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  1. So what's he do there? Use some force field trickery to stop the power drain? That won't work if she can drain power without touch.
  2. She currently has her powers pretty well under control, so that shouldn't be an issue. Besides, what's the worst that happens after she absorbs all of Magneto's powers? She wrecks Dagobah? Still wins.
  3. So, apparently Rogue now has the ability to absorb powers at a distance. Which means she doesn't even need to touch Magneto to absorb his powers. Combine that with her current Wonder Man powers, and she could actually pretty easily take this fight.
  4. Beyonce voice+dance > Judy Garland. Trapped in a musical is a clear Xania win.
  5. In terms of raw intelligence I have no clue who's smarter. But Castle has special forces training and does infiltration and stuff, so I believe he's better able to handle parts of this.
  6. Sportsmaster can pretend to be like a yoga guru, while condiment king can shill mustard and pretend it's from the Himalayas. Definitely a toss up.
  7. Didn'y Monkey have a total babe for a girlfriend? If he's got the skills to impress women this may be a match he can win.
  8. How do voting rules work out here? Is it just your most recent vote that gets tallied? Like, if someone makes a really persuasive argument and changes my mind about who to vote for after I've voted, does my old vote disappear?
  9. Being more physically gifted... In a couple way... Doesn't necessarily make this a clear Red Sonja win. If she comes up against something that she can't just break through then that poses a real challenge to her. Frank has the better skills as far as planning and bypassing security systems go. And he's more than capable of incapacitating guards. Unless this prison has T-rex patrols Sonja's strength and speed may not offer that robust of an advantage.
  10. I'm honestly worried someone is going to point out a graphic novel where Babe kills Thanos.
  11. I didn't know anything about this character a week ago, but Morrigan is probably gonna stomp this category. Frankly, the other combatants will let her stomp them. I mean, come on. Look at that succubus.
  12. Lots of people would start edging the moment they see Jane Smith. Nothing to be ashamed of.
  13. Definitely a mission win here. If it was more combat based Dutch could do it, but subterfuge goes to Hunt.
  14. I will not move on from that. Angelina Jolie looked incredible as Jane Smith. Jane Smith hotness > John Wick hotness. No question.
  15. Hellfire is probably powerful enough to burn through Red Tornado.
  16. Steve Irwin was also just such a positive force. He exuded happiness, it was infectious.
  17. Good points. But Frank Castle is pretty capable without guns as well. He wouldn't have any real issues breaking out of a common jail.
  18. Does Murderworld have any fire traps? Because if so MM is screwed.
  19. Does Red Sonja have anything here that would put her over Punisher?
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