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  1. Also you could have like a sword or medieval types like Connor MacLeod, Conan or Zorro
  2. What about badas chick you know so you could show the ladies some love with picks like Ripley, Sarah Connot or Hit-Girl that would be cool Also it would be cool to have something similar to the CSI & Kung Fu slots
  3. Saw the matchup on this cool site so i though it should be a rumble http://www.lastheros...dam-vs-red-hulk
  4. Red Hulk versus Black Adam No morals to the death
  5. Sands sits in a booth dining on a plate of puerco pibil. Elle Driver enters the restaurant carrying a case, stops at the booth and takes a seat. Sands stops eating, "You know every dive I go to I order the same thing, Puerco Pibil which is slow-roasted pork, nothing fancy just happens to be my favorite, with a tequila and lime. And frankly this is the best I've had thus far. Now Elle you simply must try this." Sands pushes the plate across the table to Elle. Elle takes the fork, picks a piece of pork up then slowly eats it as Sands continues. "But you know Elle maybe it's just my senses over compensating." Sands looks up, dried blood marks his face just under his sunglasses. "Thats what happens when one's eyes are removed I guess." Elle slides the plate back across the table. "Now Sands I couldn't care less about your crappy little entree here." Elle looks over the fork. "All business there sugar cakes?" Sands sets a briefcase on the table. "Yeah Sands I'm all business." She takes the fork and stabs Sands in the arm too bad the arm is fake. Sands fires his handgun using his real arm which is under the table he grazes Elle's leg. But this doesn't stop her from kicking the table up Sands dives to the ground. Elle grabs her case, opens it, and withdraws her sword. Sands rises drawing a Mac-11 from his shoulder holster. Elle stands sword proned to strike as Sands trains his guns in her direction. Sands grins, "I guess it's time to restore some balance."
  6. Happy Birthday

    From a random cbuber

  7. That's weird because I'm pretty sure Boba Fett won against Batman. So what is this?
  8. There's no way Kick Ass can win. Casey Jones is on par with Hit Girl and The Punisher he's brutal with criminals killing all no matter their crime plus was trained by the Turtles who are ninja masters. By the way I'm talking about the comic book version the one in the picture not the cartoon version.
  9. I thought putting Marcus up against Katie ever since I put them in but haven't had the chance.
  10. I don't think Magnus can damage their enhanced armor -- not even Jack could cut through it without the use of a special power gauntlet. The Ultra-Robots reign supreme.
  11. I don't know what happened to my Set Up. Anyway, here it is again: INT. DINER Mickey and Mallory sit at the counter. Mickey runs his hand over his shaven head as he looks over at his wife, who picks apart a half eaten burger. “What’s wrong Mal, not hungry?†Mallory looks up and smiles at Mickey. “Hold on.†Mallory gets up and walks towards a dead man hunched over the counter, kitchen knives sticking from his back. She rummages through his pockets and retrieves a quarter. Mallory walks to the jukebox in the back, pushes a body off it and inserts the quarter. With a push of a button Rockabilly cuts through the diner. Mallory begins her own little dance of death through the diner, passing dead patrons, blood splattered floors, both results of their own handiwork. But their fun is cut short as a Dodge Barracuda crashes through the storefront. The Tremor Brothers pile out, armed to the teeth. Jeeves raises a sledgehammer, ready to break something. Lester aims his double barrel at the couple. Darwin rests his hand on one of his machetes, ready to end lives. Mickey grabs Mallory, towing her over the counter with him. Darwin looks around, “I love the smell of blood in the morning.†The killers rise from behind the counter both armed and extremely dangerous. Mallory grins and pumps her shotgun, “Funny, me too.†Note: Darwin is armed with his twin machetes and his Grease Gun, Lester has a double barrel shotgun and Jeeves has his sledgehammer and a Colt M1911. Mickey has his Berretta, .357 Magnum and Remington 870. Mallory has her Mossberg 500 and Bowie Knife.
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