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  1. I don't kow Ryleh can cause insanity especially in those that value logic and reason
  2. Really loving your arc here, it's fantastic! An it's good from me. I'm going with Bo. Vizlsa may have once been her superior, but I think Bo knows his tactics well enough to counter them.
  3. Mercenaryblade

    Alt image gallery

    Just a place to post alternate images of characters.
  4. Added Wishbone if anyone is still in need of a team pet! Or wants to swap out CBUB Profile: Wishbone (electricferret.com)
  5. Good setup! I got to go with Eris, home turf advantage and of the two she seemed more of a legit threat, Disney Hades get's a bit too goofy.
  6. No one's picking Lassie or Bartok for team pet? Interesting.
  7. For the upcoming season draft: Dogmeat- The dog from Fallout games. Rin-Tin-Tin: One of the older canine heroes who's been around almost as long as Lassie Supernatural: Rowena Macleod: A witch and mother of Crowley. Stranger Things: Hawkins IN- The town where everything takes place. DC Viking Prince: One of DC's forgotten characters from their historical fiction comics in Brave and Bold. Xenoblade Chronicles: Fiora: Supporting character, she's appeared in other games outside her own, such as Project XZone 2 MetalFace: An antagonistic Mechon, he too has appeared in other games outside his series.
  8. How is RinTinTin not in the database yet for team pets? I'll see if I can fix that.
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