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  1. YAY GROOSE actually no, *vulgarity* Skyward Sword Edit: oh we're keeping this PG-13, how thoughtful!
  2. Hey thanks for the welcome Also Fairy Tail is pretty much the only series to go over a hundred episodes that I can stomach
  3. In Demon's Souls you will get to a point where the difficulty plateaus. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that because at that point you can (and should) start customizing your stats for PVP in preparation for New Game+ and that for us min maxers is a fun game in and of itself. If you want to be constantly made into a quivering bitch play Dark Souls. Also seriously no one has mentioned Ni No Kuni in the last few pages? It's the JPRG that makes me gooch tingle.
  4. Thanks, I never figured playing old NES games would ever cause me to gain the adoration of my peers.
  5. Karnov is also the first boss in bad dudes I'm also not over 30
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