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  1. I've changed the battlefield to an abandoned city. Also what does "nm" mean when you said it Big Game James ?
  2. The battlefield is in an abandoned city Judge Dredd has his Boot Knife, Daystick, Lawgiver, Lawrod, Stub Gun, Stumm Gas, and Widowmaker. Robocop has his Auto 9, Cobra Assault Cannon, Machine Gun/Rocket Launcher, Data Spike, and Explosives. Judge Dredd has his Pat-Wagon and Hoverboard Robocop has his Police Car and his Flightpack.
  3. This is Catsai and Dare vs Robin and Jubilee. Catsai has her sais and her whip. Dare has two katannas and a pistol. Robin has his usual gadgets. Jubilee is restricted to her tech (gaunlets and power suit without her flight, superhuman strength, and limited invulneribility)
  4. Welcome to the Batman Villain Battle Royale and its third round. Two Face will have his pistol, knives, his coin, and a double barreled shotgun. The Riddler will have his question mark cane, exploding jigsaw pieces, a pistol, and fisticuffs. The next fight will be between Killer Croc vs Bane.
  5. Who are first and second to come into the ring
  6. Here's the second battle of the Batman Villain Battle Royale Catwoman has her bullwhip, the cat o nine tails, a pistol, her claws, and bolas. Harley Quinn has her hammer, a pistol, pie mines, and knives. The next battle will be between The Riddler vs Two Face.
  7. Welcome to the first round of The Batman Villains Battle Royale. The first match is The Joker vs The Penguin No prep Joker will have his bladed card deck, his crowbar, two harpoon guns, and his electric joy buzzer. Penguin will have his sword, machine gun, flamethrower, and spinning sword umbrella. The next fight will be between Catwoman vs Harley Quinn
  8. A few fights will have prep and some will not
  9. The battle between the enemies of Batman has raged on to now the villains have decided to have a battle royale to see who is the better Batman villain. The first match will be The Penguin vs The Joker
  10. It's a clash between two famous demon hunters and the demon prince from Dungeons and Dragons. Hellboy has The Right Hand Of Doom, The Good Samaritan, The Big Baby, and The Sword from Hellboy 2 Dante has Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory, Ceberus, and The Shotgun Demogorgon can use his spells and abilities from Dungeons and Dragons
  11. See Who is More Powerful Season 1 or Who Wins Season 1
  12. Who Wins Episode 1- Toph Beifong vs Gaara Welcome to the first episode of Who Wins. The battle will be between Toph Beifong vs Gaara. The two benders will fight to the death.Now let's get down to business. Toph Beifong- The blind bender of earth, metal, and sand who helped save The Four Nations from the grasp of The Fire Lord Ozai Abilities and Weapons - Earthbending Sandbending Metalbending Metal Cables As far as her abilities go she can sense movements around her because she is blind. Gaara- The Fifth Wind Shadow or The Fifth Kazekage Abilities and Weapons- Air Sand Protective Wall Armour of Sand Desert Bullet Desert Shurinken Desert Hail Desert Clone Sand Gourd Sand Drizzle Sand Sensing Shield of Sand The Spear of Shukaku The Shield of Shukaku Sand Binding Coffin Human Sized Version of Shukaku Now its time for a battle !
  13. Im changing this battle to toph from avatar the last airbender vs gaara from narutp
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