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  1. Thanks and would you mind giving some examples of where you think i was off with characterization. Edit: I do see why I would be off a little with characterization though cause I don't have the money for buying a lot of comics and mostly what I know of their personalities is from stuff like TV shows (Avengers EMH for example) and stuff like that.
  2. I'm interested. I'll probably have to read the past 19 pages of this thread to learn more about it though....
  3. Also on a side note Cap with his strength tripled can still only lift about 1.8 tons give or take.
  4. Well tripling Cap's physical attributes doesn't put Cap anywhere near Thor's level, at least not in strength. Thor could easily take the avengers Cap is fighting in this fight. Yah Tony is out of the fight. He got hit by Mjolnir when Cap threw it at him... Loki states "Mr. Steven Rogers is now the honorary wielder of the might Mjolnir." Mjolnir = Thor's Hammer. Also Cap is one of the few ones deemed "worthy" that are able to wield Thor's Hammer. All the Avengers I picked are currently, in comics, part of the Avengers team.
  5. I'm going to have to vote for Cap and Punisher. Side note: that scan in which Punisher shot off Peter's web shooters was a pretty impressive feat in my opinion
  6. Here are my adds for the past week: Characters added: Evil Warriors (Basically the group of Skeletor and his minions) Future Foundation Images Added: Blue-Eyes White Dragon (2) Darth Maul (2) Merlin (BBC) (2) Iron Man The Marvel Universe (2) The DC Universe AAT Bossk Clone troopers (3) The Heartless Plasmus (2) Cinderblock Spider-Boy Hawkeye (Amalgam) The Amalgam Universe Thanoseid Doctor Doomsday Namor the Submariner Ultron Magneto (2) The Marvel Cinematic Universe He-Man Hawkeye Pokemon (5) Colossus Underworld (Marvel) Mario The Scorpion (Mac Gargan) (2) Venom (Mac Gargan) Marvel
  7. Here is my entry finally http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30908-match-13708-the-avengers-vs-captain-america/
  8. Fight Parameters Captain America (w/ Mjolnir and his sheild) Loki now is controlling Captain America but Captain will fight as if he wasn't being mind controlled except "he" wants to kill the Avengers for their "crimes." (against Loki you could say) All of Captain America's physical attributes (strength, speed, etc...) have been tripled because of Loki's Magic. Cap also know how to use the hammer to it's max (that someone that isn't Thor or a god can do) thanks to Loki Vs. These Avengers Black Widow Cannonball Falcon Hawkeye Manifold Shang-Chi Smasher Spider-Man (Otto-Octavius
  9. This is my 2013 "Ides of March" competion entry. Hope you guys like it. The Avengers were going about their daily whims at the Avengers' Mansion when an alert sounded, calling the Avengers to the assembly room. “What grave omen shall come upon us today Jarvis,†said Thor. “Whatever it is, I hope it gets over quick,†said Tony Stark. “I have a special meeting in a few hours and I can't be late.†“There has been a disturbance in downtown New York,†announced Tony's A.I. Jarvis. “The individual in question is radiating high levels of energy. I am unable to identify the pers
  10. The Asgardians have faced frost giants before but I'm sure nothing like these guys. The monsters have immense brute force and size, other special powers like energy projection and what not and greater numbers on their side. I'm sure Thor and Hela and Loki maybe with his magic are strong enough to handle monsters. Although they would put up a good fight I think the greater numbers would overcome the gods.
  11. I know it is past the deadline but I will join if it makes it easier to place people if like someone else also wants to join. Or I could join to face one of the people in the three way match to make it even (hardly any of the competitors have debated on the three way so you could probably put me against one of them if that would make it easier) Either way its no big deal
  12. I'll have to vote for LEGACY's team of Cable and Deathstorke on this one. It would be a good fight though. There wasn't much debating for this fight.
  13. Do we just put in a comment the name of the team we think would win the fight or are you setting up a poll?
  14. Well depending on how much of the show you've seen you could probably get the jist of bending enough to be able to crudely take the fire benders out anyway you can
  15. Here's a "You vs ?????" I thought of: You vs. 5 fire nation soldiers. Out of nowhere 5 Fire Nation soldiers have appeared. All of a sudden you gain the ability to earthbend/airbend/firebend/waterbend. You need to at least knock them out to make a sure escape. Can you do it? Notes: They are the 5 basic fire nation soldiers you always see in Avatar the Last Airbender You have no previous bending experience. You only knowledge on the matter is what you have see on the show. You can do just one bending or all 4 separately
  16. If you raised the shield to block you wouldn't end up on your back because the vibranium in the shield would absorb the kinetic energy of the Bear swiping its paw at you or whatever. Anyway... 1) Since it takes place in the Roman Colosseum I bet I have a chance of winning. The polar wouldn't be able to fight long in the heat. Polar Bears are built for extreme cold so it would quickly get overheated because of its thick fur/hide. With Cap's shield I bet i could hold out long enough for the polar bear to faint or whatever from the heat. I would then finish it after that. 8) Killing the t
  17. Ok I got you. I just wanted to make sure before I commented on one of the battle threads
  18. Wait can other random people debate/comment on the match too or do you want only the two people competing to debate/comment
  19. Well there is a high chance of Thanos... :!: SPOILER :!: (Just in case....)
  20. Here is another one that should be changed Celestials' battle images change to this
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