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  1. My pc chose a wonderful time to break down
  2. The wait for the new site is killing me. Also I'd be willing to participate in any rp Treach runs.
  3. Seeing that the only people who know anything about the new site are Landon & Co. I think he should the one who runs a launch Rp; if he wants one made.
  4. That was actually what I was thinking. Holding it here wouldn't make sense we wouldn't be here to look back on it.
  5. Treach and his infamous subtlety
  6. I've never been in a rp much less ran one.
  7. I think we should have a launch party (fic/rp) for the new site to pump everybody up. That way we would enter the new era with a bang.
  8. I agree with Psuedo's idea. Build a sort of foundation for the new site first using fresh characters, and then after the site has its own identity tweak fpl era characters to fit inside the new site if you wish.
  9. I think having a main continuity like Marvel 616 would be o.k.; what the rules of that universe would be is up to those setting up the site. As for the continent of Khazan, it could exist in some form but as Landon said, it shouldn't be the focal point of everything.
  10. I agree. Some of the teams needed a reboot anyway. I'm sure some teams will make a comeback in some form or another (I'm almost sure there will be reincarnation of the SLJ.). I'm guessing Khazan won't exist in this new "fpl", at least not in its current form so alot of characters will have to remain in the past or be rewritten. I know the Creed will be reborn, and Mr.Styx will also rise from the ashes so there will be some kind of crime organization even if the Syndicate wont exist.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I love the current FPL as much as the first time I stumbled across it years ago, when Kits were still a thing and it took a few days for a character to be added to the database. What I meant when I said "it allows more creative freedom" was that in a FPL/wiki hybrid format, editing and adding to a characters story would be easier than it was now. At least I hope it will be.
  12. Guess I have to get back to my unfinished projects now.
  13. Looks like we might have a nice little community.
  14. I have a poetry blog, and I also write short stories; mainly sci-fi and fantasy. Currently working on a novel as well.
  15. I like the idea, it allows more creative freedom than the fpl (when it comes to character creation); I'd be willing to get involved, but if this is the path we're going down we should start collecting as much as we can.
  16. I agree with you Landon; creating a doppelganger of the FPL would be impossible, and to try and do that would probably make for a......"Flawed" community/site. If/When a new FPL inspired site is formed only the best and/or most dynamic aspects should be integrated into it. As for the content; creating lore from scratch would quite difficult but I would be willing to chip in if that would be the plan for the "new fpl".
  17. The end of Electricferret means there is a chance that the FPL will go along with it; if we allow it to. Unlike the Cbub, FPLers will be hard pressed to find a substitute for the website we have dedicated countless hours to. With the end of the FPL we will lose vast amounts of lore created by the likes of Ivan, and see memorable characters like Landon Hex, De Luca and Zombie Girl fade away into the shadows of the internet. I don't think we should allow the end of this great website bring about the death of the FPL. I think we should somehow agree on a single location to transplant the FPL and all of its content (at least the content seen as acceptable by the community.) so that we can continue to expand the world we dedicated so much time to.
  18. Where ever the FPL goes I'll be there. As for an Apocalypse, I'm game, although it won't be the end for my characters.
  19. CBUBers have many other websites to turn to after the end of EF; FPLers on the other hand aren't so lucky many of the characters created in the FPL will die right along with EFand that is probably what saddens me the most.

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  20. Mr. Styx gathers his most trusted subordinates to the top of Charon Tower as the denizens of Venus Junction, no longer in fear of the crime-lords, wreak havoc upon the City. He turns to them with a sly grin on his face as he stares into their grief laden eyes, "Not to worry my friends, this world is but one of many." he turned around and sent his gaze too the blood red moon "By the time the end comes, I will be gone from this place and I will take you with me. After all, any being that does not reward loyalty and dedication is a foul creature. So revel in these final days of Khazan and the planet it calls home; soon we will busy again." Van "Vice Law" Hyde, sat on the roof of a church turning a pearl necklace in his hand, biteer tears of pain feel from his aged eyes as the dark clouds parted to reveal blood stained moon. "I'm sorry Ruthie, in the end not even a hundred years was long enuff' to buy why way to them pearly gates. Old Satans probably sharpnin' his knife right now, he's gonna take a big ole' bite of my wretched soul." "Giving up already Vice Law?" chuckled the rusty voice of a tall undertaker who's shadow loomed over Van Hyde "I'm not done with you yet sinner, I promised you a way to heaven and I never break my promises." "The worlds ending Azrael!" "So?" interrupted the grisly undertaker "Who ever said the good Lord only made one world? Now dust your self off; you've got work to do." Those two little stories are probably going to grow into one big finale. I still can't believe the FPL is going comatose (I refuse to say anything that even hints to the word death.) Hopefully we'll find a way to keep Khazan alive.
  21. I'd definitely would be interested in that (not that surprising). I think it's obvious who I would put in the tourny (Mr.Styx).
  22. Part 1 is finally finished

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