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  1. Yea I agree kind of out of character but I figured thats the only way they would end up fighting
  2. Well that isnt fair. How did you become able to? When i was on this sight a few years anyone could grsde matches.
  3. Tombstone knows the terrain much better. Also even though Alex is a raptor i think Tombstone's enhancements give him the advantage. Good setup, hope to see Tombstone win so he can face King or Yoshimitzu.
  4. I guess homer ftw cuz there is pie involved and he is a fat slob. Match doesnt make much sense to me though. Could use a setup i guess. And if anyone will tell me id like to know what the season 2 round 8 shit is all about. You see i was on this sight years ago under the name Jim Morrison and alot has changed since then.
  5. War Journal Entry #420- A string of kidnappings has me on the hunt. These disgusting perverts are the lowest forms of scum I deal with and they must be dealt with quickly before they can continue they're terror. I gathered the intel I needed and tracked down my target. I can't decide what i want to kill this piece of shit with yet so I leave myself with some options. I lock and load with an M-16, a pistol grip 12-gage, a Dessert Eagle, a couple Flashbangs and a Knife.Quietly making my way up to the house i sneak through an window after checking the door to find it locked. Once I am inside the perverts house i notice the basement light is on. I proceed down the basement and am greeted with a menacing but expected sight....Blood.....Bones. But what i see next has me baffled. As i get toward the bottom of the stairs I see a strange gray substance. I enter the basebent and at my feet is a massive creature that looks out of this world with a hole the size of bowling ball blasted out of his stomach. A little girl is crying in the corner but she is not the only one in the room. Standing in the middle of the room are two men. The one on the left, the younger of the two and black. The one on the right, an older white man. Both men wore black suits and black ties. And both had biggest, most bizzare guns i have ever seen in my life! I knew there was no time for questions. I ready my weapons and prepare for battle!
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