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  1. In terms of raw intelligence I have no clue who's smarter. But Castle has special forces training and does infiltration and stuff, so I believe he's better able to handle parts of this.
  2. Sportsmaster can pretend to be like a yoga guru, while condiment king can shill mustard and pretend it's from the Himalayas. Definitely a toss up.
  3. Didn'y Monkey have a total babe for a girlfriend? If he's got the skills to impress women this may be a match he can win.
  4. How do voting rules work out here? Is it just your most recent vote that gets tallied? Like, if someone makes a really persuasive argument and changes my mind about who to vote for after I've voted, does my old vote disappear?
  5. Being more physically gifted... In a couple way... Doesn't necessarily make this a clear Red Sonja win. If she comes up against something that she can't just break through then that poses a real challenge to her. Frank has the better skills as far as planning and bypassing security systems go. And he's more than capable of incapacitating guards. Unless this prison has T-rex patrols Sonja's strength and speed may not offer that robust of an advantage.
  6. I'm honestly worried someone is going to point out a graphic novel where Babe kills Thanos.
  7. I didn't know anything about this character a week ago, but Morrigan is probably gonna stomp this category. Frankly, the other combatants will let her stomp them. I mean, come on. Look at that succubus.
  8. Lots of people would start edging the moment they see Jane Smith. Nothing to be ashamed of.
  9. Definitely a mission win here. If it was more combat based Dutch could do it, but subterfuge goes to Hunt.
  10. I will not move on from that. Angelina Jolie looked incredible as Jane Smith. Jane Smith hotness > John Wick hotness. No question.
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