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  1. It's pretty much a Saturday Morning Cartoon version of Evil Dead
  2. Snake is just a dude (with nanomachines to help regulate the body better and provide some perks.) He really hasn't shown any feats and usually only beats metal gears to his military knowledge, weapon expertise and the fact that the gears tend to have stupid weak spots. Deathstroke's regeneration alone makes it a win for him, let alone that he's a solider that is Snake's equal if not superior. Snake makes it DAMN hard but he can't win.
  3. I dunno, I really like B:TBATB (ugh worst acronym ever.) SRS BATMAN is great and all, don't get me wrong, but come on, just look at the guy, he's RIPE for comedy and campiness. Young Justice is filling a nice void the DCAU has left.
  4. Eh. if the military wasn't incompetent it'd leave nothing with the protagonist to do, it's just the nature of storytelling the problem is when people actually think things in movies, tv shows and video games are similar to how things unfold IRL
  5. I'm just shocked he didn't include someone from Homestuck
  6. I'm getting a friend help me build my first true gaming pc, i'm pretty stoked, i'm also getting a free copy of crysis 3 and bioshock infinite with my vid card, so now i'm SUPER stoked
  7. After Arkham Asylum I wanted them to do something called "Arkham Manor" where the inmates take over Wayne Manor and Batman has to retake it. However would be hard to go back to something small like that after Arkham City.
  8. Well Gamestop is the biggest name because the majority of their business is based on used games. Anyway, BIOSHOCK INFINITE!
  9. You said yourself you'd jettison half of the xbox library because "most of them are shit." What about smaller cult games that probably wouldn't be bothered to be emulated? If it takes effort to emulate a game for backwards comparability they are only going to focus on titles that sold a lot. But regardless there's a solution to people whining about backwards comparability: keep your old consoles. Eh i'd probably get bored of him after a while. I'm ADD like that
  10. Predator curb stomp, Leon and Chris are doomed by their inability to turn around like a normal human being
  11. I was going to be "that guy" and ask which turtles specifically but you mentioned original comic. Which is too bad, would've loved to see the Fox Box turtles get destroyed.
  12. Also in "not me arguing with people on the internet" new my gooch is tingling for some Bioshock Infinite
  13. The problem with this survey, as is the issue with any survey, is you're asking it at face value. Do I want backwards compatibility with my system? Do I want a rocket bike? Do I want Nathan Fillion with my McChicken combo. The answer is yes, yes and yes. Now ask me if I want a rocket bike that will cost me 10,000 in fuel every week or the fact that Nathan Fillion under my care would require me to also feed, take care and entertain him then the answer is no. Ask the question "do you want backwards compatability at the cost of a hundred extra dollar" or "backwards compatability that would work only with a handful of games and will be glitchy." you answers will be skewed from the reality of bringing backwards compatability to any future console. Number of xbox games released in NA: 887 Number of compatible games for the Xbox 360: 448 I guess there's my 83% there, thanks for the math lesson. And if all you care about are AAA titles then what's wrong with downloading them again for 5 bucks off some future PSN2 or XboxLiveAgain if you MUST play your old game on new hardware?
  14. So fine that only 51% of the entire xbox library works, many with numerous glitches on even AAA titles like Halo and Fable, and the last xbox update to address xbox backwards compatibility was released back in 2007. I'd say a very vocal minority care about backwards compatibility. Ask your average person who walks into Best Buy if they care if their PS4 can play PS3 games and they'll probably say no.
  15. Randy has to stop using the Borderlands money to try and "save" doomed projects
  16. Seriously, anyone whining about the lack of backwards compatibility is living in a pipe dream. The PS3 early models only had the PS2 compatibility due to them actually having emotion engine early on and later via emulation with spotty results. The Xbox 360's attempts at making old xbox games work on its system are laughable at best. The Wii is a souped up gamecube, so there's a reason why it works well but eventually the ability to use actual gamecube controllers was phased out. The fact of the matter is this; it's going to be hell to get the x86 architecture of the PS4 to "play nice" with games designed for the cell processor of the PS3, a hell that is not really worth it considering how many people care about backwards compatibility (re. very few.) Just hang onto your systems, I know I am.
  17. No shit, really? Thanks for this revelation
  18. I really don't see either a PS4 or whatever they call the nextbox fixing any issues with the gaming world at the moment. They're focusing on raw horsepower which is silly, games look great now as is. We're already hitting the uncanny valley with Crysis 3. If these systems are inelegant in their architecture we're going to be forced to have another 4 years of "feeling the system out" and getting pretty but hallow tech demos. Count me out on that. Watch Dogs (if it's shown tonight) will be the barometer of how well I think the first set of PS4 can potentially be.
  19. Yah PS4 I guess and all that, I don't usually get systems at launch and probably won't with this one but I just can't wait for everyone to get over the whole "OMG ARE WE STARTING A NEW GEN" discussion
  20. Korra Marceline the Vampire Queen Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds Naoto Shirogane Spike Spiegel
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