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  1. to one sided adamantium claws over iron man suit
  2. "There she is" Khan said rising from his seat on the USS Reliant He see's the USS Enterprise appear on the Viewscreen "Khan there hailing us" "Let them see us" Khan said "Im captain James T Kirk of the USS Enterprise to USS Reliant are you in need of assistance..... Who are you?" Kirk said "Captain I thought you were a admiral?" Khan said since hearing Chekov speak on the Bontany bay a few days go. He was also confused as this Kirk looked as young as he did all those years ago when he had tried to kill him on the USS Enterprise. "You have me at a disadvantage state who you are and where is the captain of the reliant?" Kirk said confused at how this old man seemed to know him "I my dear "Captain " is Khan noonien Singh but I'm tired of this ignorance you seem to have Kirk from hells heart I stab at thee Khan cut the communication and gave the order to fire all weapons (This is the original Khan he has the USS Reliant but no Genesis weapon board. This is New Kirk on his Enterprise with his crew. They have not met Khan so have no idea who he is or his capabilities)
  3. Which version of the avengers Which justice league Which version of superman If it energy superman Avengers win if it is normal superman JLA wins Going for avengers as i;ma marvel fan
  4. Neros ships is a mining vessel fitted with Borg technology and Moffs ship is a standard star cruiser and since star wars is in a long time a go ina galazy far far away nero has it with the more advanced technology IMO
  5. General Moff Tarkin sat gazing out window of the star destroyer outside was some kind of electromagnetic storm and something seemed to be coming through it. General Tarkin has never seen anything like it. "Sir we are being fired upon" yelled the guy on radar. General Tarkin went straight into action "Battle Station scramble the Tie Fighters" he said. Almost immediately the tie fighters could be seen and Grand master Tarkin was astounded when almost as quickly he saw them exploding due to some kind of torpedo that seemed to strike multiple targets at once. The ship was not completley out of the storm. "There hailing us" the comms officer said "My name is Nero I will spare your life if you tell me where I can find Ambassador Spock" "I don;t know this ambassador spock" Tarkin replied "Unfortunate for you" Nero said and terminated the channel Tarkin saw the ship come closer. "Open Fire" Tarkin said "In the name of Empire"
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