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  1. The cross-promotion match I'd like to see right now is Daniel Bryan vs. Austin Aries.


    They've had a ton of matches back in ROH and they were indeed good.


    It's weird that during the last Tough Enough Aries didn't make the cut. Between Punk, Bryan, Cesaro, Rollins and Hero (Ohno... I guess... I'm not one to complain about WWE renames but this one i can't get behind) you'd figure Aries would've been a slam dunk choice. He's more charismatic than most of these guys save Punk and he's got a style that can fit the WWE's style easily, not that guys whose styles "didn't fit" like Brya and Cesaro are having a tough time of it anyway. Seems like a hugely missed opportunity from the E.


    That said he IS making the most of his time in TNA, which can't be said about a lot of guys in that fed. 


    And where did you hear this news?  Cause if that were true do you know who wouldn't be in it? PIT.

    Pitt's like confirmed in, he was in the reveal trailer and is now based off his appearance and attacks from Kid Icarus Uprising.


    Sakurai has said that the roster MAYBE smaller due to the limitations of the 3DS (which is silly, if there's no cross play why keep the rosters the same between platforms?) The way he's said it in interviews it's not something he wants to do but he also doesn't seem to want to make any promises either.

  3. LOL...I don't care for BC. When I get a new console I never go back to the old ones. The only game I am getting this year for my PS3 is GTA 5 and after that I'm done with the 7th generation consoles. 

    See I thought this with my PS2 and I regret giving it up (i bought an Xbox 360 first and got a PS3 slim so no BC for me.)


    I never give up my systems now, I love going back to play old games and no emulation is not an option, it never feels "right" to me. :)

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  4. RVD vs CM Punk or Danial Bryan in a extreme rules match needs to be done for sure.

    I would love either of these matches, not super hard core but with a few sick spots.


    Though it does pose the one issue I have with RVD coming back. There really isn't a program for him at the moment. There's no way RVD plays heel, it never works, the man is unbooable. But there aren't enough heels to go around to really get anything out of RVD the face. Swagger has lost all momentum, the shield are doing their own thing, a feud with Cesaro would feel "forced" (but with a motivated RVD could yield awesome matches) Dolph and Henry are occupied. I guess Bryan is a "heel" but he's cheered so much that I don't buy it and Punk has pretty much turned back and is dealing with Brock. Feeding RVD to Curtis Axel would be a waste. That just leaves Ryback if they're commited to keeping him heel (kind of doubt it) which I actually would find interesting.


    I'm banking on him winning the briefcase and a feud builds from there but yeah, I dunno. My main concern is I hope he's motivated to put on some good matches because the last couple of years have been stinkers. That said he was in TNA.

  5. Ok so I watched Man of Steel and people seem to be talking about it alot so I'll toss my two cents.


    I liked it, enjoyed it even, not as much as Avengers, Iron Man, Nolan Batman, but it was good and I feel as good as Iron Man 1 in telling an origin story without it being REALLY dull.
    So I'm going to start with what I didn't like. First issue (and it feeds into my other issues) with the movie is the same issue I had with Dark Knight Rises. The movie felt like it was "two" movies, edited, spliced and smooshed together. Kal El's origin story (with an amazing reimagining for Krypton and Kryptonian society. Seriously the whole "Kryptonians screwed themselves" angle adds some dept to the story) and Zod's attack on earth and neither got enough screen time to get any real traction. Costner was great as Pa Kent and I wanted to see more instances of him trying to raise a powerful alien son. I wish Zod had terrorized earth a little more to make the stakes seem higher faster.
    This brings me to my second point; the stakes just didn't seem too high until the very end where the horrible terraforming machine gets into play. It just felt like Nolan and Goyer were handcuffed with a brisk runtime and tried to think of the biggest threat to get to the quickest resolution. I think Superman needed to SAVE more people. You see all this destruction in Metropolis and he's not even there but just dicking around in the Indian Ocean. The flash backs (which were amazingly done) helped a little but I needed more and that's because of.,..
    ... Supes killing Zod. I actually didn't have a problem with it but it ties in with my earlier complaint. It makes SENSE for him to do it as without the Phantom Zone solution there would be no saving the earth without his death. However I just think if we saw Superman futily saving a life here, a life there, it would help him come to realization that his small time heroics don't mean squat in the face of big decisions and given the moment more emotional weight.  I like that it was over something small (killing a family with heat vision) over some big catastrophe, but I just can't help but feel if we saw Kal El struggle to save some people from falling buildings that there would've been a stronger emotional resonance in that scene.
    I actually have NO problems with Lois Lane. I don't get how you can say she was a waste! She wasn't a damsel in distress (except at one point), goofy love interest, walking plot device or "the voice of exposition." She was an intelligent important part of the story, set up as his bridge to humanity after his parents and acted like a world class journalist would act. The only issue I have was "the kiss" but the way Snyder and Goyer have been talking about that scene it sure reeks of "studio notes" forcing them to throw that in there.
    Otherwise yeah I think the movie is great. I think it follows the "Kill Bill" speech people seem to be hanging their Superman story hats on; the whole concept that Superman is the real Kal El, Clark is the "diguise." It was darker but not brooding and hardly a "gritty reboot." While it may have lacked the fun of other superman movies it does put him in a world that asks him hard questions which I enjoy.
    I also like how the goofier elements of Superman were jettisoned; no phonebooths, no running opening a shirt revealing an S, hell they didn't even let Zod say "Kneel Before Zod!" It shows that Nolan, Goyer and Snyder are building their own Superman universe free of baggage which can only help any sequels.
    Finally I LOVE how they made Superman global. Keep him stuck in Metropolis never made sense to me, he can travel around the world, we should be able to see him do it We should see him in exotic locales! Plus I think the global themes and big decision themes outlined in Man of Steel are only going to make a probable Justice League movie more exciting and sets up other heroes showing up in sequels.


  6. The problem with that is now he's had two games installed with that.  It'd be realistically jarring for that to suddenly change to projectile weapons or something like that. 


    It'd be about as jarring as Jill switching from Hybrid Keep Away/Ground combo character (MVC2) to execution heavy insane-o  fast combo character (MVC3)


    Actually probably LESS jarring, he can still be a heavy power character, I just want him to have different moves!

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