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  1. Not bad for a first shot. Also camp Forest Green was what Crystal Lake's name was changed to in an attempt to bury the Camp Blood Murders. Appropriate since it was used when Jason was first written as an undead killer i found it to be a nice touch.
  2. Model_O Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post. Characters who are all the same color, and fight mad scientists! An all out brawl between Segas flagship series and Capcoms Mascot series! No specific scenario or setting, just a straight out fight!
  3. I've added a scenario, including a setting, what era they are from and what weapons are on hand.
  4. Model_O Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post. Friday the 31st! Location: The Woods of Crystal Lake/A small Cabin as well. Jason's weapons Michaels Weapons Long Range: Spear Long Range: Scythe Short Range: Tent Spike Short Range: Garden Claw Signature: Machete Signature: Kitchen Knife Wild Card Weapon:Speargun Wild Card Weapon: Car Jason is undead, Michael has the cult of thorn (First sequel continuity) both are seemingly impervious to harm, but who will win? We open with 4 teens driving fast down the Highway, they seem frantic and scared, as if they are trying to get away from someone. Boy: Shit, did we lose him? Girl: I think so! Boy 2: Who the hell was that? Girl 2: I dont know! but he didn't like us going into his house at all. The teens pull over at the side of the road, the gas meter reads Empty, luckily there is a Gas Can in the trunk. The first boy goes to get it, he starts refilling the tank. Suddenly, he sees a car in the distance, It's a police car. He feels safe for a second, but as it get's closer it doesn't slow down, infact it starts to turn for them! Boy: GET OUT OF THE CAR! The 3 other kids try to get out of the car, but the second boy doesn't make it on time and the car gets smashed as he has one foot out, he ragdolls into the dirt road. Boy: ERIC! The 3 run to go help him, they reach him. He is alive, but injured. Eric: Just leave me, I'll slow you guys down too much. The 3 leave him behind as Michael is shown exiting his car, Michael starts to follow the 3, but the Eric distracts him. Eric: Hey asshole! Michael turns back. Eric: Yeah thats right asshole! Eric tries to sit up, Micheal reaches him, and pulls a garden claw out, he then smashes it into Eric's head, killing him instantly, Micheal stares at the forest, before walking past a sign that reads "Welcome to Camp Forest Green" We see the kids running through the woods, they come across a cabin. Boy: Hey, a cabin! Maybe they can help us out! The teens run into the cabin! They open it up, there is rotting food and a foul smell, which they take note of. They open up a room, it is piled high with bodies. Girl 1: Oh my god! Suddenly, from beneath the floor Jason bursts out, girl one and boy one run away, but girl 2 is in shock, Jason decapitates her with the machete in his hands. Girl 1: SASHAAAA! The surviving teens run away, out of the cabin, but at the door is micheal, who drives his tomahawk into the first girls face, the remaining boy is caught between the two. Jason grabs him from behind and rams a tent spike into his neck, and the two killers meet face to face. both tilt their heads to the side, then Micheal pulls out his kitchen knife, Jason pulls out his Machete. They charge at eachother and scene!
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