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  1. Now writing: Crazy villian attempts to hold up an aircraft carrier with a shotgun.

  2. He could use, say, the Statue of Liberty as a giant antenna. If anyone tries to trace the radio waves, they're coming from the Statue of Liberty. If anyone investigates the Statue of Liberty, they find huge, rapidly fluctuating electric currents running through it with no apparent cause. If they take apart the Statue of Liberty to investigate, he moves the signal to the Eiffel Tower instead.
  3. I don't see any reason to draw the story out more than necessary. But since you insisted, I removed another ten words. (Besides, this is a better description of Annihilator's powers than the one on his character sheet)
  4. Annihilator didn't even touch the door; he tore it off its hinges with telekinesis as he walked in. When he scanned the nearby minds for Blackwood, he noticed a woman thinking about her gun. "Shoot yourself". He heard a gunshot and a cry of pain behind him as he hurried through the waiting room. Chairs flew as he passed, dumping their occupants and then clubbing them. Then a second shot went off. A burst of pain rattled his chest. He turned and saw the same woman, crouching and aiming. "How?" he gasped. Hazel shifted more weight off her injured leg as she pulled the trigger. "You didn't say where."
  5. This is a three-way free for all. Those poor 2D guys are in way over their heads. They're not used to fighting two people from different sides.
  6. Pyro may or may not be able to incapacitate Zombie Girl, but he can't really do more than inconvenience Masuto. He goes down shortly after setting the room on fire. Unless Masuto flattens Batman very quickly, they end up relocating outside (possibly minus Zombie Girl.), probably through opposite door to avoid getting ambushed. I don't know whether this counts as a win for anyone.
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