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  1. I just submitted Archer from Small Soldiers if anyone wants to use him!
  2. Excellent continuation I'm very curious about the artifact Dooku found. As for the fight, from show dialogue The Bad Batch has dealt with all matter of strange creatures before. I think they can end this thing.
  3. Mercenaryblade

    Alt image gallery

    Just a place to post alternate images of characters.
  4. Congrats everyone! I just couldn't think of an idea to participate with. But it's all good, well done all!
  5. Indeed she's had her own novel, been in games, and comics
  6. First: I move to make a motion that Ahsoka be moved from toons to scifi. Now that she's appeared in a live action piece. StarWars: Taron Malicos: The dark jedi from Fallen order. Spends his free time throwing boulders and lightsabers at people. Zygerrien Slavers: Who doesn't like killing slavers? Lady Mechanika: An indie comic character I ran across on free comicbook day. Seemed cool enough to add.
  7. MOTP is one of my favorite animated films hands down.
  8. Given Starkiller base can shoot from lightyears away I'm going with it. Unless Kelfa can figure out where its shooting from a travel directly to it.
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