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  1. Just a place to post alternate images of characters.
  2. Surprised no one has picked First Order Stormtroopers for their cannon fodder.
  3. I'm actually the one that added Captain Amelia back in the old days. Looking forward to your next part.
  4. Added: The Peaky Blinders: The notorious British gang that now has a whole series
  5. Good setup Leroy! Love all the characters you've included here, maybe we can see Captain Amelia in an upcoming fight. I'm also pulling for Tula
  6. Added: Kitsune: The actual mythical kitsune
  7. Thanks. Admittedly I may have swapped a strong choice for a weaker choice. But I'm satisfied
  8. I thought it was a reference to the 90s arcade game actually. (Also on SNES and Genesis I think)
  9. Slasher villain rumble, those that don't talk vs those that do, in a 3on3 rumble! Setting is a sorority house.
  10. Oh but you should. Otherwise I get to have my jollies. Phrasing is everything. 🤪 I'm messing with you, chill the heck out.
  11. No, no, no, you said there were no magical wish granting genies in sitcoms.
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