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  1. Sigh all these character adds for nothing....... One of the most comprohensive databases down the drain. (Funeral march)
  2. The fight shall continue on Pey's site, after the old EF goes down permanately And now some appropriate music, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oubGPn3pZ5s
  3. What fictional character would you want to have as a mentor? Can be from anything. I'd say Captain America he sticks to his values despite being told they don't fit in to the modern world. And plus he's trained dozens in hand to hand combat and tactics
  4. Micheal Westen vs Ghostface A match with every almost forgotten character.
  5. I agree on the setup like I said not feeling it right now. But glad you like the fight idea
  6. MY LAST CBUB MATCH The Giant was on a rampage while initially the mysterious robot had docilely been avoiding a direct confrontation with the armed forces it had suddenly become hostile and retaliated with weapons the like of which no one had seen. Tanks, artillery, and even naval rifles were ineffective against the rampaging machine as it vaporized its way through the ranks. Deep in a command bunker the top brass were frantically discussing the situation. “Nothing stops it!†A general said. “We’ve tried everything!†“Not everything general.†An attaché from the CIA said. “We haven’t tried the bomb yet.†Everyone seated at the table stared at the man incredulously. “Are you out of your mind?†The general asked the man. “It seems to be attracted to whatever attacks it we can lure it away from the cities and then bomb it.†“I’ve got a better idea.†An Admiral said. “Our secret weapon for the Alaska campaign.†“Liberty Prime?†The general asked. “Yes, we can only fight fire with fire we’ll reply with a giant of our own.†There was a chorus of agreement from the rest of the assembled brass. “Call the lab boys and tell them to get busy.†The general said. Sometime later: The Giant had just blasted away another tank column, soldiers fled before it their small arms absolutely useless against it. Then there was a loud booming voice. “COMMUNISTS ENGAGED!†From their cover the soldiers looked up in awe to see another giant robot this one painted with US markings. A Tesla beam shot out from the second robots eye and scored a hit on the Iron Giant. The giant turned to attack the new threat. “DEATH IS A PREFERABLE ALTERNATIVE TO COMMUNISM!†Liberty Prime boomed out. The giant attacked. From a ditch two soldiers watched slacked jawed as the robots began to battle it out. “So we have a giant robot on our side?†“Apparently.†The second observed. “Ten bucks our guy tears spacebot apart.†The first said. “You’re on.†His friend replied. I know it's not my best work but I'm not feeling too inspired at the moment what with the website closing, but please let me know what you think of this amtchup
  7. Well can't beleive EF is closing down. :( I'm going to miss this place and some of the people

  8. Bridge: The Pantheurian comms officer spoke up again, "I just made contact with the Marine CO he say's he just stopped the Sh'ra from blowing their own ship up." She reported. Jansen looked around at the others on the bridge, "I knew Sh'ra were crazy." The Pantheurian spoke again, "it seems that the boarding action is swinging in our favor a few Sh'ra left but they're putting up a fight." 1st boarding Party: Tora's kick to the Sh'ras face worked the reptile staggered back giving the large Pantheurian more than enough space to work with. Matlock's shots connected the charged plasma tore through the Sh'ra's torso and the creature fell forward just short of the MA, the fight was far from over though several more were still fighting. not far from the Ma Larkin would successfully sidestep a charging Sh'ra and deliver a slashing blow across the aliens back. The Sh'ra hissed in pain as it's spine was severed and crumpled to the deck. Larkin had gotten a kill, he'd spy another Sh'ra attempting to bite another marines head off oblivious to him Ander's an dSatheera both had a few more targets to choose from though it seemed there were less Sh'ra than when they started the remaining Sh'ra were still putting up a hell of a fight. 2nd boarding Party: The marine winced a bit, "He dug his claws in me pretty good but I don't think he got anything vital." The marine muttered he was bleeding from where the Sh'ras claws had penetreated just over the chest but not close to the heart. He'd probably live the biggest risk was infection a Sh'ra's hand claws probably weren't the most sanitary items.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised at all if that happened, but next will probably be Darth Vader getting defeated by Phineas and Ferb. I actualy made a H!tler rants parody about the upcoming episode. Wait has it been that long already? i need to check back on the forms more often, though usually i don't get any response. Uh disregard.
  10. Fortune: The aged adventurer looked around at the fallen not for familar faces but for any dropped gear that they wouldn't be needing, he kept his head down mindful that he was still in a combat zone, he kept his sword at the ready as he saw a rhino charge past a few others were mixing it up with the bots in all it was a chaotic batttle. Star Patrol: (Sphinx) The captain was cursing in his head, his face was stuck somewhere between concentration and anger, they were getting pinned down and backup was dragging it's feet. They needed something to flip the odds back in there favor if he wasn't concerned with collateral damage he'd be ordering a grenade. If only they had an EMP grenade with them it would fry the bots and leave organics unharmed. He'd have to try and go for something else, fiddling with the settings on his raygun he set the intensity to maximum he would only get one good shot with it afterwards he'd have to turn the intensity back down and wait a few seconds for recharge. Keeping almost belly down on the ground Sphinx fired on one of the bots it didn't matter if it was behind cover as the beam would go through it and then into the bot, he fired center mass hopefully when the bot got blasted it'd spray it's companions with shrapnel and give his allies an oppurtunity to give the bots a taste of suppresive fire. They'd have to he'd need a few seconds to recharge. Trevor/Kari: Kari surveyed the battle, an idea occured to her most the attackers were robots, an idea came to the technition. Glancing at Thompson she cleared her throat and spoke, "Is there a breaker box near here?" She asked. Trevor meanwhile was hurrying the evacuees up, "Move along now! Hurry up!" He even went so far as to physically stear a few to the entrance, "Not that way!" He'd growl, no one in their right mind would dare suggest that he should evacuate too, Trevor was part of the Star Patrol the way he saw it he was doing his job.
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