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  1. http://majorspoilers.com/2010/08/04/ten-surprise-guest-stars-in-dc’s-animated-universe/ Found this interesting It doesn't really have any spoilers like the link implies
  2. thanks and here's some more if you don't mind Korg Joe Fixit
  3. Here's one http://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=7178 Since we have now have a Red Hulk profile that was made afterwards, I don't think we really need him as a separate profile in the database anymore since they are the exact same guy
  4. I didn't say it was a multiverse, I said it was in another multiverse, at least normally, which in this case would be the DCAU EDIT: Sorry I meant "...which in this case would be the DC multiverse, in which the DCAU, where the cartoon war world, is located"
  5. War World is in a whole other multiverse though, so Tony won't even be able to contact Jarvis, even if he thinks of it, to order him to send the Armors. Even so, Iron hasn't used his multiple armors to fight foes before as far as we know. I'm not saying that he can't or wouldn't do it, it's just something that he hasn't been shown to normally do for a fight, if he has even done it at all in the Avengers: EMH universe. Also, Jarvis probably wouldn't think about sending the armors, even if he figured out a way to send them to the DCAU and had located where they were, since he hasn't done it befo
  6. The fight takes place on War World though, so he wouldn't have time to have time to prepare to have any other suits to be teleported with him besides the one he has on him to War World.
  7. Either way, in the OP it says neither team has any prep so his other armors wouldn't be a factor in this fight.
  8. True but that's not really that much of a feat if you think about it. Two of the four lantern she got in a bar fight with weren't even humanoid and couldn't even really fight much as in hand-to-hand. The other two wouldn't be near the fighting level of Cap or Hawkeye in hand-to-hand. They rely on their rings. They pretty much know only basic stuff of fighting
  9. Oh ok thanks for the fix. I was looking off of Marvel Databae so yah..... Anyway, even so, in this fight Thanos is in a whole different multiverse so he could probably die since in the DC universe the realm (Death's Realm) he is banned from doesn't exist in the DC universe.
  10. Sometimes I think it's best we just stay away from these "who's the most skilled fighter“ type matches.....
  11. I don't think either would be able to hurt each, at least fatally, with Metamorpho's morphing (into a gas or elastic form and what not) and somewhat regen ability I think, along with Vision's ability to go intangible or become super durable. It would probably come down to who has the most stamina and will be able to ."fight" the longest. In this case that guy would probably be vision.
  12. Well here is what each database/wiki says for their strengths wiki says â€Whereas the average male Rock Troll can lift about 25 tons, Ulik possesses the strength of a thousands trolls. He is so strong that a near miss from a blow is enough to numb the leg of Thor. The madder a troll becomes the more powerful his limbs grow." That would put him at about 25,000 tons of lifting strenth Kalibek is about at the average typcial superman strength level which is somewhere above 100 tons. I think Ulik will take this and would be superior in strenth to Kalibek. He also has like a hulk "the ang
  13. I'll have to watch that episode but I think hulk would have a better chance than Grundy because he's a little bit more intelligent than Grundy, plus with rage/angry, his strength, durability, etc... will increase tenfold (I don't know if its tenfold literally but you get my point.) A great example of how much his strenth can in increase by rage is when Graviton, a master of gravity itself, was unable to halt the hulk. I'm not saying he would win for sure though.
  14. Here are the Destroyer and Amazo Pictures again. I think they don't appear on my previous post anymore because I organized some of my pictures on my photobucket account
  15. Here are my adds for this week and last week since I forgot to do it last week Images Added: Mario (5) Rocket Racoon Drax the Destroyer Starlord (2) Dengar Link Toxin The Marvel Cinematic Universe Klaw The Invaders The Nintendo Universe Angry Birds (3) Ben 10 (2) Kevin Levin (4)
  16. He's immortal in the sense that he is immune to all known diseases and infections and can't age either. He is though, still very durable. Here is what the Marvel Database says: "He has withstood at point blank range planet destroying attacks without any harm. He has withstood blows and attacks from beings as powerful as the Silver Surfer, and even Thor unharmed. He possesses such an incredible resistance to injury, he has been shown to survive point blank blasts from universal level entities such as Odin and Galactus." Yes, at one point he was "formely banned by Death itself from enteri
  17. Yah I agree this should pinned. Maybe it would be better to start a whole new fresh reboot of this thread. I don't really mind either way. Yah, I think that would make a better battle image for Toph than the current one Also, is there anyone still checking this thread and changing images? Most of my images I've posted haven't been used/change to for the current battle images. I understand if whoever changes them doesn't really think its a good image, I would just like a response with some reasoning to why they didn't change them.
  18. Yah, I guess he would be hard to make a move set for. I haven't played Megman but yah he probably would and has been the top of many people's lists of most wanted. I haven't played Metroid games or know much about the series but some say his size would be an issue. I don't know how big he is in Metroid games but in Brawl he pretty big compared to the character.
  19. Concerning the upcoming smash bros game in the works. Since they're working with Namco Bandai, Pacman would make an excellent and fit in perfectly IMO. He fits the sort of theme of characters that Smash Bros has or whatever. I wonder what the roster for the new game will be.
  20. Yah they added a whole lot of Cartoon Network stuff. I was happy when I saw they did. They also add the Hunger Games movie. I was surprised they adddd such a well known and popular movies. I guess they're starting to add more popular stuff and whatnot now
  21. True but it could still be considered a weakness since its one things that he isn't invulnerable to like he is to explosives or something like that. It's something that can be exploited and used against him, hence a weakness
  22. You can atually freeze water by boiling it. no joke....

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