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  1. Also don't forget that Zangief received Russian government funded training that sent him to Siberia, one the coldest and barren locations on earth, to learn how to wrestle Ussuri brown bears, while Chang Koehan on the other hand was self taught. Zangief wins.
  2. My money's on Andy his attacks are much more powerful, Guy may be fast but he won't be able to dodge them all.
  3. Hold up are we talking about Legion hacking the T-1000? Hadn't thought of that, well considering that the Mass Effect universe is much more advanced tech wise then Terminator universe, and that Legion is a pretty good hacher even among Geths, I'll admit that it is possible for Legion to win that way.
  4. By the way, force echo what I was trying to say is Legion isn't immune to knifes and no offense to Tali but I am fairly certain the T-1000 can do more damage with his bigger knifes and above average human strength and even if if he can't he could always take Legion's guns and use it against him.
  5. The only thing that could put the T-1000 down to my knowledge is molten lava like in it's movie, which I doubt Legion carries around or will find in a house of mirrors.
  6. By the way awesome match Boratz, I always do look forward to your matches, I give it 5 stars.
  7. I agree with Skadoosh, the Falcon pred will most definaty underestimate Dutch just as he did Hanzo in predators, that and Dutch's own experience in fighting predators will lead to a victory to the human.
  8. This match goes to the T-1000, Legion's guns aren't going to be able to put down the T-1000 down however if Tali's knife can mortally wound Legion then T-1000's arm knife can definitely take out Legion.
  9. Since no one seems to be defending Law I guess it is up to me, Law is twice as young as Lau and in his prime, while some may argue that Lau is more experienced, do not forget that Law has fought in every Tekken tournament except the third one and each time he has made it near the top fighting a variety of different fighters, so I think it's safe to say Law is pretty experienced too. So if both fighters have much experience fighting but one is in his prime and the other isn't, who do ya'll honestly think will win? Law wins this fight
  10. My money is on Garrus, Rex, and Hepzibah; team predators biggest advantage are their ability to sneak attack their targets, and Garruses targeting sight insures that advantage is out the window, and condidering that his teams guns are much more advance then the guns that the humans from the predator movies use, I'm certain that his team can win this. Also having thermal detonaters and vibroblades definitely helps.
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