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  1. @SSJRuss in honor of our rivalry, I've updated my profile picture.
  2. I believe at least Desaad has died, not sure about Granny.
  3. “HACK! HACK! HACK! HACK! HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!HACK!” the symbiote infused Surfer’s yelling quickened into a maniacal laugh. Cletus Cassidy, behind the face of Carnage and now wielding the power cosmic, delighted in tearing apart what remained of the Avengers. Limbs clad in spandex went flying in every direction as the streets of New York City were bathed in crimson. It didn’t matter that the world was falling apart. It didn’t matter that gigantic drills bore into the Earth, soon to rip the planet apart. All that mattered was the fun of rending flesh from bones. “WHEN THIS WORLD FALLS I WILL MOVE TO THE NEXT! AND THE NEXT! I CAN SPREAD CARNAGE THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE!! AND HACK! HACK! HACK!HACK!HACK!........... Elsewhere, in a very different timeline, Hammer Supreme delivers another mighty blow to Darkseid, sending him flying through rubble. The New God, with all his power, struggles against the combined might of the hero. “Your reign of terror is over,” Hammer Supreme says, effortlessly knocking away a Paradoom as he again closes in on the Dark God. A web attaches to Darkseid’s chest, pulling him in for another strike from the hammer. A magical glyph appears above Darkseid and slams him downward into the ground. Darkseid desperately tries to open a boom tube, but it closes immediately. "Having some trouble with your technology? That’s what happens when multiple geniuses are crammed into the same brain.” Hammer Supreme stands over the broken God. He raises the hammer high, electricity crackling in the air. “This is the end monster; pray whatever God you go to is more merciful than you.” As the hammer falls, there is a flash of light. But not one created by Hammer Supreme. Hammer Supreme finds himself in a vortex of light. In the distance he can see the red form of the Flash, a hero that he had seen torn apart by Paradooms. He hardly had time to gather his bearings before he heard a screeching cry. “WHERE ARE WE?! WHERE DID THE BODIES GO?!” Looking up, Hammer Supreme could see the Carnage Cosmic. The two great powers eyed each other, as Hammer Supreme came to understand the situation. Himself, Flash, and Carnage Cosmic did not come from the same reality, and yet here they were converged into one space outside of space and time. He could see Flash attempting to undo the horrors of the preceding years. Carnage Cosmic sensed the danger he was in. “NO! HE CAN’T!” Carnage Cosmic rushed towards the Flash, who was both moving faster than ever and yet seemingly staying still. As the monstrous Surfer rushed forward, it felt a blow on the back of its skull. “Halt creature!” Hammer Supreme now loomed over his new enemy. “You cannot stop him. This hell will be reversed, and you will be destroyed.” “NO! HE WON’T RUIN MY FUN! AND YOU WON’T STOP THE CARNAGE!!” These two powerful forces, the combined strengths of incredible beings, now fight to preserve their hopes for the future. Carnage Cosmic wants to kill Flash and stop another Flashpoint. Hammer Supreme fights to undo the damage caused by Darkseid.
  4. The following comes from the journal of Victor Von Doom. This is one of the only surviving artifacts of the so-called “First Flashpoint.” Combined with other artifacts, Project Cadmus hopes to uncover the events that happened in the alternate Flashpoint universe, and possibly take advantage of the “Second Flashpoint.” It is currently unknown to Project Cadmus if Victor Von Doom is aware of the existence and content of this alternate reality journal. Day 1 of Apokolips Occupation. It appears the Justice League and Avengers have made a grave miscalculation. I became aware of their invasion plan through scrying. I know Darkseid is not to be underestimated-if I knew of the League’s plan, surely, he did as well. And it seems I was correct. All Doombots were recalled to Latveria on the day the League left Earth. I knew I needed all of our defenses here at home to ensure Latveria survives whatever backlash the New God unleashes. My assumption was correct, as it appears Darkseid has created a new and much more deadly type of parademon that resembles the creature that temporarily took Superman out of action. Many of the Earth’s other “heroes” have been killed. Nearly the entirety of the Teen Titans, along with the Avengers who remained behind on Earth have been eliminated. Latveria has survived under my supervision, while most other world governments are quickly falling into disarray. Had this planet fallen in step under my leadership already this tragedy would have been avoided. I have subdued a live sample of one of these new parademons. It was no easy task, but experimentation may lead to some understanding of how to better protect my beloved country. Day 144 of Occupation. Experimentation has finally resulted in a breakthrough. It was necessary to acquire a significant amount of Kryptonite, no easy feat in this post-Apokolips world. The stores I had in Latveria proved insufficient for the scope of my project. These things are indeed a cross between the original parademons utilized by Darkseid and the monster known as Doomsday that was used in the past. Further study may enable me to reverse engineer this process. If I can muster my own army of hybrids to counter his, then I may be able to end this horrid occupation forever. Day 400 of Occupation. Progress has been slow. I have only now moved on from theoretical models to live experimentation on the standard lab rats. Darkseid’s genius is again evident, as these paradooms are a genetic marvel. But admiration of an evil alien dictator’s work does not get me far. Attacks on Latveria have finally slowed. The paradooms have set up a perimeter surrounding the nation just outside the range of my best defenses. It is clear whatever Darkseid’s plan is does not require entrance into Latveria, or I am sure the full force of Apokolips would have been used to break through. Day 468 of Occupation. Today marks the first successful hybridization. I now have the world’s strongest rat in my possession. Hurrah. Day 600 of Occupation. The first human trial begins today. An old refugee was selected from one of the camps established just withing my nation’s borders. While experimentation on unwilling sentients can weigh heavily on the soul, this is a necessary action. Recently, large machines have begun to be built across the planet, one just outside of the established perimeter near Latveria. I fear the day when my own hybrid force is needed may come soon. Day 712 of Occupation I have amassed a force of roughly 40 of my own Doomsday hybrids. While they lack the flight of Darkseid’s army, they do at least have a similar level of strength and toughness. In fact, as I have gone along I am able to get closer and closer to the power of the original Doomsday. Progress is good, but still not fast enough. The machines are magma drills-Darkseid intends to drill into the magma core of our planet. If I want to stop the destruction of this world, I will need to take a drastic step. I am ready now for the final step of my experiments. Day 734 of Occupation. Day 1 of Attempting Liberation. The final experiment was successful. I have acquired a greater physical prowess now than any of the paradooms, perhaps rivalling the original Doomsday. The Earth’s remaining superpowered defenders have launched counter attacks against the great drills. There is a great desperation in their attacks, and I fear it may be now or never. My hybrids are being dispersed across the globe to assist. Foolishly, three members of the Bat-Family were sent to the drill nearest Latveria. Their failure and subsequent deaths are sure to be quick. I will be dealing with this drill personally. I am not sure if I can be hopeful to defeat the numbers here, but I must take the risk now. Victor Von Doom, now transformed into the monstrous Doctor Doomsday, will be attempting to take down one of the reapers being guarded by Paradooms. Will he succeed, or fall like so many others to Darkseid's minions?
  5. I'm about to get a big fat head to match my Snorlax
  6. Damn, I thought this was better than a 3.2 I liked it anyway
  7. How many anvils can mandalorian armor survive?
  8. Thanks man. I had a lot of fun writing this match, so I'm glad you could enjoy it.
  9. I'm just really entertained by seeing "Ted Mosby vs. Lucifer" show up on the top scroll.
  10. Watson locked up his bicycle, scanning the park for his long-time associate. It did not take long for him to identify Holmes, dressed in his usual tweed attire. The detective leaned against a large oak; his legs stretched out before him. “You have taken your dear time Watson.” Holmes did not even turn his head, almost as if he had a preternatural ability to identify his friend. “I have sat in this park for no less than 10 minutes awaiting your arrival.” Watson chuckled to himself. “You will have to excuse me, I was not expecting to be asked to come out and enjoy nature today.” As the doctor came closer an all too familiar scent overcame him. “Holmes, you haven’t.” Sherlock pulled a pipe from under his cloak and took a puff. He exhaled, filling the air around himself and Watson with the smell of opium. “Of course, my dear Watson. There is no finer place in this city to light my pipe. This park is poorly patrolled by the local constabulary, children are currently in school, and the trees provide both shade and some protection from the noises of the city.” “So did you invite me here to ask if I would like to partake in an illegal substance?” “Of course not, I know my vices are of no interest to you. I asked you here to assist me with a mystery.” Holmes motions towards two tables about 100 feet away, where two groups sit around empty pizza boxes. “Do you notice anything strange?” Watson takes a moment, watching and listening to the two groups. He gathers his thoughts together in his head, trying to use the methods of deduction that Holmes has displayed over the years of their friendship. “Well, it appears that one of these groups is comprised of large, mutated turtle creatures, and the other has a talking dog. Both mysteries very worthy of your mind.” Holmes scoffed. “It’s elementary my dear Watson, these are hardly worthy mysteries. The ‘turtles’ you mention are obviously the result of chemical runoff, and reside in the sewers under this fine city. They appear, normally at night, to fight crime and evil ninjas. They came out today to enjoy some of New York’s finest food. And as for the talking dog, well I will not insult your intelligence by giving you the obvious explanation. Perhaps you will reason that out on your own over time.” “Then why did you call me out here.” “At first it was simply to have you take me home, as I have over-indulged in my pipe and need some help. I hope you brought the extra helmet as I asked.” Watson sighed. “Yes Holmes, I brought it. I feared I might be pedaling for the two of us. But for what other reason am I here? What is the mystery?” “Those pizzas were delivered from restaurants across town. The gang with the dog received theirs in just under the requisite half hour, a difficult but not impossible task. But the turtles received theirs far quicker, as if there were no obstacles in the path of the delivery boy. The game is afoot my dear Watson, and I will not rest until I discover the means of locomotion used to traverse this city so quickly.” Meanwhile, far above the Earth, the Huntress pressed a button to open the sliding doors to her boyfriend’s room. “Q, what are you obsessing over now?” The Question was pacing in front of a large corkboard. Strings connected pictures of pizza places, parks, and city streets. “There’s something strange happening in Queens. Pizza Time, a small pizza restaurant, was having difficulty making timely deliveries. Customers were angry, refusing to tip or even pay. That is until a month ago. Somehow this little shop is making consistent on time deliveries, regardless of traffic and supervillain activity.” “I take it our date night may be off?” “There are dark forces at work Helena. No ordinary pizza boy could do this. What means are being employed, and to what ends? Is this pizza being used to mind control the local population? Is there poison in the pepperoni? Why have the customers not asked the question?” “Can we at least grab a slice while we investigate?” she sighed. Question is a sweet man, if not a bit much to handle. “Of course, we’ll have to. How else can I run the lab tests necessary to know if these pies are part of a diabolical plot?” He caught the glare from Huntress. “Of course, we can also grab some to eat-from a less nefarious establishment.” “Fine, but you know the terms.” “Of course,” Question’s voice lowered to a whisper. “I wear the red thing later.” Sherlock Holmes and the Question are both investigating Pizza Time. The winner is the first to uncover that Peter Parker is indeed Spider-Man.
  11. Thanks Russ. I'm just having fun with it, so I'm glad it came out enjoyable.
  12. ‘That was hell.’ Dick Grayson jumped off his bike and grabbed the stack of pizza boxes. He had arrived in one the city’s parks. ‘Alright, looking for four teens and their dog.’ As Nightwing walked into the park, he passed another pizza boy on his way out. They gave each other the nod of two kindred souls. Just as they passed, Nightwing noticed a piece of red and blue costume sticking out of the other pizza delivery boy’s clothes. “Psst, hey buddy.” The other pizza boy turned to Nightwing. “You got a little something hanging out there Spidey.” Peter Parker looked down at his waistline, and hurriedly tucked in the exposed costume. “Oh that’s nothing! I uh, I just like cosplaying is all.” “Sure man.” Nightwing pulled a dark business card from his pocket and handed it over to his new acquaintance. “How about you call me sometime and help another quote ‘cosplayer’ get used to the big apple.” Dick could see the confusion on Peter’s face. “I’m not coming on to you, I just think someone with a Spider-eye view of the city could be helpful. And don’t ignore me Spider-Man, I know where you work.” Nightwing gave Spider-Man a wink, and carried on with his delivery. “I gotta be more careful...” Parker mutters to himself. “Like, hey man! I think that’s for us.” A shaggy looking teen called over to the former Robin. He was sat at a metal park table with three other people and a very large dog. Nightwing saw the dog barking in excitement. At least, it looked like barking. “Rizza! Rizza! Rizza ruys!” Nightwing shook his head for a moment. ‘Maybe all that car exhaust I breathe in riding my motorcycle is getting to me.’ “OK Scoob, calm down. Let him, like, put the pizzas down first.” Grayson put the pizzas down on the table. “Like, thanks man. We were starting to get major food-envy.” Shaggy motioned to a nearby table, where 4 large figures in trench coats were already divvying up their stack of pies. They looked near identical, with most of their forms cloaked by their trench coats. The only thing that differentiated them was a bit of cloth in different colors that could just be seen on the back of their heads. “Be nice Shaggy,” the young woman in the turtleneck piped up. “He got here fast enough; do you remember how hard it was getting the Mystery Machine down these streets?” Nightwing collected his payment from a guy wearing an ascot and was on his way. Shaggy and Scooby pulled bibs from seemingly nowhere, and were just about to dig in when they overheard the other table. “Pumped for these pizzas bros!” The orange one said. “Nobody digs a pizza like the Turtles dig pizza!” “Mikey,” the blue one admonished. “Easy on the Turtle talk, we’re not having lunch in the park more if you can’t keep your voice down.” “Like, yeah man,” Shaggy responded. “And you shouldn’t lie either. Nobody digs pizza like Mystery Inc. Ain’t that right gang?” Scooby-Doo responded excitedly while the other three members of the gang rolled their eyes. “Rat’s right! Robody reats rike rus!” “Whoa bro, that sounds like a challenge,” Michaelangelo piped up. “Come on Leo, we’re not gonna let some dweebs and their dog punk us on these pizzas, are we?” Raphael jumped in. “You guys think you’re better than us?” He pulled out a Sai, stabbing a slice of pizza and lifting it towards his mouth. “Nobody devours pizza faster than us!” “Zoinks, looks like we got a pizza challenge. Are you ready Scoob?” “Reah Raggy! Ret’s reat!” Leonardo jumped in. “Alright, let’s do this. On the count of three.” He pulled a katana from his back. “One...” Shaggy and Scooby quickly open up every box of pizza on their table, motioning for the rest of Mystery Inc to get ready. “Two...” The Turtles tightened their headbands. In one fluid motion, Leo sliced the tops off the pizza boxes and kicked them to the side. “THREE!” Mystery Inc and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in a pizza eating contest. They have equal amounts of New York style pizza to get through. First team to finish wins.
  13. So the stipulation is that even if Exodus kills Yoda, Yoda still wins?
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