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  1. Just a place to post alternate images of characters.
  2. I hope there's no Engineer bots... or spy bots. But I still think the boys can handle themselves here. Another fine setup. Depending on how things go, might I suggest Aston Martin vs Batmobile?
  3. It's scenes like this that made me dislike TLJ, but let's not go down that rabbit hole. I do have my perspective on the leadership or lack of having served myself. I agree that Poe is one that didn't see the big picture as it were. Be it as it may he's a field commander, those in the field have different insight to those in command as they're actually there. Yes he did disobey orders, but if he hadn't the Resistance would have died right then. While Leia did demote him, he was still an officer and still flight leader. Holdo absolutely needed to tell him at least the bare minimum "We hav
  4. TF2 Merasmus: Fighting this wizard is a TF2 Halloween tradition. He's mad because soldier was a terrible roommate. Rathchet & Clank Rivet: A female lombax from an alternate dimension who's already gained quite a fanbase. Dr. Nefarious: Ratchet and Clanks arch nemesis Star Wars Cham Syndulla: Twilek freedom fighter, first against the Separatists and then the Empire, and father of Hera Syndulla
  5. Basically can Picard teach Holdo how to be an actually effective leader? Let's say after a disastrous command she's demoted and put under Picard's command as his new No1. Can Picard reforge her to an effective leader worthy to be an admiral? You know Starfleet admirals had a tendency to be secretly nuts.... hmm... maybe this isn't such a good idea.
  6. You couldn't have given Alfred one of Mr. Freezes guns? Sorry just thinking of Batman Superman Public Enemies. Great setup, definitely liking how this is playing out. Ra's is definitely behind this. Sorry Alfred, the Spy has this I think.
  7. Let me piggyback this by adding it's a good idea to keep a notebook on you. I find pocket sized leatherbound notebooks are the way to go. You can carry them at work, are durable and wont fall apart easily.
  8. I too also walk. I also find listening to music in a dark room helps too
  9. Whenever I see Thok I just flashback to Battlefront II Jabbas palace.
  10. Never seem to recall him doing music though, always had Zorak or a band do that on his talk show. It has been a long time since I've seen any Space Ghost stuff.
  11. It said a time travel adventure, in Trek that usually happens by accident. Temporal affairs hate time travel incidents.
  12. I gotta back Rick over BatGod. Batman and JJ just seems sort of meh to me, I can't quite describe why I don't like the pairing.
  13. Indy's only drawback is the era he lives in, while Indy certainly isn't a bigot Uhura might have a tough time adventuring with him.
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