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  1. Hank Pym VS Giganta (Hank wins) Hulk VS Grundy (Grundy wins) Black Widow VS Lady Shiva (Shiva wins) Quicksilver VS Zoom (Zoom wins) Luke Cage VS Poison Ivy (Ivy wins) Captain America VS Bane (Cap wins) Wolverine VS Red Hood (Wolverine wins) Spiderman VS Joker and Harley (Spiderman wins) Thor VS Weather Wizard and Metallo (Thor definitely wins) So it then would be Poison Ivy, Zoom, and Lady Shiva, and Solomon Grundy vs. Thor, Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America, and Hank. I think the Secret Society could take this mostly because of Zoom.
  2. Teen Titans GO seems terrible. It may seem great for a younger audience but it plain-out sucks for a comic-based show.
  3. Batman from The Batman definitely defeats both Batmans. Batman from The Brave and the Bold definitely loses first while Batman from DCAU will give the other Batman a great fight but will lose. I mean, Batman from The Batman has the advantage in gadgetry, the Batmobile, and physicality. Batman from DCAU has the advantage in experience, intelligence. and focus. I don't think Batman from the Brave and the Bold has any advantages.
  4. Batman knows he's being targetted and has twelve hours of prep time. All of these guys are pre-Crisis, by the way. He will be pitting off against lesser known assassins - KGBeast Catman Constantine Drakon Merlyn David Cain These villians are coming together to kill Batman not only to increase their reputation but to destroy the enemy. They also have three hours of prep time and Nightwing is simply there to help his mentor out. The setting of the battle is on top of a few towers in Gotham City. Leaving the setting is not an option for either team.
  5. Deathstroke isn't the top assassin in DC Comics for nothing. He took down numerous highly skilled martial artists (including Batman and Bronze Tiger) and his brain power can give him a tactical advantage. He's definitely going to have a hard time fighting either of them but he'll eventually defeat one of them. Bronze Tiger, on the other hand, fought Batman to a standstill. Even though he's a great fighter, he can probably give his opponent a hard fight but he'll be more of a factor rather than an equal. Bronze Tiger will definitely make one of them lose lots of energy before going down. Ultimately, I think the DC martial artists defeat the Marvel heroes six out of ten times. I'm not necessarily positive though.
  6. The New 52 confuses me a lot. I honestly think they should have just left it alone.
  7. One minute into the fight, and Superman will be "swinging hard" just like against Metallo. He'll definitely damage the suit greatly as the fight goes on. Superman won't just let Harley beat him when he can feel kryptonite since it's his weakness. Also let's remember that Superman will be fighting hard because he's on the verge of panic. Superman actually does best when he's actually panicking because he lets loose much more power. Superman isn't a dumb brute with many powers. Superman is one of the most powerful and intelligent characters in the DC Universe. Also, because the suit has regenerative abilities means that Superman will fight hard enough to stop it before regenerating. He processes thoughts at light-speed and has a genius-level intellect, rivaling the Batman. Superman does not have a "weakness" to magic. He is just affected by magic like any other person. This means he doesn't have any immunity to it. Superman's dealt with magic on hundreds of occasions. He can handle it one more time.
  8. I think that it's definitely possible that Harley Quinn accidentally killed the vigilante. In this battle scenario, Superman definitely defeats Harley Quinn after a somewhat long battle. He's been up against kryptonite before and has beaten Metallo who is powered by kryptonite. He doesn't need to go "all-out" to defeat her. Like Batman, Superman has an indomitable will and will fight with all he's got.
  9. Young Justice had a great storyline overall but the last few episodes were way too rushed. I also didn't like the last episode at all. I mean, there were only three battle scenes for the heroes fighting against the drones, the beetle drones seemed easily beaten, and almost half the episode was about the Justice League on Rimbor. The Justice League's trial on Rimbor should have been another episode with some other connecting storyline. The Reach's "power" should have definitely been increased and shown in another way instead of seeming as the Reach only had three members and a somewhat small army. The last episode felt terrible compared to the ending of JLU. The Reach didn't even seem like a hard opponent. I mean, even the dangers of the Reach object seemed far-fetched, especially if they did little research on the scarab. The last few episodes could have been two/three episodes per each one. Season 1 was more concise and I enjoyed it more. Also the "love moments" between Robin/Wonder Girl and Miss Martian/Superboy were unneeded in such a short episode. They did what they could though.
  10. I'm going with Darkseid on this one. In terms of sheer power, Zeus probably is more powerful. However, Darkseid is a tactical genius and will use his powers better than Zeus.
  11. Batman is such a controversial character. He is overrated by thousands but also underestimated by thousands. There are people who've said that Batman could beat Superman if he had prep time. Then, there are people who say that Batman couldn't take Green Arrow to a standstill.

  12. The Black Lantern rings can generate constructs but they are seldom created. The only common instances are when the Black Lanterns were used to wield certain abilities of weapons. Black Lantern Superman would not create a shield as I've explained above. Superman, Pre-Crisis, held somewhat of a protection of the 'Omega Beam.' However, since it's a Black Lantern Superman, we obviously know Superman is Post-Crisis and The Omega Effect is not only a powerful attack, but can teleport the target anywhere Darkseid chooses, erase the target from existence instantly and can then restore the target if he chooses.
  13. That doesn't answer the problem but rather evades it.
  14. Just because you're a comics king among your friends means nothing. You're on a website with the most knowledgeable people on comics. This is an actually suitable question and "dissing" it is not alright.
  15. Darkseid would easily defeat Superman especially with all of his powers. The Omega Beam would definitely be a factor. Darkseid is superior or equal in nearly every category of debate. Also, as a Black Lantern, Superman is mindless which makes it so that his light-speed thought process and strategic plans would definitely cause him to lose due to Darkseid's superior mind.
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