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  1. Why in the world do you hate Cable also Azreal is in the picture Deadpool Corps ftw
  2. The Guardian takes this -- he's incredibly skilled in all weapons, ancient and futuristic. He's also skilled in multiple forms of hand-to-hand. Plus, he's darn near indestructible. The Ninja Turtles, like all the rest, will be denied.
  3. This is a cool match-up, but the Dark Knight takes this easily. I mean this is Frank Miller's Batman, he lives for this kind of a fight. Plus he's got all those years of experience kicking super villain backsides to draw from.
  4. The Tremor brothers for the win they are loaded to bare were the Saints are only armed with Berettas. Which would do nothing to the Tremor Brothers armor plus the Saints have no armor at all and even though The Saints are lucky and succeed most of their crusades the Tremors are ex-black ops and like to get up close and personnel.
  5. Cool match up I love both of the games especially the first ones but Rios and Salem are to well trained and equip to be beaten by Kane and Lynch. Army of Two FTW
  6. Tremor Bros ftw they're just to badass for the Firefly Family to handle.
  7. Hey didn't he get Green Arrow to shot Superman with a Kryptonite arrow.
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