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  1. The movie version of Spidey isn't near as strong/fast/skilled as the comics version. Mystique could actually win based on skill.
  2. Both probably have the skills to succeed, but I think Tallahassee does it better.
  3. @Fox How many more rounds are there this season?
  4. Martian Manhunter can be hit with fire while he's intangible, but I also know that's a weakness of MM. Is Lemillion immune to fire while intangible?
  5. From the trend so far, Saitama vs a non comic book character should be a win.
  6. If it was John Connor I'd go with him, since he lives in the terrifying hellscape of the terminator apocalypse. But Rick probably has the better experience for this over Sarah.
  7. Venom by himself is likely too much for the bat, given no prep or prior knowledge.
  8. Yeah but the Mach Five is on my team so it's gonna win anyway.
  9. Other than the inherent crash risk of a car you can't see.
  10. Kids also want cars with periscopes, robots, and saws that sprout out from the car. The Mach Five has all of that. Not to mention it can go really fucking fast.
  11. I'm not sure what the counter for being turned into a pig is. Sub Zero becomes frosty bacon.
  12. It does have that one, very cool trick. But the Mach Five has a multitude of cool things going for it. As an individual trick, the novelty of going invisible is better than any individual piece of the Mach Five. But the sum is greater than its parts, and the Mach Five has enough going for it to draw the crowd's love.
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