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  1. But it also means there's a significant familiarity of the powerset, which should give Vulcan an edge in dealing with whatever Magneto throws at him.
  2. It's important to remember that this is not the Silver Surfer who can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Thanos. Still a powerful character, but nowhere near the height of the Surfer's power.
  3. Anyway. even in the show Amazo is shown to need a moment to understand and utilize someone else's powers, and he never goes up against anything as powerful as the tier 5 characters in this draft. As Jon Stewart says in the episode, the power of the Green Lanterns could destroy HALF a planet, so even all together they lack planet destroying power. Amazo is vulnerable to being one-shotted by a strong contender, and I believe there are a couple characters in this draft who could pull that off. So that begs the question: Can Iron Man one shot Amazo?
  4. If we exclude Amazo's powers that were learned in the DCAU then it's suddenly a basic human level character. Which is fine by me, because I can't believe it's listed at tier 5, but then that's pretty unfair to the person who drafted the android. If we accept everything from the DCAU it's probably too powerful for this character slot, despite the vswiki listing the character at tier 5.
  5. Vulcan's answer lies in power suppression, power siphoning, durability, and of course energy manipulation. Blood manipulation is not an easy win, as Vulcan can manipulate the same forces as Magneto and nullify that threat. By manipulating the same energy that Magneto uses to create his shield, Vulcan can break through and overpower Magneto through superior strength. The VS wiki states that he can override someone's mutagenic aura, so he can stop Magneto's energy manipulation and render him helpless. And as shown in the battle against Black Bolt, Vulcan can come back quickly from attacks that are above tier 5. He takes a shot from Black Bolt's voice, then comes back quickly to strangle Black Bolt. Magneto can't throw anything at Vulcan that Vulcan can't handle, and Vulcan can counter anything Magneto does and beat him.
  6. Honestly it's just anyone not named Spiderman, since only Spidey has films outside the MCU that people watched.
  7. Gotta Moonwalk around this gracefully... MJ doesn't really look black at this point in his life. The Vitiligo is in full swing and he's using creams and makeup to even it out, so he'll probably look about as white as Maria.
  8. Ender also has advanced pilot training. I didn't see the movie, but from the book I would think Ender has a distinct advantage.
  9. Which is a feat that is strictly outside the bounds of this slot.
  10. Is Storm really gonna be successful without the telepathic bond to Aquaman? I don't think seahorses are well know for their intelligence or being trainable. And Storm is just 100% useless outside of the ocean, he wouldn't even do well in lakes and rivers because he'll need salt water. Storm's key advantage seems to be underwater in the oceans. But let's face it, you don't do a lot of rescuing for people who have already gone under. And as far as those trapped at sea but still on the surface, I don't see why Storm outperforms a search crew in boats/helicopters. Meanwhile, a small, easily trained flying lemur would be a natural fit for search and rescue operations. Momo is capable of short range aerial action, and could be trained to deliver life-saving supplies to those trapped in tight quarters. Momo actually has the ability to outperform human efforts in some scenarios, Storm does not.
  11. Other than advertising Ed Hardy Tees, Battle Cat does not do well for this challenge.
  12. Quick googling tells me Doctor Doom has a pretty good understanding of nuclear technology. https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Particle_Projector
  13. Assuming these larpers are analogous to level one DND characters... they dead.
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