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  1. They've had a ton of matches back in ROH and they were indeed good. It's weird that during the last Tough Enough Aries didn't make the cut. Between Punk, Bryan, Cesaro, Rollins and Hero (Ohno... I guess... I'm not one to complain about WWE renames but this one i can't get behind) you'd figure Aries would've been a slam dunk choice. He's more charismatic than most of these guys save Punk and he's got a style that can fit the WWE's style easily, not that guys whose styles "didn't fit" like Brya and Cesaro are having a tough time of it anyway. Seems like a hugely missed opportunity from the E.
  2. I find Tekken's character design to be boring; it's either outlandish or pedestrian with no real middle ground. That said I do have some faves: Michelle Chang, Kunimitsu, Anna Williams, King and Lars
  3. TBH my dream is to have a game room in my house with like every console conceivable!
  4. Wouldn't Devil Kazuya be the exact opposite of "keeping the team"
  5. Pitt's like confirmed in, he was in the reveal trailer and is now based off his appearance and attacks from Kid Icarus Uprising. Sakurai has said that the roster MAYBE smaller due to the limitations of the 3DS (which is silly, if there's no cross play why keep the rosters the same between platforms?) The way he's said it in interviews it's not something he wants to do but he also doesn't seem to want to make any promises either.
  6. See I thought this with my PS2 and I regret giving it up (i bought an Xbox 360 first and got a PS3 slim so no BC for me.) I never give up my systems now, I love going back to play old games and no emulation is not an option, it never feels "right" to me.
  8. I would love either of these matches, not super hard core but with a few sick spots. Though it does pose the one issue I have with RVD coming back. There really isn't a program for him at the moment. There's no way RVD plays heel, it never works, the man is unbooable. But there aren't enough heels to go around to really get anything out of RVD the face. Swagger has lost all momentum, the shield are doing their own thing, a feud with Cesaro would feel "forced" (but with a motivated RVD could yield awesome matches) Dolph and Henry are occupied. I guess Bryan is a "heel" but he's cheered so muc
  9. I know this is a joke but... i hope it becomes real
  10. No Penny and Brain = Worthless Inspector Gadget It's like putting Duckman out there without Cornfed
  11. RVD is coming back to the WWE. That's.... a thing....
  12. EXTRA LIES! It totally can save! You just need to set up an internal memory card
  13. *looks around mischievously* *steals a slice of chocolate cake*
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