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  1. Just finished the story. Feel free to vote now.
  2. Logan was sitting at a pub drinking a rolling rock. He was watching the news on the tv and noticed that Superman has saved the day once again by arresting a drug dealer. Who does that bastard think he is? Logan thought. I'll finish him and show everyone that I am truly immortal. Logan gave the barkeep a tip and walked out the door as the bell rang. He then noticed that his van was missing, and he noticed that it was high up in the air. And it was being held by none other than the Man of Steel himself. Superman threw the van at Wolverine who quickly dodged it. "DAMN! That van cost me 50 thousand dollars!!" Wolverine yelled as the Man of Steel hovered his feet to the ground. "I hear you're a mutant. An immortal mutant. I can take you on easily," Superman confessed. "Well you're gonna have to repair for me after I kick your ass hard," Wolverine said as he brought his adamantium claws out. "I don't pay for anything," Superman said as they both began to face off.
  3. Batman had just finished locking The Joker up in Arkham Asylum. Commissioner Jim Gordon thanked him for the 9000th time for doing such an ongoing objective. Once the Dark Knight exited out the gates of the asylum, he noticed that the Batmobile was missing. Damn , Batman thought. Until he heard a big CRASH! in the forest. It was the Batmobile that crashed into an oak tree. The Dark Knight walked over to the vehicle, in which it's engine was smoking. Then all of a sudden, the doors bursted open revealing a ninja dressed in red and black, with no pupils on his eyes, his waist covered with gadgets and firearms, and two katana blades on his back. The ninja crawled out of the Batmobile completely drunk. "Woah, I really don't think I can do such a crazy thing," the Ninja said, until he noticed a man dressed in a bat costume who was not looking too happy. "What the hell did you do to my baby?!" Batman yelled as he grabbed the ninja's chest. "Look, you're car looked SO freakin' badass, that I was drinking before I noticed it," the ninja replied. "Well you're gonna pay for it after I kick your ass! " Batman shouted. "You wanna fight, huh? By the way, name's Deadpool. " And thus, the fight begins.
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