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  1. TheMarineV2 Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
  2. Thanks for the spelling correction I quickly changed it. I am so use to my phone it tells me how to spell the words lol
  3. Hope everyone likes this match, let me know what you think.
  4. Deep in the Nevada desert The Leader met with the bounty hunter he had hired to capture the Hulk. Leader: "Welcome Lobo, the reason I hired you is because my minions haven't been able to capture the Hulk and bring him to me so Ican drain him of his power and claim it as my own." Lobo: "Hey if The Main Man can't do it then it can't be done, and The Main Man hasn't found anything he can't do." Leader: "I must caution you that the Hulkm is strong, strong than anything I have ever seen before." Lobo: "I've taken on the likes of Superman, and the only reason why he's still standing is because the guy that paid me to take him out, tried to back out of our agreement once I brought the big boyscout to him." Leader: "You have my word Lobo that as soon as you capture the Hulk and bring him to me you will be paid." Lobo left the villians hide out headed in the direction of the last known location of the Hulk. Lobo found the Hulk in the Grand Canyon. Lobo: "Hey you Mr. Jolly Green Idiot, you're coming with The Main Man." Hulk: " Listen to me you little albino pipsqueek you want me then come get me." Lobo jumped off the top of the Grand Canyon landing in front of Hulk. Lobo: "Nothin personal Mr. Green Genes but I'm taking you in and then getting paid." Hulk: "Who sent you after me, Ross?" "The Illuminati?" Lobo: "The Leader's paying me to bring you back to him." Hulk: "The Leader, hmmmmmm ther's a name I haven't heard in years." Lobo: "Well then it's time The Main Man reunites the two of you for old times sake." Lobo pulls back and decks Hulk, catching him unaware and sending him flying through the canyon wall causing it to collapse. Lobo: "Well that was easy." Hulk bursts out of the rock pile. Hulk: "Big mistake now it's my turn." Hulk hits Lobo with an uppercut that would have decappitated a normal person, but the force of the blow sends Lobo flying straight up into the air. Lobo flew straight up two hundred feet per second and then fell to the ground at subsonic speed when he hit the ground the grand canyon walls collapsed from the shockwave. Lobo climbed out of a crater three hundred feet deep and a quarter of a mile wide. Lobo: "Why can't it ever be that easy, alright we do this the hard way." Lobo and Hulk run at each other and the shockwave from the impact collapes more of the grand canyon. The battle has begun will Lobo ba able to take the Hulk back to The Leader and collect his pay or has he taken on an impossible job? You decidde vote rate and comment.
  5. This challenge was a blast, how about something for St. Patty's Day next month turn'em green with envy or something, lol I don't know
  6. Well I wanted to do something like what they did in the comic, where they had three disticnt personalities of Hulk, there was Savage Hulk, Professer Hulk, and Demon Hulk
  7. It'll be a long and bloody fight but Spiderman wins after snapping Sabretooth's neck and chucking his still twitching body out of the window. A form me great set up great read.
  8. I'm a judge, to make that call is a little over my head you'd have to find a moderator or admin and ask them, but the reason I thought it's a little disturbing is just because of the characters you used, other than that it's well written
  9. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok this match is just a little disturbing, I hope you know that this site also has children logging on that's why it's suppose to be pg 13.
  10. This battle takes place in Bruce Banners head between the three dominate Hulk personalites. Bruce Banner sat in an isolation chamber trying to calm the beast within, with the help of Charles Xavier he thought he might succeed. Now the agreement was that Xaiver wouldn't interfere with Banner's meditation but would only monitor Banner's brain waves and keep the atmosphere cool and calm so that the Hulk would not go on a rampage out of control. Banner stepped into his mind and looked around and noticed that it was divided into three different spheres one looiked exactly like the bomb range where he saved Rick Jones from the gamma bomb and first became the Hulk, another looked like the planet Skaar where he as the Hulk had been sent in exile from earth, toppled a corrupt king and fallen in love with Cira, and the last one was a post Apocalyptic world filled with death and destruction, one he had never seen before but knew that a darker version of The Hulk lived there. Banner walked to the spot where all three spheres connected and called out to all three personalities. Banner: "I know you're there please come out and talk to me, I want to try and make peace with all of you." Savage Hulk: "What puny Banner want with Hulk, Hulk leave puny Banner alone for years why puny Banner come back and disturb Hulk, Hulk no like puny Banner." Planet Hulk: "Can't belive I was once that simpled minded, still I have to agree with him why have you come here, you offer peace yet you know we are hunted at every turn." End Hulk: "PEACE, YOU COME HERE OFFERING PEACE, AFTER EVERYTHING YOUR SO CALLED GOOD PEOPLE HAVE DONE TO US YOU DARE OFFER PEACE, I DON'T WANT PEACE, I WANT TO DESTROY EVERYTHING THEY HOLD DEAR JUST AS THEY DESTROYED I LOVED." Banner: "I know they've hurt you before, but I promise they won't hurt you anymore if you'll just let me take control and make peace between us." Savage Hulk: "Ross hunt Hulk for no reason, Hulk no like Ross, Hulk smash Ross good." Planet Hulk: "They killed my wife and unborn son when they destroyed the very ship they sent me to Skaar in." End Hulk: "LET THEM BURN, LET THEM FRY, MY FURRY SHALL KNOW NO LIMIT, STARTING WITH BANNER." Savage Hulk: "Puny Banner may not be friend but Hulk can't let you destroy puny Banner." Planet Hulk: "I've been waiting for this moment let the rage take hold all shall bow before Hulk." All three Hulks charge at each other and Banner, End Hulk wants to destroy everything, Savage Hulk wants to protect Banner even thought he doesn't like Banner he knows that for him to live Banner must live, Planet Hulk just want s to fight. The battle is on which Hulk personality will win and become the dominant Hulk, you decide vote, rate, and comment.
  11. It's a good match up, but as DSkillz said you really need to research your characters a little better, Hawkeye takes this really with out much of a challenge, I mean Green Arrow, has almost the exact same type of arrows as Hawkeye and he has taken both Joker and Harley down before with ease. Like I said it's a good setup, so I'll give it a B, just do a little more research next time please.
  12. Lol oh man DC and Marvel should do a cross over with these two, I seriouly think Joker would pry try to hire Deadpool, oh man can you see the two of them hitting the town together even Batman would have to laugh at them.
  13. Bettsy wins hands downshe may not be able to use her telepathy but with her psi knife the bat villans end up laying in a pool of their own drool. Great read, great set-up gets an A from me.
  14. This is my entry into the February challenge, hope everyone enjoys
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