healing that you're looking for, Corvo, it just so happens that I could provide you boys with some healing potions. I just need some time & ingredients to get it all together."
  10. "I know, right?" Clara speaks up as well, "Do you know how infuriating that is when guys do that all the time? I honestly don't blame Bertha for living out there like that."
  11. On the way back to Eastrun, Clara would make small talk to Cliff, Muggy, & Farley just to get to know them a little bit better. She would also read up on her spellbooks to see if she could learn some new magic tricks along the way back. Clara would be absolutely blunt towards Corvos for a while, the young magi just needed a little bit more time to process things that had transpired throughout the last week since leaving the guild.
  12. "If you don't mind me saying this, but that is truly a terrible philosophy." Clara replied, "Taking what you want, in order to survive, does not make you any better than the men who take advantage of women like us. If you want to be live yourself up to be the better sex than these guys, then use your voice rather than your fists & steel. Otherwise you're falling right back into man's little game that they always do."
  13. "It is true what my associate is saying," Clara responds, "Hasn't enough blood been shed, far too much, already?"
  14. You should see it some time. It's a really good movie for its time.
  15. I believe that it is better to have a build up and set up to these matches rather than adding more lines of *biff* *bam* & *pow* to try and make it even more interesting. If I lay out the set up then people can just use their imaginations on how the fight would play out in their heads in order to decide who would win.
  16. These nostalgic setup matches are pretty much the only reason why I personally keep coming back and make consistent matches. If you feel like I am tarnishing the good name of the fictional CBUB sportscasters feel free to let me know and I'll stop. I'm just personally a fan of the classics
  17. Episode 192 Match 3: Heavy Metal Pat: “Hello, ladies and gentleman, and welcome back to our main event of the evening. Last week we put two legendary pop culture fighters from the seventies together in an absolute slobber knocker. So tonight we have decided to do it again, but only this time we’re doing things a little bit differently.” Jay: “Instead of two famous male fighters from the seventies, we included two female fighters from the eighties! These lovely ladies are none other than Red Sonja and Taarna. A pair scantily clad armored fighters who like nothing more than to swing some big long things around.” Pat: “You mean their swords, right Jay?” Jay: “Uhh...sure. Whatever you say.” Pat: “For those of you millennials, at home, who may not know who they are then allow us to elaborate. Red Sonja, the occasional on and off girlfriend of Conan the Barbarian, has made a huge impact on on the pop culture of strong female heroines throughout most of the eighties in comics and appearing in three theatrical movies and starring in one of them." Jay: "Wait, they made a Red Sonja movie?" Pat: "Apparently, that's what my notes read on here. With a revenge origin story that a lot of women can relate to Red Sonja continues to thrive as an underrated character to this day." Jay: "Well Pat, Taarna may not be as popular as Sonja but I think she still hold her own in a fight. This one hit wonder from the cult classic Heavy Metal is a strong, beautiful, mute that is the last of her race of warriors, the Taarakians. Now matter how hard you try to take this tough gal down, Taarna's power of reincarnation will always get her coming back for more vengeance." Pat: "While these bodacious babes of the eighties may not have any vengeance towards each other, they still won't mind a good fight when they see one. And what better way to have a fair fight than--" Jay: "Mud wrestling?" Pat: "WHAT? NO JAY! These ladies may be from the eighties, but this STILL 2020. Too many red flags for something like that to happen." Jay: "God damn, you MeToo movements." Pat: "So out of the respect and fairness of women everywhere, where putting these two in a rocky canyon arena. Which also includes deep cliffs, loose boulders, and the occasional active volcano nearby flowing with magma nearby if these two plan on going into sudden death." Jay: "And as our ladies are walking into the arena we have our professional ladies man, Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is ready to get our main event underway. Stone Cold, take it away." Steve Austin: "Alright, ladies. I wanna good clean fight. As clean as a streaming service with over 20 million active subscribers watching good satisfying...uhh.." Stone Cold looks back over his notes to memorize what he was going to say, but just tosses the paper away. Steve Austin: "Look, they wanted me to promote the Khazan Streaming App, but in all honesty I don't give a rat's ass about that. I'm just here officiate fights and watch people kick each other's asses." Red Sonja: "Fret not, local brute, for I will satisfy this arena's needs and spread the blood of my opponents blood all across multiverse." Taarna does not say anything as she just merely narrows her eyes and draws her sword. Steve Austin: "Now that's what I like to hear. Now, LET'S GET IT ON!
  18. I would imagine Kylo's ad reading is a lot similar to Adam Driver's SNL skit of Kylo Ren's Undercover Boss from a few years ago. It's about one of the few times that I legitimately laughed at a modern day SNL skit at the time
  19. "Trust me, ladies. We are not people to be trifled with." Clara's eyes light up yellow as she pours out her pouch full of crystalized sand as it begins to swirl and form into a crystal ball. "Surrender your leader or face her fate as well." ooc: intimidination on the bandits
  20. As Corvo knocks on the gate, Clara uses the spell Blade Ward on herself in preparation for a possible attack.
  21. Clara takes a few deep breaths as she prepares to head into camp. "Okay, we can do this. I can do this." As Clara leaves her spellbooks tucked into a nice little corner, she pulls out her small pouch in hand and heads over to Corvo and Farley. "Let's go."
  22. Ooc: How many bandits are occupying this camp?
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