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  1. Doesn't Amazo normally copy superheroes powers? And since technically Iron Man doesn't have any super powers whatsoever, other than his suits, I'd say the fight goes to Tony. Unless Amazo has a way of copying his suits, which I doubt he does not
  2. Pretty close to call, but I would have to say Rick on the grounds that he once built an entire civilization within his car battery
  3. Between the mirrors and Silver Surfer's cosmic energy, I'd say if Bishop is smart enough to out think Surfer in this perplexing room he could easily take the win.
  4. Unless Space Godzilla could woo Mecha Striesand bye singing like Neil Diamond, I don't see SG lasting for very long
  5. Arcade always has a way cooking up the most deadliest plants with enough time on his side
  6. Joxer has way more performance to be on the Soul Train
  7. OMG, Wishbone! The nostalgic feels from my PBS days as a kid. Bless you, sir.
  8. If this is a fight between two movie characters, I feel like Vulture might get the edge because he has a bit more tech on him than Falcon
  9. Liu Kang will always be the true MK champ beating out everyone including his elder god friend. This will be a walk in the park, or in this case a sci-fi jungle
  10. I see Momo being more playful towards Jerry rather than catching it. Naga always takes his tasks way more seriously
  11. I can see Lockjaw having more willpower to venture through the wilderness and tolerating a cat in the process
  12. In the early season, he was that rich boy nancy boy. But overtime he grew a pair and hardened up overtime whenever he hanged out with his cousin. I mean, in one episode, he saw Will get shot, decided to buy a gun off the streets for protection, and brought it to the hospital where Will was getting treated.
  13. Frogs in silly little outfits have always been a lot more entertaining to folks than anything else.
  14. Toad never really had any costumes since the 90's. Nowadays he mostly wears street clothes and that janitors outfit when he was working for Wolverine's Academy. If we're going for style, it'll be Sportsmaster
  15. Courage has always been quite entertaining & a talent show is no question here
  16. This one is too close to call. It's basically brains vs brawns in the desert and something tells me that Hulk would barely beat out Doom.
  17. Shaft has always been the ladies man. This is no question at all
  18. She has advanced radar which will detect any oncoming threats her way
  19. I think Zatanna has somewhat of a better advantage in the swamp lands over StrangeFate
  20. God dammit, this is such an unfair advantage for Rick since all of his women just end up dying on him
  21. Clara would make her way to the top of the deck, with curiosity, to see what Corvo has in store for everyone. "Alright, Corvo, what's the big news? We're not going to try fishing again, are we?"
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