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  1. My pc chose a wonderful time to break down
  2. The wait for the new site is killing me. Also I'd be willing to participate in any rp Treach runs.
  3. Seeing that the only people who know anything about the new site are Landon & Co. I think he should the one who runs a launch Rp; if he wants one made.
  4. That was actually what I was thinking. Holding it here wouldn't make sense we wouldn't be here to look back on it.
  5. Treach and his infamous subtlety
  6. I've never been in a rp much less ran one.
  7. I think we should have a launch party (fic/rp) for the new site to pump everybody up. That way we would enter the new era with a bang.
  8. I agree with Psuedo's idea. Build a sort of foundation for the new site first using fresh characters, and then after the site has its own identity tweak fpl era characters to fit inside the new site if you wish.
  9. I think having a main continuity like Marvel 616 would be o.k.; what the rules of that universe would be is up to those setting up the site. As for the continent of Khazan, it could exist in some form but as Landon said, it shouldn't be the focal point of everything.
  10. I agree. Some of the teams needed a reboot anyway. I'm sure some teams will make a comeback in some form or another (I'm almost sure there will be reincarnation of the SLJ.). I'm guessing Khazan won't exist in this new "fpl", at least not in its current form so alot of characters will have to remain in the past or be rewritten. I know the Creed will be reborn, and Mr.Styx will also rise from the ashes so there will be some kind of crime organization even if the Syndicate wont exist.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I love the current FPL as much as the first time I stumbled across it years ago, when Kits were still a thing and it took a few days for a character to be added to the database. What I meant when I said "it allows more creative freedom" was that in a FPL/wiki hybrid format, editing and adding to a characters story would be easier than it was now. At least I hope it will be.
  12. Guess I have to get back to my unfinished projects now.
  13. Looks like we might have a nice little community.
  14. I have a poetry blog, and I also write short stories; mainly sci-fi and fantasy. Currently working on a novel as well.
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