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  1. After reading the manga Spderman will be so bored he falls into a coma, and will be easy pickings for the DBZers when they show up a week later. If the DBZers manage to stop talking long enough to remember there was supposed to be a fight, that is.
  2. Would the Scarecrow of Oz be allowed to use the magical dohickes they have at the palace in the Emerald city ? He does it all the time in the later books and knows well where to find them and how to use them. If he got hold of the Magic belt or the Water of oblivion he would easily be a match for any other scarecrow on the list.
  3. If we take the most poerful Balrog, then we ought to take the most powerful Doom too. That would be Doom when he has stolen the power of the Beyonder. That Doom would kick Gothmogs ass badly.
  4. The Infinity Gauntlet can do anything the wielder wants it to do in the realm of time, power, mind, speed, reality and soul, effectively maiking him omnipotent. The Ultimate Nullfier can delete from reality anything the wielder imagine when he fires it, including entire universes. The Ultimate Nullfier however is a part of Galactus (according to Galactus) and should therefor logically not be more powerful than him. Thanos with the Infiitny Gauntlet defeated Galactus so the Gauntlet should be more powerful than the Nullifier.
  5. To defeat Sun Wukong you either need deceit of a kind Thor never has shown, or to show him genuine respect, which Thor never would. Thors best fights are against warriors of great strength and size that try to kill him with their sheer might and some slight deceit. A monkey that dances around on the battlefield, can jump to the end of the world in a moment, can transform to anything and can go invisible whenever he wants if just beyond Thors abilities. Thor would never be able to hit him and while he tries Sun Wukong would sneak up behind him and knock hm out flat. It would be intersting to see what Sun Wukong could do against UtgardaLoki though.,
  6. I think it was Man-Wolf She has knocked out Spider-Man too. You dont mess with Aunt May.
  7. Step 1) Raven teleports to where Deadshot cannot easily find her in the cave. THis she can do very fast and cannot be hurt mid teleport. Step 2 ) Raven sends out her soul self while Deadshot search for her (which will be difficult for him since Ravens body is still and silent when the soul is out.) 3) When the soul self finds Deadshot it is over. He can do nothing to harm it. It is way faster than he is and when it reach him he will be defeated. Or if she gets a few seconds she could just use her illusions, She instantly knocked the entire Justice League out with them once.
  8. As far as i remember the Aegis, although insanely powerful, was never depicted as indestructable. Unstoppable is one of the properties of Gungnir though. I think Gugnir can knock away or make a hole in Aegis if they are used against eachoter. Zeus will win anyway though since the Aegis also has the head of Medusa mounted on it. Odin would have to fight with his eye closed or get turned to stone, and that will be a major handicap. Zeus also has his thunderbolts for ranged attacks and his shapeshifting for good measure. Odin is far wiser then Zeus and knows a lot of magic but Odins magic is based on runes and herbs and would need to be prepared beforehand for best effect. There will be a mighty battle but in the end Zeus will have the badly electroluted Allfather kicked down from Mount Olympus.
  9. The first beeing in Norse mythology where Ymir, the ice giant, who where born straight from the great void of Ginnungagap. Therefor Ymir would be compareable to the greek Uranos and his children, the giants, would be the norse version of the Titans. The norse just didnt chain them all up in Tartaros but let Thor deal with them instead ;-)
  10. Hercules didnt exactly defeat Death. He defeat Thanatos who is one of the many gods of Death, along with Atropos, Keres, Hermes and Hades. Thanatos was the god of peaceful death which would not be a fate someone like Hercules should worry about. Thanatos was also the brother of Hypnos(sleep), Geras (old age), Charon and many other lesser gods. That heritage alone should put him on the same powerlevel as Elli. Maybe we should look at their fights instead? When Hercules encountered Albion and Bergion he was nearly defeated and had to ask Zeus to come and help him. Thor where in lots of fights with giants , but he never asked anyone to help,him to prevent him from getting killed.
  11. Not at all. Thor makes the giant cat lift its leg, but that was just an illusion. OutgardLoki explained afterwards that Thor had actually lifted Jormungandr, and Thor did it while standing on his toes. Hercules best feat of strength is generally assumed to be when he was holding up the sky, something Atlas, a Giant, did before him. After Perseus turned Atlas to stone the sky still balanced atop of him without crusing him, showing it was not heavy enough to crush mountains. Thor on the other hand crushed 3 mountains on his way to OutgardLoki. That shows that Thor even casually could outmatch Hercules in strength. Lifting Jormungandr from the ground was also something it was said no giant could ever have done, and Thor did it even without his belt of strength. With the belt Thor is twice as strong and should therefor be far stronger than Hercules. Hecules is no beginner when it comes to fighting, but as you said Thor had done it longer and was feared all over both Midgard and Jountheim from his many giantslaying raids. After Hercules was taken to Olympos the stories of him fighting and killing monsters also stop. After his asscention Hercules seem to have lived a much calmer life suitable for a greek god.. Thor on the other hand seem to fight giants all the time all the way to Ragnarok. I give him the most experience.
  12. Hercules has his arrows, Thor has Mjoelnir. The hydas poison may not slay you emediatly if you are strong enough. When Hercules shot a centaur with it the centraur lived long enough to make one final deception. Thor is also vey adept at throwing his hammer. If Hercules shoot him Thor will die, but Hercules will be dead the next second because Thor will have time to throw his hammer and crush Hercules head. Lets compare their attributes instead. Strength - Hercules held up the sky. Thor held up Jormugandir. I say that would be about equal. Thor also has his belt that doubles the strength. That would make him stronger than Hercules. 1 point for Thor. Intelligence - Hercules figured he needed fire to kill the Hydra and tricked Atlas into taking back the sky. Thor usually need Loki or Tjalvi to do the thinking for him. Hercules comes across as slightly smarter, although he aalso usually prefers to let someone else do the thinking for him. 1 for Hercules Battleskill - Both has taken on and defeated about anything their mythologies got. Thor, who doesnt age, has done it for far longer than Hercules did though. 1 for Thor. Weapons . Hercules hide is indestructable but his club is only a very strong club. Thors hammer is powerfull enough to break a mountain, it cannot break anything that is indestructable though like Hrungners shield, or probably the Nemian skin. Hercules arrows are also a serious threat. Thor is not immune to poisons. Because of the arrows i would say Hercules gets that one.. 1 point Hercules. In the end the battle will be long and hard and should end Thor dead from poison while Hercules lies slain beside him with a broken skull. Thor might be able to pull it off though because of his doubled strength and far more combat experience but it will be a close fight.
  13. Actually not only can the original Superman die, he already has died. 1961 did DC decide that all the original golden age stories happened in a parallell universe they called Earth 2. Superman of Earth 2 where temporary written out of the comic at the Crisis of Infinite Earths cross over but where called back and killed of for good in Infinite Crisis. It didnt take any kryptonite to do it either, just a good beating from Superboy Prime
  14. But if you try to appy "real world" physics to King Kong then the ape will be defeated before he even has begun. If you enlarge something then its strength will go up with the square of the relative increase in height, but the body weigh will at the same time go up with the cube of the relative increse in height. An adult Gorilla standing in his back legs is nearly 6' tall while Kong is 24'. Kongs strength would therefor be 4*4 = 16 times an ordinary gorilla, but he would weigh 4*4*4 = 64 times more, or about 13 tons as the setup says, 16 times the strength of that benchpressing gorilla from above would give Kong the strength to list 2000*16 = 32000 lbs or about 14 tons. So if we use real wordl physics then Kong would barely be able to hold his own body up. He would be act like a gorilla that is four times weaker than an ordinary gorilla and would hardly be able to do anything to superman at all, and that T-rex Kong met in the movie would have had him for lunch, literaly. From this we can conclude that any comparisons using ants and real time physics would just make Kong look silly and we should for the poor apes sake use the feats we see him do in the movies for comparison instead.
  15. Yoda - Why here we are ? Balrog - RAARGHHH Yoda - Obvious that is. Begin we should. Balrog - RAARGHHH Yoda - Equipment me not bring. Fetch it you do. The Balrog leaves and returns soon carrying two pieces of string, one liter of mustard, 15 and a half kittens, an icehockey helmet, a volvo car, a box of matches, two costumes (fairy and lepricorn), An exra large magnifying glass and the Mordor Philharmonic orchestra. Yoda - Good that is. compete we shall. I think the match speaks for itself. Now, who will win ?
  16. Stewie seems like the obvious winner here since he has far better mobility and starts with a gun. Maggie however is known to surprise whenever things look grim. I think Maggie would loose though. She is an avesome baby but therefor she can only crawl or take small steps Stewie has all the advantage and can move like an adult.
  17. Bye Bye grabboids, i was nice knowing you. Like Batman said, it will be over quickly and without much of a challenge. The Grabboids are overgrown wormlike creatures whos main strength is that they can move fast underground, they are big and strong but act mostly on instinct. Batman has brought the means to trace them so he knows where they are, and from the fate of the batplane he will know from where to expect an attack. Batman has killed, bigger, faster and more dangerouns creatues with relative ease. After going rounds with creatures like Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and ManBat some mutant worms will be a nice change of pace. The Grabboids will be gone in a day or two and whoever sent that letter will learn that it takes more than that if you want to take on Batman.
  18. "Stupid horse-man killed Jarella." That thought would be all the Hulk is able to think the moment he sees Nightmare. The Hulk will immediatly give in to his rage and try to give Nightmare a Hulk-sized smashing he would never forget. When Hulk realise he cannot harm Nightmare in any way it would only fuel his rage even more. Nightmare will totally will the first round. If Nightmare leaves for some reason though, for example to prepare for how he will use the Hulks body to further his own agenda, , and leaves the Hulk alone in his world, then the Hulk will not see the source of his anger and would calm down. Eventually he will be calm enough to remember Jarellas words and try to act on them. It will need some PIS from Nightmare and the Hulk will already have lost the first battle, but eventually the Hulk could break free. This fight goes to Nightmare however. The Hulk will never calm down as long as the person he belives has killed his love stands nearby laughing at him.
  19. I havent read The Picture of Dorian Grey in a long time, but as far as i remember there where no mention ever about Dorian beeing invunerable. I think that 'fact' where made up in the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen however the character choosen for this fight is apperently the one from the from the novel.. The novel only said that the picture would age instead of him and that it would reflect his sins. Dorian also didnt die from looking at the picture but from stabbing it with a knife, something he did when he had had the picture for 18 years. A man that has only lived for cheap pleasures for 18 years and with no known superpowers except from extended youth will not last two seconds aginst Wolveriene, admantium sword or not.
  20. So ? The Infinity Gauntlet is nowhere near the power of the Presence. You will need atleast the Heart of the Universe to get in the right magnitude, and even then the Presence, or the One-Above-All are stronger. If the One-Above-All wants the eye to fizzle, then it will because he is the source of everything in the Marvel Universe, including the Eye.
  21. It took the Presence to stop The Beast last time, it will take the One-Above-All to stop it this time. Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath can gather as many little toys and kneebenders they want, still they will be nowhere near in terms of power.
  22. Isnt that how the JLA satelite teleporters works, and Superman has used those. The even used teleoprters like that to keep Doomsday away once , by never letting him reintegrate fully before he was teleported again. If they can do it to Doomsday they can do it to Superman.
  23. Lets not forget that Dora has access to a force that can trumph all others. The audience. That is right whenever Dora gets a problem she cannot solve herself she crush the fourth wall and talks directly to the viewers. This is a cartoon world and the audience is the closest they have to The-One-Above-All. Or actually, they are one that pays the bills for the One-Above-All and whos every whim it better follow or it is soon out of its job. Such is the power of Dora, therefor the best Danny could do in this situation would be to quickly drape himself as a sheet ghost and pretend to not be something a prescholler wuold instinctly think of as "KILL IT WITH FIRE!!"
  24. Minor nitpick. The winged sandals Perseus used where the same one that Hermes uses, and they are unique. Therefor you cannot have them both use them at the same time. Also the shield Perseus used where the Aegis, which also is unique
  25. Wasp and Magneto hooked up during Secret wars. Forge and Sabretooth i think they must have messed up. Both Forge and Sabretooth did have sex with Mystique though. Ka-Zar and Zabu, no, just no. And i think i must go and wash my brain in bleach now too.
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